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Horoscope for the week of 7.13 - 7.19 || working around the obstacles and relaxing expectations

Hello everyone! I've missed you so much (hugs).

There are numerous reasons why I briefly took a step back from writing my old trusty, weekly horoscope for the last few weeks after basically writing one every week for four years! No doubt about it, there's so much going on in the collective right now and we've all and will all be impacted personally by the shifts, changes and revelations happening on both personal and collective levels.

One thing that I've found in the midst of the greatest shit storm and simultaneously the greatest awakening that is happening right now is that I've had new intuitive gifts come online. Things have been revealed to me through these new gifts- about astrology, about spirituality in general - that have very much shifted my perspective.

For example, I can't not see where all the systems intertwine as a giant artificial intelligence matrix. Lisa Renee from Energetic Synthesis beautifully articulates the distinction between a closed-source system and an open-source system. The systems and the powers that be have us on a closed-source system.

The difference between an open-source system and a closed-source system is that a closed-source system is designed for harvesting energy. It's the difference between looking at a circle and looking at a square.

When I look at a circle, it takes much less energy for me to look at - there are no rough edges. A square, on the other hand, takes a lot of energy for me to look at because there are four rough edges. Somehow, we're all living in houses, drive in cars and attend buildings that are shaped like squares and we're typing on computers that are shaped like squares - none of it is designed with us thriving in mind, in fact I think a lot of phenomena keeps us so busy that we miss out on things like policies that affect us in a way that directly impacts our quality of life, or designed to keep us in the "rat race" so we miss out on the divine experience of being a human & we forget how powerful we truly can be as creators. It's a game of harvesting energy and keeping us just dull enough and sick enough.

There are ways in which astrology functions much the same way.

There are ways in which we can give our own natal chart and placements way too much power over what we can create, there are ways that we see certain transits and we let that impact how we live our lives and what our habits are and at this point, I'm convinced that astrology can be used to harvest energy for certain potentials that aren't good for us, too.

It took me a little while to understand how to reframe this new perspective that I have into writing that I can feel good about, from a clear space, where I'm not placing unnecessary fear into everyone's heart and mind. The truth is, for us collectively to have the highest possible timeline, we have to be bold anyway, take risks anyway, intelligently, and pour into what clicks for us. We have to pour into our daily maintenance practices - meditate for twice as long and operate with intention, because our consciousness is precious & there is a lot coming at it right now to distract us and deter us from what our individual and collective missions are.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and for being patient with me as I find my voice in the greatest shit show and the greatest awakening of all time - how exciting to be and to feel alive!

Monday is a pretty chill day, we'll be recovering from Chiron stationing retrograde in Aries and Mercury stationing direct in Cancer. Chiron retrograding is a massive call to turn inward, just like everything this summer. Chiron in Aries has us deeply questioning on an individual level who we are, what we want and where we're at - so in a way, Chiron stationing retrograde right in the middle of the year is sort of a check-point for us to see where we're at, how far we've come.

I can see this energy being highly self-deprecating, so as we progress with this Chiron retrograde transit taking place until December 15th of 2020, right before some of the biggest changes of our lives unfold just a few days later under the light of the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius on December 21st of 2020... it's just really important to send as much love to yourself as possible. There's no need to compare yourself with others, we're all on our own path - let's keep it that way. Let's walk OUR own path and not get sucked into trying to control others or point the finger outwards! It's truly a fine line to walk between holding ourselves accountable for times where we may have been judgmental, indignant, impressionable, where we may have bought into something illusory (which is very possible with Neptune in such a dignified place, its home sign of Pisces) and having self-compassion, taking some space and some rest - but it's important we do this so that we can be in a very whole and centered space as we see more clearly where the future is headed towards the end of the year.

It's a balance I personally struggle with - I tend to go really hard in one direction and then very hard in another direction. And really, Venus in Gemini has been having us heal our own inner masculine and feminine qualities, among countless other simultaneous polarities so that we can be super integrated during this time and really at the center of ourselves through these changes.

Mercury stationing direct in Cancer over the weekend has brought a lot of emotional clarity to the surface very quickly. I sometimes forget when I'm relating to Cancer that it's a cardinal sign - it initiates and actives and definitely gets stuff done. My roommate is a Cancerian goddess and perfectly demonstrates the action-oriented aspect of this cardinal sign.

This is showing us what we need to be emotionally okay, very clearly as it moves throughout its shadow phase this week.

Monday, we start off the week with the moon in the latter degrees of Aries, squaring Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn all in Capricorn in their retrograde stations. It's possible that with this energy we can have an awareness and a discomfort with the part of all of our lives personally that is transforming the most. It's possible to feel self-conscious and hard to gain forward momentum, because it's the third-quarter square of the moon in this Cancer season, which sorta echos back to the full moon eclipse in Capricorn on July 5th. This can bring up some existential feelings within us, but with Mars at home we have the ability to discern what is our own, and we have the ability to center and to act - to respond, rather than react, on Monday.

