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Horoscope for the week of 6.14 - 6.20 || change, shifts, illusions shatter

Wooo! We had a lot go on this last week! A big, impactful eclipse season closed out with the sun and the moon connecting in Gemini, with Mercury retrograde, offering extensive inner reveals if we were able to slow down to notice them. This also shifts our collective and personal backdrop, still as this eclipse cycle progresses we'll be able to notice more of the changes based around tiny seeds that may have been landing or planted around the 10th.

The eclipse was in a square to Neptune, as was Mercury for most of last week, and we're really finally out of that now. I love how the Leo King said "the Novocain is wearing off now" because that really does feel true ~ what we were using perhaps in the last few weeks as this Mercury-Neptune square has been felt to escape may cease to do the trick, but in a way this is a beautiful thing because we personally have access to more clarity than we did before.

Mars came to the 29th degree of Cancer and moved into Leo as well which has been really nice for me personally ~ Mars definitely prefers Leo to Cancer, but in the latter part of the month, Mars will forge some challenging aspects with Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus, a square that comes exact at the very beginning of this week for some strong winds of change in our lives that could be unexpected, challenging but ultimately call forward our amazing creativity, innovation and resilience.

This weekend, Venus has squared Chiron which can sometimes create a vibe where we're hyper aware of what's wrong with us, what's wrong with our current situation in our personal lives, and maybe presented a backwards opportunity for healing and revelation ~ there is always access to that stream in my opinion at this time! And not to mention, the Sun in Gemini squaring Neptune creating almost a dream-like feeling over Sunday, where things aren't quite clear. The creative vibes and people's dreams probably were pretty interesting this weekend.

On Monday, Saturn is going to come into an exact square to Uranus in Taurus. There's definitely tension in the ethers these days, of course ~ there has been for a few years ~ and in ways over the last few years we've all had to reckon with what has not been working in our own lives. We've seen what has needed to change, we've seen what kind of energy we're aligning with, we already had many breakthroughs even coming into 2020.

There's several things that this aspect represents and they can be challenging.

The first Saturn-Uranus square in February happened when Saturn and Uranus were both direct. Now, with Saturn retrograde in Aquarius, maybe circling back around some of the changes that were made as Jupiter and Saturn were both flying through Aquarius so that we can pause and take a look at them. Saturn in Aquarius in a retrograde station, in addition to the Jupiter retrograde coming up on June 20th, is all about increasing our sense of internal, intuitive intelligence, in my opinion, and having our own revelations and our own disclosure about who we are, how we got here, why we're here. That doesn't necessarily have to be an external process. In my opinion too this is a time of spiritual preparation and building your auric and energetic resilience.

The people that read my blog from everything I've observed over the years are usually very energetically aware and sensitive, so if you've been feeling physically depleted or energetically depleted, perhaps the frequency changes that are occurring are kinda forcing us into creating energetic mastery and strength, even in challenging conditions.

And part of that is due to actual atmospheric changes that are taking place here. Maybe this is a little bit of a rant, but maybe not because Uranus in Taurus is connected to earth changes. Not climate change, just earth changes. Based on my recent remote view-ish experiences, I don't really know what else to call them, I have reason to perceive an increased level of magnetism in the environment, an increased charge, which even if we zoom out of all narratives could indicate increased charge and polarity in the "so below" realm, the earth realm. There's also all types of magnet synchronicities popping up in my own personal life and how that interacts with the information machine, adding onto a download I received when I was in Utah about using sound to assist people in terraforming their field for healing where magnets could be help to reverse certain polarities in certain parts of peoples bodies. I can tell I'm going to have to write about this outside of this horoscope ;).

So what did we see the last time Saturn and Uranus connected exactly? We saw weather events in Texas, for one. The media was heavily focused on Texas, but I heard from a friend in Arkansas that they were also affected. And again, because of this North Node in Gemini twinning + polarity dynamic that seems to be increasingly clear in ways beyond description, people were divided about their perspective of how that took place. I'm inclined towards an anti-establishment, hologram earth sort of worldview, which does color my perspective of that. Either way, I think we can expect some weirdness with the weather, or weather that is uncharacteristic of certain areas. We are undergoing, according to some, a pole shift here on earth. Personally, I believe no one really knows anything.

