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Horoscope for the week of 8.16 - 8.22 || Venus in Libra, Uranus rx, Virgo szn

Good morning loves! I hope that you are having a good day ~ whenever you're reading this. I'm happy to be able to write a horoscope for you this week! Yay for time :)

There's a lot going on both in our personal lives and in the world. In my 2021 Insights YouTube video, I discussed the information, spiritual and frequency war. This is something that is all year and extends into next year with the Saturn-Uranus square transit, as well as the North Node in Gemini and where Uranus is placed, in Taurus. So my plea to you, from my heart, is to act as a beacon of peace. Reclaim your humanity for us! :)

Ok so now to talk about this week... for about the last month, Venus has been in Virgo. Venus doesn't really enjoy to be in Virgo, it's in its fall position here because it's very critical, overly analytical and picky ~ which can definitely serve us under its transit because we have the objectivity to release ties to people who aren't good for us or aren't supportive, to draw boundaries and to get organized (which with Mercury and Mars currently traversing the sign of Virgo is very much a present energy ~ only intensifying later this week).

That's all well and good but now Venus is moving into the sign of Libra today (Monday, 8/16) which is where she feels at home. This transit continues to hone the focus on relationships ~ and can open up very romantic and leisurely pockets. We can be indecisive under this influence, not that there's TOO much Libra in the sky at the moment ~ but we're also more likely to slow down and appreciate the beauty in life, we're more likely to find healing in our relationships and collaborations with others.

Today as well the moon moves into Sagittarius which creates kind of a nice uplifting vibe ~ the moon will connect with the South Node, so there does exist an opportunity to release false beliefs that hold you in a mental and ideological prison ~ could be about anything! And a lot of us will end up continuing this process naturally with the South Node continuing in Sagittarius until January of 2022 when the nodes switch to Taurus & Scorpio, changing the collective backdrop. I'll be talking about this and the USA's Pluto return in a bit more depth soon so stay tuned! :)

The moon being in Sagittarius helps us to find the humor and absurdity in everything which can be a nice assist under this time of compression ~ and with the Sun still in Leo until Sunday, this fire trine will light a nice fire under our butts and enable us to initiate and act! :) Especially on Tuesday when this trine comes exact.

On Wednesday, Mars and Mercury are going to conjunct in Virgo... this is interesting. I have this conjunction natally, with Venus, and can say that Wednesday will be a really mentally busy day, we'll likely have tons of energy to create, organize, sort through the details. This also has to do with communication which could be strained under this energy ~ this is where people can talk over each other, get into really heated debates. We're presently in an information war, so NO ONE has correct information. No one. Agree to disagree and if you can't do that, cancel clear delete.

The moon will move into Capricorn too ~ so if we direct our energy properly on Wednesday, we could be suuuuper productive! Productivity in my eyes, as a mental projector in my human design, is NOT a barometer for value ~ but it does feel good to knock sh*t off of your list and to feel more stable and secure, which is what this earth energy is providing to us. There's a lot of uncertainty amidst at this time, and it's clear on days like Wednesday that we can access level ground.

Thursday Uranus is going to station retrograde! Wooo! Uranus has been in Taurus since 2018 and is responsible for a few things ~ economic fluctuations and instability, not being sure what the new monetary system is going to be, rises in inflation and economic insecurity... this is the transit that led into the Great Depression. This isn't then, this is a different time, and we have a lot more access to the metaphysical in my opinion despite attempted suppression, but Uranus in Taurus is shifting how we even measure abundance and prosperity. Uranus retrograde may provide continued changes in the monetary system in the next 6 months.

With Uranus in Taurus the other thing that has been changing is our value system. We are currently witnessing a splitting of the collective and I believe Uranus in Taurus is huge in this because it's causing people to have these revelations about what they actually value, the life that they want to have, the actual physical earth they want future generations to inherit and how that actually connects to what's going on now... and this is definitely impacting relationships because we're seeing which relationships aren't in alignment with our values, and which are.

I anticipate that Uranus retrograde is going to bring the realization too that change starts from inside. The law of correspondence in hermetic philosophy is a really good way to describe this:

"As above, so below

As within, so without"

The micro matches the macro always, so when more people go within themselves to make internal changes, reroute old pathways, heal their shadow and integrate their fragments, break agreements and release entities ~ the outer world changes.

This is doubly highlighted when Uranus is retrograde because Uranus is the change agent and every planet that takes a retrograde station becomes more inward, more internal ~ so this is some of the best times ever to heal and to make inner changes.

Food shortages are also something that can fall under this umbrella ~ great to garden, can and to stock up on nonperishables.

Uranus will be retrograde until January 18th of 2022.

Also on Thursday, the Sun in Leo will move into an opposition with Jupiter in Aquarius. I love the axis of Leo and Aquarius because this is where we balance the individual and the collective, a very well-needed balance at this time ;) Jupiter in Aquarius since December of last year has likely brought us a lot of relational clarity and I think this aspect also will because we're able to see under oppositions, as opposed to squares and quincunxes, what needs to be balanced and how ~ and there is a very light and lovely vibe that comes whenever the Sun and Jupiter aspect each other. The potential with this is to take an unfounded, unresearched risk, to have our hopes too high in a way that is unrealistic ~ luckily this Virgo energy will help us to stay grounded.

Friday, Mercury in Virgo is going to make a trine to Uranus in Taurus, newly retrograde and I think this could give us a new perspective on something we're trying to bring into form. Stay awake to ideas and new directions and be open to surprises!

The moon moves into Aquarius on Friday, warming up to the SECOND full moon in Aquarius, this time conjunct Jupiter. This should be interesting... This has the potential to be very personally expansive, considering how much Aquarius energy we've been met with this year, I think this could help us to transform and expand out of some of the chains that bind us ~ and I do expect the efforts of the technocratic state to rise to match! This does bring joy and a desire for freedom and so for this full moon on Sunday I am optimistic :) Aquarius is all that is highly strange, artificial intelligence, groups, friends and the collective consciousness, so good to expect the unexpected for this full moon, exact on Sunday, 8.22!

Also on Sunday, the Sun moves into Virgo!!! Yay! I love Virgo season. Some of the dust and stuff that has been stirred up by Mars, Venus and Mercury moving through Virgo is about to get a light shown on it so check the house where Virgo resides in your natal chart. :) This is going to be a time of mass "getting our shit together" and this is also the season of the harvest.... so the seeds you planted in the last year come to fruition. This Virgo season has a lot of energy around it, not gonna lie, so keep your eyes peeled and use your DISCERNMENT please :)

"By your fruits, you will know them."

Sunday there will be a trine from Mars in Virgo to Uranus in Taurus ~ this is a day of action and inspiration ~ getting ideas and making revelations from the full moon and then figuring out how to tangibly apply them in creative ways. Innovation is key on Sunday.

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