Tuesday is the most heightened day of the week, with the Sun in Cancer opposing Jupiter in Capricorn, Mars conjoining with Chiron in Aries and the moon moving into Taurus, coming into a conjunction with Uranus towards the end of the day.

This is definitely one of those weeks, with Jupiter and Pluto being so close together in their retrograde station in this opposition to the Sun. In a way, the Sun in Cancer can make us feel comfort-seeking, while Jupiter in Capricorn can feel a bit down on its luck, and Pluto in Capricorn represents this toxic masculine override, in my opinion, and where it connects to actual global authority figures but also how we personally connect to authority. Our authority issues are really surfacing at this time, especially with how much is coming to light and how much corruption is being exposed - it can be kinda destabilizing and can feel like the comforts we know, whether it's a place that we used to eat that we can't rightfully support for one reason or another, people that we thought were safe who perhaps don't share a similar perspective...

This is where we really have to find our own inner comfort. I know I sounded like a parrot in some of my blog posts for the last few years about really getting seated and rooted in your own authority and your own sense of empowerment and just how important it is to be sovereign during this time.

Sovereignty is where you're the captain and commander of your space, as my teacher at Boulder Psychic Institute always says - it indicates a certain level of energetic awareness and mastery where if you don't want something to affect you, whatever it is, it doesn't affect you. It's unwavering peace regardless of what happens around you. It's where your soul is truly seated in your body. Through the process of finding that, we're able to really weather Tuesday and Wednesday as the Sun forms these oppositions between Jupiter and Pluto.

Mars conjoining with Chiron in Aries can have a few different effects, depending on who you are and how you're prone to deal with things. Usually people have one or two directions for their uncomfortable feelings, or feelings of insecurity, which is what this could bring up.

Those that instinctively point the finger outwards (they're all over your social medias if you're looking for an appropriate example) when they're upset, disgruntled or feeling self-conscious may need to take a day to go quiet and to really sit with themselves - and perhaps people who instinctively go inward and begin to criticize themselves mercilessly for what they have or have not done or what they are or aren't may want to employ the kind of coping skills that draw you out into the senses and perhaps instinctively send yourself love. Be kind to your body no matter who you are today because Chiron and Mars can highlight things that we're dissatisfied with. Your body does SO much for you every day, nourish it.

The moon breaking out of that tense quarter square on Monday in Aries and moving into Taurus will feel really, really good. A bit of space where the moon is exalted and we can catch our grounding. Usually emotions tend to stabilize, though at the end of the day the moon comes into an alignment with Uranus which can make for some excited energy. I like Uranus aspects personally because I like change, and this will be one of those days where we get a really good vantage point to see how much ourselves and our value systems have changed. This is definitely gonna bring in a good energy to a day that could potentially be challenging.

Emotions can run really high and transformation is a guarantee with the Sun in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn - like we're squeezing right through the eye of the needle at this time. In the alchemical process, in the transformation process, collectively and individually we are having to sift through some things that can make us uncomfortable. Use your tools, your intuition and your discernment!

Thursday, Saturn in Capricorn will make a quincunx to the North Node in Gemini, as the moon moves into Gemini, causing us to be a bit scattered and a bit anxious perhaps, but also very cerebral and mentally active! A quincunx is one of those aspects where the two planets or points or asteroids simply are not talking to one another. The North Node in Gemini really wants to figure out next steps in the short-term in our environment, and there could be a lot of systemic stuff that we're having to sift through. This is the kind of energy where we feel in a hurry but then there's a longer line than anticipated, so relax your expectations around things the way you want them exactly as you want them on Thursday.

The midpoint in astrology can sometimes hold a lot of answers for us in terms of what we should do and where we can best direct our efforts and how. The midpoint of this quincunx between Gemini and Capricorn is the last decan of Virgo! A decan is each ten degree window within one zodiac sign, comprised of thirty degrees total - each with a different planet calling the shots. This Venus-ruled decan of Virgo offers a solution to our frustrations by going outside in nature, digging your feet deep into the earth, cooking yourself a nice healthy meal and perhaps calling up a friend and having a laugh, as this is where the blending of Mercury's mental energies and Venus' social energies can come together beautifully. This is a good focusing point for us on Friday especially as the moon meets up with this energy to amplify perhaps the felt experience of some red tape or increased levels of external authority. Breathwork is also the ultimate tool with the moon's passage through Gemini.

On Saturday, the moon moves into Cancer to line up for the new moon in Cancer in the very early hours of Monday morning (a nice reminder not to sleep with your phone so close to you so that you can have a nice sovereign dream space. If you're ever having nightmares, try sleeping with your phone outside the room and see if that assists you.

This moon in Cancer transit will really have us stop and review everything that we've gone through since the last new moon in Cancer that happened to have been an eclipse on June 21st, except this time we're further along in the sign of Cancer and in our evolution. We're about ready to come out of our shell for a very interesting Leo season, so set your intentions for new seeds you'd like to plant, especially in the way of chosen family, family of origin and emotional comfort, and keep your boundaries high if you're an empath especially.

I hope that this was helpful for you!

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Have a blessed week <3

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