Horoscope for the week of 7.13 - 7.19 || working around the obstacles and relaxing expectations

Hello everyone! I've missed you so much (hugs).

There are numerous reasons why I briefly took a step back from writing my old trusty, weekly horoscope for the last few weeks after basically writing one every week for four years! No doubt about it, there's so much going on in the collective right now and we've all and will all be impacted personally by the shifts, changes and revelations happening on both personal and collective levels.

One thing that I've found in the midst of the greatest shit storm and simultaneously the greatest awakening that is happening right now is that I've had new intuitive gifts come online. Things have been revealed to me through these new gifts- about astrology, about spirituality in general - that have very much shifted my perspective.

For example, I can't not see where all the systems intertwine as a giant artificial intelligence matrix. Lisa Renee from Energetic Synthesis beautifully articulates the distinction between a closed-source system and an open-source system. The systems and the powers that be have us on a closed-source system.