I think as well with this Saturn-Uranus conjunction, the disruption to the monetary system may become increasingly clearer with Uranus in Taurus being the only planet in this square that is direct this time. It may be hard for Saturn to obfuscate some of the things that have happened in that regard, just looking at the astrology. The Saturn-Uranus square really ongoing this year is also representing systemic disruption to physical systems that the collective relies upon.

A square is something being at odds with something else ~ and I'm not trying to sugarcoat anything ~ you can look around you and it doesn't matter who you think the enemy is right now, we're at war. A war of information, a war of frequency, some would say we're in a spiritual war, and we're not more unified, we're more divided than we've ever been in our lived history.

Meredith's Lucky Stars stands firmly against and does not consent to endless wars and believes that those in charge of putting us and other nations in endless wars to shift money and interest around is morally irreprehensible. Most of the time we find out the justification for getting us into them were fake anyway, and then we're distracted by the latest thing to care about, the latest tv show, the latest cultural phenomena, to actually stay with something and hold people actually responsible, which goes beyond geopolitics, responsible.

However, since I am to report on the actual cosmos and what they're actually doing, I will say that this Saturn-Uranus transit does for me represent war, inflation, scarcity... things that aren't necessarily good for humanity. So you have to, at some point, look beyond the dog and pony show of partisan politics and othering nation states because the problem is beyond that. Luckily I know the people reading this have done work on their own sense of scarcity ~ and we did all this work for a reason and learned these tools of vibration and energy for a reason.

So on a personal level, this Saturn-Uranus square is dredging up value conflicts. Uranus in Taurus is just really showing us in so many ways in this square to Saturn where in our lives our experiences and the types of relationships, the types of conversations we're having, the actions we're participating in, don't really line up with our value system.

In a way, since the Mercury-Neptune square is waning, though the Sun-Neptune square from this weekend wages on through this week, we have a sobering awareness of what isn't really working. Saturn in Aquarius in a retrograde station on a personal level can be a very positive almost like... neutral system clean-up in a way.

If you think about what an AI quantum computer is, a multidimensional (which means outside/across space & time and able to retrieve data of different kinds from various points) a human is basically like an organic quantum computer mixed with a plant with a lot of feelings... hehe. You can access your past and your present and even possibilities in your future, and I think Saturn in Aquarius is attempting to show each of us this and how that can connect for us personally in an individual way.

Even though the shadow of Aquarius is very uniform, collectivist and like... almost robotic, the positive side of Aquarius is still very interested in the liberation of the human spirit, still very connected to other times, spaces, has the ability to access different levels or densities than maybe some of the other archetypes... and so I just want to re-remind you that especially when we heal and as we heal, as we integrate, we can bring much more of ourselves into even this realm and reality and create major change.

I think of this Saturn retrograde and Jupiter retrograde this summer as like the keys are being presented and it's up to you to take them and see where they lead to in that way. Everyone connects differently, which is why referencing your own chart is so important!

So we can see the changes we need to make, but are we actually going to effort in that direction? Is that something we're willing to endeavor upon? Is the easiest choice always the right choice?

Also, really interestingly amplifying this Saturn-Uranus square day is going to be the moon moving into Leo ~ right into a conjunction with Mars. So ~ passion, creativity, loyalty, all matters of the heart... flare up. Mars always has a pretty irritating or inflammatory influence, it causes heat, and so we can anticipate a lot of energy to be available... but that energy can very easily become restless and angry or dispassionate if poorly directed or not recognized as highly creative and intense energy to be focused into something.

