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Horoscope for the week of 6.7 - 6.13 || inner self speaks through solar eclipse in Gemini

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Hey there everyone! I hope that you're having a great day whenever you're reading this. We're in the middle of a process of some strong evolutionary change at the moment, especially with the Saturn-Uranus square coming up on June 14th in the signs of Aquarius and Taurus. This is almost the same as the energy we encountered the week of February 17th in terms of the amount of pressure we experienced, maybe this evolutionary drive to adapt, to change the constructs in our lives that need changing in a way that may not be easy but takes gumption and strength. Uranus in Taurus is causing fluctuations in the monetary system and is causing changes to the earth. It can be hard to feel like we're on stable ground in this energy because very little is known, very little is sure ~ with Pluto in Capricorn as well.

Last week, Venus moved into Cancer so there is this searching for what feels good, this attention towards family and relationships and emotions and where those intersect. This is a nice energy that feels very sweet and can call us to a more pure intention that comes from love. Mars is in Cancer as well which is not exactly where Mars likes to be ~ Mars feels extremely sensitive and like it has a hard time airing its aggression out and acting upon whatever it wants. Mars making this opposition to Pluto that we're still likely feeling coming into this week has such a powerful impetus for transformation, almost forcing us to transform something in our lives ~ to die and be reborn again.

Mercury is also still in a square to Neptune as we begin the week, which is highlighting a fog over truth, as well as places in our lives where we could be lying to ourselves~ it's also really good for creative and imaginative things, but in terms of getting clarity on this-world type of things it could be hard to until the week progresses, especially under the light of the new moon solar eclipse in Gemini coming up on the 10th.

We begin the week with a dark moon in Taurus. Dark moons, the phase just before new moons, can be very intense especially during eclipses where we feel the shadowy traits of the previous sign. In this case, I'd say the shadow side of Taurus could look like greed, gluttony, expecting things to go the way that you expect it (which in this time is very futile) expecting things to go the way that they always go, being overly preoccupied with the physical and material world and perhaps overidentifying with your senses in terms of tastes, touches ~ maybe a bit hedonistic could be the shadow side of Taurus as well.

Taurus as a sign, really all fixed signs, can resist the tides of change. Being that the moon is going to arrive into a conjunction with Uranus, and a square to Saturn, while the moon normally loves to be in Taurus, this is a stressful condition for the moon to operate under. So... sometimes when there are conditions that are stressful we can grasp for what we know, what we're comfortable with ~ especially with Mars nearing the end of Cancer, Venus in Cancer and the last of this Mercury squaring Neptune (for now) this has us really seeking comfort, especially emotionally. We just want to take care with Saturn in Aquarius and the North Node in Gemini that we're not run by our emotions ~ especially Monday and Tuesday.

Take some time if possible to ground yourself into nature, take time to savor the simple moments that come in the spaces between destinations. The big theme this month in my mind is resilience ~ and with the Saturn-Uranus square part 2 ~ an aspect we're really experiencing in different strengths all year that is very much letting us know where the change needs to take place in our lives. Uranus in Taurus is bringing earth changes, fluctuations to security, which opens up other avenues of friendship, community, coming together ~ which is something that Saturn in Aquarius, with this square to Uranus, is very evidently attempting to limit or constrict. This is a very clarifying, albeit sobering, aspect that lets us know one way or another where the change is necessary, and where the change is happening ~ may not be where we expect! This happens again on Monday, June 14th, and again on December 24th where it comes exact but this is something we will feel all year. Waves of change, growth, evolution, devolution, transformation and mutation. :)

The moon moves into Gemini, ready to disappear into the light of the sun for much to be revealed on the solar eclipse Thursday. I can feel on Wednesday that there could be a sense of like "ramping up" to something ~ and I feel that with this eclipse we each have the opportunity to arrive at our own sense of inner revelation. There are truths that are waiting for us to unveil them, personally, and it is in these spaces of being stripped bare to the most essential truths of our soul that we remember our own thread of the quilt ~ and it can be easy to miss the thread for the quilt in this energy.

Gemini is a sign that has to do with duality, gender (our inner masculine-feminine poles) as well as learning/unlearning, communication, expression, siblings, transportation (hint: keep your tank filled up especially if you're in the states).

This new moon solar eclipse offers the chance for some kind of new beginning ~ a new start. Gemini has to do with the mind, so it's highly possible that we could experience a change of mind, thought, perception, especially in the house that Gemini takes up space in your birth chart. Mercury retrograde in a strong conjunction to this new moon solar eclipse as well is really adding to the "life review" energy I've been strongly feeling with Jupiter in Pisces. It may give us a glimpse into what needs to be seen, what we need to start, where we need to go for a more beneficial way forward. Slow down so that you can really experience this eclipse ~ new moons in general are great for rest, conspiring of the new seeds that you'd like to plant in your life.

