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Horoscope for the week of 6.28 - 7.4 || Mars' heroes journey

Greetings babes! I hope that you're having an awesome week/weekend/whenever you're reading this. This astrology has been very hard-hitting and I don't anticipate that slowing down very much hehe this year is wild :) We get a bit of a reprieve at the beginning of the week and then Mars comes up and makes some pretty hard-hitting aspects, though the presence of the frustration that these aspects may bring likely can already be felt and will require all of our coping tools hehe.

Last week, I didn't write a blog, but I made a YouTube Video ~ my aspiration is to do both, but I may not always get to either/both so if you'd like to subscribe to my channel it's "Meredith's Lucky Stars" ~ my aim is to *at least* make one video a week.

So in that YouTube video I discussed Mercury's direct station ~ stark clarity amidst so much confusion that we had the opportunity to grasp onto, which is quite nice. Now with Mercury moving forward, it's going to move back into that square to Neptune that was making things really confusing there for a few weeks there, especially at the end of May. Confusion, deception, distortion ~ so as Mercury moves forward into that square energy again, we'll face it one more time to make sure that our eyes are open, that we received the insights that we needed, so that we can move into the new beginning energy that the June 10th solar eclipse opened up for us (check the house that 19 degrees Gemini is in in your natal chart for more info on how this affected you personally!)

Venus opposed Pluto in Capricorn and then gracefully danced into the sign of Leo last week as well which is interesting because now Venus is going to go through the same trajectory as Mars next week. Venus is also racing towards a conjunction with Mars in Leo, which should definitely spice things up and I'm very much looking forward to it hehe.

We had a full moon in Capricorn ~ which really came as a stark reality check for everyone at least in my circles which seemed to be very appropriate. We need to look at the reality of the situation at this moment I feel like perhaps more than we are, so it's a good thing to be plunged into that, and then to integrate that energy this weekend with a moon conjunct Saturn in Aquarius is very interesting.

We're moving further out of the window of the Saturn-Uranus square which has been pretty tight in the last few weeks ~ it was on the same degree of 13 Aquarius/Taurus for a few days there and now they're moving further out of phase with this square ~ but as they do move further apart, Mars is gonna come up this week and throw a few curveballs in there and drum up some potentially necessary tension so that we can act, despite opposition.

I have mentioned how Saturn-Uranus as well as other transits are kind of like transits of war in my June 14th blog post ~ and I shared with you how I felt about war, nationalism, globalism... and I encourage you, the reader of this blog, to continually look at the energy behind some of these constructs and entities in our environment and to continually question everything that you're faced with that incentivizes or rewards you "othering" someone from somewhere or doing something else than what you're doing. <3

But ~ in our microcosm ~ the energy of this Saturn-Uranus square being the dominant theme this year is really forcing changes we've been avoiding, those hard looks in the mirror, and times where we have to act despite the current moving the opposite way. My friend Erin who I love dearly recently mentioned to me that "dead fish go with the flow" and I just thought that was very perfect. This isn't really a time based on the astrology as much to go with the flow as it is to stay alert and be in some level of physical and spiritual preparation and practice.

This is a time to heal on levels that may not seem very vast from where you are, but actually ripple out far and wide. This is a time to tune in rather than check out, which is what these waves of Neptune in Pisces direct has been trying to get us to do for so long. Now that Neptune is retrograde we're going to have a harder time escaping ourselves.

So use this Mars transit this week to really step out of old patterns of behavior, break ties that bind you to realities that you don't want to see come fully into fruition, and use your courage, which is what Mars in Leo represents, as it opposes Saturn and squares Uranus this week, drumming up immense changes of direction, of mind and of heart.

On Monday of this week, Mars in Leo will sextile the North Node in Gemini and I have a really good feeling about this, honestly. Here's what I feel. The mind and the heart are working together on Monday, even if the moon is in Aquarius and maybe we feel a little bit detached on Monday, it's still a time where we could get a silent glimpse of what we need to know, almost like a warning signal or something to let us know what it is that we need to do, what we could be supported in doing... just like a message from your spirit ~ to me this feels nice coming into the journey that Mars is taking this week.