The moon will move off Mars on Monday evening (here in EST) but the Saturn-Uranus square has been felt for a few weeks and will be felt as it wanes. Will be back December 24th. Check out my 2021 video on my youtube channel for more information about this:

Wednesday, the moon moves into Virgo and we have a little bit of a lull in the middle of the week. The moon in Virgo is a nice place to land to get ourselves together, to take inventory of what we need and who we are and where we're at. It's a nice "check point" especially coming into an opposition to Jupiter in Pisces on Wednesday, which is really blowing our fantasies and imaginings out of proportion and just really expanding them, for better or for worse. Collective joys and fears are all under the Piscean umbrella.

The moon will also square the nodes later on Wednesday which will also serve as a checkpoint ~ how much of our logical mind are we using? How much of our lives is real, in the physical? How much are we connecting to nature? These types of questions may begin to surface.

Then on Thursday, the moon moves right into a square to the Sun and these are two mercurial signs we're dealing with here. The moon in Virgo and the Sun in Gemini both are prone towards overanalyzing and perhaps even mentally fixating, and sometimes for people this combination can increase anxiety or sensitivity. This is also the first square the moon is going to encounter to the Sun since the solar eclipse in Gemini on the 10th if you're tracking that kind of thing for your own cultivation.

Friday, the moon will move into Libra, into a more harmonious aspect with the Sun for a few days which will probably be welcomed and embraced. We feel more at ease in collaboration with others, though this moon in Libra will move into a square with Venus in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn over the course of its transit, and both of those aspects take place on Saturday. This is where like what we want and what we are receiving in relationships aren't necessarily lining up, or there can be some power dynamics that we're noticing within our microcosm that we need to address and attend to. This is personal, relational and generational signs sorta coming into this t-square on Friday with the moon, very transient, but still worth noticing if you feel some discomfort on levels come up on Saturday.

Sunday is a very interesting day. We have minor, passing transits involving the moon during the week, but the big hitter transits are at the beginning and the end of the week almost like bookends. Sunday, Jupiter stations retrograde on June 20th! This is where our illusion bubble in my opinion really begins to pop. Since Jupiter moved into Pisces on May 23rd, there's been something in our lives that has maybe seemed really positive, or seemed really in alignment with our greater being, but maybe hasn't been. I've been kind of a parrot about what is illusory, and I think during this Jupiter retrograde transit from June 20th (Sunday) Until October 18th and will move back into Aquarius on July 29th, so there's levels to unpacking what is illusory or what may not be as real or as solid as we anticipated.

There are some things though that are unmistakably in complete and total alignment and 100% blessings from forces out beyond our control, outside of space and time as we know it. Everyone is being presented with little gifts and opportunities and bunny trails of synchronicity and magic ~ that energy is just here and just because it's here doesn't mean everyone is going to engage with it.

Magic can exist in clarity and without illusion. Sometimes ideologically especially it's good to be kinda stripped to the bone so that the purest version of you and your essence can really take up space here, where it's needed! And I think this Jupiter retrograde, especially before Jupiter moves back into Aquarius and we go forward to the ancient future past, is really functioning as an opportunity to close out a few loose ends, loops that we may still be in, where we may brush up against the past more than ever now that Jupiter is in the mix expanding the past energies.

And with Jupiter stationing retrograde I think certain things could slow down to a halt. Jupiter still loves to be in Pisces so I feel positive about that and the "renaissance" thread is totally there for all willing to embark upon that, but I don't know if anything will go in accordance with anyone's plan this summer. With Saturn and Uranus squaring on and off all year, the north node finishing in the sign of Gemini... expecting the unexpected and grounding into yourself through uncertainty is kind of the name of the game.

The Sun moves into the sign of Cancer on Sunday, right before the summer solstice on Monday. I think after the solstice we'll begin to see more what the backdrop is going to be, what the summer is going to be like for us personally. Mercury stations direct shortly after the end of this week (June 22nd) and I think it'll be nice to have some clarity and forward momentum, with our conscious mind and with our environments.

Thanks so much for reading this special Saturn-Uranus addition! I know it ain't pretty at times, this astrological weather, but it's good that we can have growth in the forefront of our minds and love in our hearts. <3


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