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Horoscope for the week of 7.12 - 7.18 || Venus and Mars tango!

Hello loves! It's been a minute since I wrote a blog, but I hope you're doing well! Everyone that I know is adjusting to new frequencies in the atmosphere ~ some kind of dimensional change or shift, frequencies from the sun or other things... whatever it is has been requiring much more rest to keep up with it. If you're feeling this, you're not alone.

This last week was pretty interesting with a new moon in Cancer that was quite emotional for most people I know ~ just like a cathartic release, especially with Neptune and Jupiter both retrograde in Pisces. Mercury in Gemini squared Neptune in Pisces, indicating that the illusion was high in whatever part of our lives ~ this is wherever we could have been buying into something that seemed great, but maybe wasn't so great ~ so maybe we're beginning to see whatever that is for us individually.

Additionally, Venus went through a big heroes journey last week ~ coming up against Saturn, feeling restrictive and cold potentially, and then made a square to Uranus in Taurus bringing up changes in our lives. Venus is being shown where its safe to place her heart (Leo rules over the heart) and with whom ~ value differences showing up in our relationships and careers like never before!

Mercury moved into Cancer as well last week which gives us the ability to really communicate with our hearts. The shadow side of this however is getting too deep in our feels as we attempt to communicate our thoughts ~ which leaves us vulnerable in this climate to emotional manipulation, confusion and loose energetic/emotional boundaries. Use your compassion wisely my friends!

Today (Monday, 7.12) Mercury in Cancer is trining over to Jupiter in Pisces, which is stationed retrograde getting ready to move into Aquarius at the end of this month so we can re-visit some of the themes we were blowing through earlier this year. Jupiter is shining on Mercury today, the more evolved state and the lower state have an opportunity to come together and bridge their gap through our emotional world. This increases the importance of water in many ways ~ there's water shortages in some parts of the world which is kinda what I thought these big Jupiter/Neptune retrograde in Pisces transits would bring up, but also the importance of water for us each individually ~ drinking proper water and doing our best to set intentions in our water when we remember.

Tuesday, tomorrow, Venus and Mars come together in Leo!!! Yay I can hardly wait for this hehe ~ this is a point of activation, a coming together of our inner masculine and feminine, a chance to reclaim something in our own personal lives. Leo has to do with the heart ~ and in a way this allows us to really ignite our own inner space through the conjunction of these planets ~ our grace and our courage will find a way together on Tuesday. Beautiful aspect especially for significant relationships. :)

The moon will move into Virgo as well on Tuesday which opposes Jupiter, so we'll be looking at the "facts" what we can change in our micros, the details to sort out may become a bit louder which could even be helpful for some of us swimming out in the Piscean waters.

Thursday, Chiron stations retrograde in Aries ~ this is forcing us to go inward in my opinion. A lot has gone on since Chiron moved into Aries! This is interesting because I feel like this gives us each a perch upon which to check ourselves ~ where we can really see what's going on in our individual reality that needs attending to. This is where we can feel it if we've been putting that off ~ or if we've become disconnected from ourselves we'll feel where we've gone too far.

The Sun in Cancer will be making a trine to Neptune in Pisces on Thursday which has beautiful implications for creativity, spirituality, but where we can get kinda off with this aspect is when we feed the escapism monster, which is happening pretty rampantly right at the moment! I think this will provide a nice healing boost to the retrograde station to Chiron which may be felt on Thursday.

Also on Thursday, the moon moves into Libra which may inspire us to collaborate with others in a new way ~ we may seek balance and we may seek to repair some of our relationships. The moon will square Pluto on Saturday, while the Sun in Cancer is going to oppose Pluto in Capricorn as well ~ so the moon and the Sun will both be stressed by Pluto, the bringer of transformation. This has to do with family, chosen family and family of origin ~ as well as who we feel comfortable with in our lives.

Sunday, the moon moves into Scorpio, which means we get a good look at our shadow selves through to the beginning of next week ~ and sometimes our emotions can become extreme and get the better of us. I think this is a great time to do some self-analysis, especially with the Sun still in Cancer. This watery end of the weekend should bring us a nice frequency of healing if we choose it.

Enjoy your week! M

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