Tuesday the moon moves into Pisces, over Jupiter AND Neptune, for the first Pisces lunation since they both recently stationed retrograde (June 20th & June 26th) ~ safe to say we could be feeling a little bit touchy around something or other (check the house that you have Pisces in your natal chart!) so it could be an interesting time emotionally... the opportunity to really dissolve illusions under this astrology, which is what in my opinion among other things these Jupiter and Neptune retrograde transits are actually about, is very alive and well. Sometimes though it can be easier to cling onto what we know, the ways that we've gotten away from ourselves in the past... just keep watch on that.

I have every reason to suspect that these retrograde stations of both Jupiter and Neptune are going to bring up the old, old, ancient stuff ~ so it's good to really be patient with ourselves during this moon in Pisces transit, lasting through to Thursday when the moon moves into the sign of Aries, which will bring in a much lighter, more spontaneous, more action-oriented vibe.

Mars in Leo on Thursday is going to oppose Saturn in Aquarius exact on Thursday, though this aspect is really building throughout the course of this week. Mars in Leo really wants to express its courage, wants to be playful, wants to be passionate, wants to be open-hearted, but the ice cold boot of Saturn in Aquarius is going to be felt likely as some kind of tight squeeze or constriction. We can tell what we need to do, especially because Mars is already in a tight square to Uranus, exact on Saturday, which is really showing us the area that we need to change, how to act, what to do ~ but maybe we have to wait until there's less of a sense of limitation on us or perhaps until there's less resistance, either inner or outer.

The moon will conjoin Chiron on Thursday evening/Friday morning depending on where you're at in the world, so this could bring us to a sense of insecurity or just really awareness over what we need to heal in the house in your chart that Aries is in. Mars in Leo, as part of Mars' heroes journey this week (truly) of finding its courage, its passion, its ability to out-create anything in his way. I'm considering this a healing assist from Chiron, after battling Saturn and before the big change Mars and Uranus has to bring. This is yet another chance to grasp onto inner knowings and to really find and own your convictions from a clear place. :)

Uranus in Taurus is here to shake up our value systems and relationship to security and stability, so I'd assume this is the week and the weekend where if maybe you've been putting off some of those universal changes you've been prodded towards, maybe your spirit lets you know. Really good to be flexible, adaptable, to stay open because this situation that is in the middle of changing may not quite stop changing after these aspects begins to wane. Mars in Leo is all about what we personally want, and Uranus has to do with the unconventional element ~ what is new, unexpected. Both Mars and Uranus are direct in this station and after the opposition to Saturn, we could feel kinda agitated, irritated ~ this is a highly volatile week so I implore you to be aware in your daily lives this week, just kinda keep an extra level of consciousness and wit about you. <3 Otherwise lean into the changes because I think Universe wants to shake us up a bit ;) in the latter part of this week.

The moon moves into Taurus on Saturday as well which will no doubt only amplify our emotional response and reaction to what changes. Taurus moon really desires security and stability ~ and there's not really a whole lot of that to be found in this current astrology weather, with no planets in earth signs outside of Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn ~ so there could be this sense of grasping that transpires, but doesn't necessarily have to be that way ~ this could provide us the emotional strength we need to persevere which Mars in Leo is all about! :)

Sunday, the Sun in Cancer is going to square Chiron in Aries. This is where our sensitivities will become louder and may even get us in trouble so we will want to watch for things like taking things too personally or getting really really deep into the victimhood spiral, but the positive side of this is that we have so many opportunities to truly see what we need to heal even if this may come about through discomfort. This is also going to sextile Uranus in Taurus as well which should maybe help us to adapt to these changes we'll be experiencing in the latter days of this week. This sextile can be a healing bridge towards evolution and adaptation and the worst possible shadow expression of this energy in my opinion is death gripping whatever it is that you're attached to and not allowing the cycle to cycle.

I hope that this week is wonderful for you and that your spirit comes through for you :)


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