This new moon solar eclipse in Gemini is making a square aspect to Neptune in Pisces ~ the Sun-Neptune square will grow exact by the weekend, so it is still good to be wary of influences that are trying to obfuscate truth, seem kinda illusory or good to be true, maybe our own escapism and lies that we tell ourselves, where we may be believing with our might, as the south node widely opposes this eclipse in Sagittarius, it is the belief in something as certain that kinda chains us to our own mental prison in a way ~ which is something that it's good to be aware of! Keep an open mind under the stillness of this eclipse for best results.

This is the degree symbolism for the solar eclipse in Gemini from Ellias Lonsdale, Inside Degrees:

A bull stung by a scorpion. The elaborate ritual of putting yourself through life or death crises to determine what you are made of and how far you are willing to go in this life. Choosing from expanded faculties the optimal situations to enact this battle royale. Selecting what is karmically familiar. Variations on old themes involving bondage and freedom. When you are trapped, caught, stuck, a furious inner force asserts itself and can reconfigure everything. But it is a high-stakes ritual drama and loaded with real dangers. You must check yourself out in ultimate ways, for there is surging in your blood an impulse toward liberation, which cannot be distorted in any way. An extraordinary journey through radical tests and trails of an initiatory intensity. It is all about guts, and stripping away everything but the true inner direction. And if you must slay and move through illusions on every front, that is just how it is. You cannot survive any longer on old ways to do it--it is time to welcome the enemy into your very midst and discover that there are no enemies.

Thursday, Mars comes to the final degree of Cancer, and I'd like to share the degree symbolism for that as well, same author:

Wild grapes growing everywhere. Drawing forth the very best in everything. Selecting out the quintessence, the most vital part, and offering it nurturance and acknowledgment. A celestial quality of perception. Being entirely capable of persuading just about anybody that life is good, that marvelous things are at hand, and that we are all in this together. Sisterhood, brotherhood, camaraderie unlimited. You sense into the place where the situation resolves and completes itself by creative release. You have the epochal realization that there is nothing to hang onto, and that when the containers are broken open, all the vibrancy spills out and blesses the whole. An instantaneous impulse informed by much experience, becoming the instinct for bringing out the truth and letting Earth-life hold sway as a pageantry of trust in the wisdom of the life-force, with nothing to hold back.

Ahhh I love this degree! The last degree of Cancer can sometimes feel like a deep emotional purge or release... sometimes can indicate "water problems" and as Mars is in opposition to Pluto I would be surprised if I didn't see some of that. Cancer symbolically represents the womb and that transition from Cancer to Leo has a lot to do with birth ~ expression ~ bringing energy/life/creativity into the world... so whatever we've been gestating is ready to be released as Mars moves into Leo.

This planet of action, aggression, conflict moves into Leo on Friday until July 30th. This is good, but does run into some challenges as Mars moves into a square to Saturn and Uranus towards the end of June and early July which carries with it the energy of challenge, again ~ the need to adapt and cultivate resilience ~ and maybe act in a way that surprises you. Mars in Leo feels an insatiable drive towards connection and I don't think Saturn in Aquarius wants that very much at this time (looks around).

Mars in Leo is passionate, creative (thank goodness!) ~ movement is necessary under this type of transit but admittedly will be nice to have some fire in the cosmos and under our asses. We'll be favoring movement, heart-centered connection... though egos can definitely flare under this kind of energy. Knowing when to stand solid in your truth, feeling convicted ~ these are all really good things ~ and it's good to not become what you're "warring against" in the same breath, it's good to know when to apologize. This will give us much needed motivation.

Saturday, Venus in Cancer makes a square aspect to Chiron in Aries which is where we could come upon revelations in our relationships, with money or values ~ that just don't make us feel very good, very confident. Insecurities can pop up around this time, which is why having a really good relationship with yourself is a huge key to moving through this type of energy. Taking care of yourself is as well ~ doing the smaller things that you can to nurture yourself.

And like every Chiron transit this bodes really well for healing, empowerment, discovery ~ the wounding that is coming up for a lot of us is a n c i e n t literally so dig in with a spoon and excavate if you need to!

Sunday, Venus in Cancer is going to make a sextile to Uranus in Taurus which as I type this I feel could be one of those pushes by our souls to go in a certain direction. We can easily change if we tap into this wave ~ sometimes change can be positive and doesn't always have to be dramatic and this opens us up nicely for that.

The Sun in Gemini is going to square Neptune in Pisces on Sunday as well ~ so this is where the illusion, micro and macro, is strong, vibes are strong, creativity is strong ~ and I think it's really good not to have blind faith under this energy of the trickster-magician archetype. Question what you are seeing unfold ~ and not exactly the kind of energies to make promises under honestly. Good to ensure that you're not taking yourself too seriously and that you're being honest with yourself. <3

Monday, this Saturn-Uranus square is going to kick into high gear ~ so buckle up buttercup! Change is the climate of the times. <3

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