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Horoscope for the week of 5.4 - 5.10 || North Node moves into Gemini ~* Full moon in Scorpio

Good afternoon starseeds and loved ones! I hope that you are having a good day so far - this week upcoming is huge!! Big changes, preparing for more big changes as the Nodes of the moon change signs and we warm up to a full moon in Scorpio!

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Last week, our mind took quite a journey with Mercury in Taurus making a square aspect to Saturn in Aquarius early in the week, which really put us in touch with where we may be falling short in one or more areas of our lives. It also may have created some resistance to several things - resistance to vaccines, resistance to social control, resistance to sickness and death. What we resist persists- and our ancestral memory holds codes from when we may have gone through pandemics, plagues - perhaps we have some past life or parallel life memories of the world ending and we're having all of these dreams about it, or maybe we're remembering the fall of Atlantis in their dreams :looks around: - whatever it is, last week was quite tense, and Mercury in Taurus with Uranus towards the end of last week which really added a complex, multidimensional layer, along with a gust of innovation and productivity and a new perspective with how we approached things.

Another aspect that made the waters a good bit murky that we're still in right now and through the week was the Venus in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces transit - which is really making it difficult to see other people clearly, especially those in our immediate environment. Projection is running rampant out here, and so if you're trying to figure out a relationship problem, or are sorting through some confusion, I'd say now is generally a time to seek some healthy amount of mental space from what you're dealing with, rather than making an impulsive decision. I do feel like in the shadow of Venus retrograde with this square to Neptune, we still want to view our microcosm with some ease and non-attachment, and our romantic relationships with a critical eye - making sure not to get caught up in any stories that would have you believe you need to go down an old road or do something that's not in your best interest for the sake of connection.\

Monday, the Sun and Mercury come together in the sign of Taurus - where our life force and our mind connect in this logical, fixed earth sign. This is a time to problem-solve, to root down into the earth even through its changes. The last few weeks brought conjunctions of both the Sun and Mercury to the planet of change, Uranus, indicating this awareness that the earth is changing and that things are moving around underneath our feet, which makes it that much more imperative to get outside, put your feet in some dirt, plant a garden and be with the earths changes on Monday. The moon will be in Libra which makes it an awesome time to find harmony and balance within, especially emotionally, and perhaps creating some harmony in our relationships, gathering with others however we feel called or led, virtually or physically - waxing up to the full moon in Scorpio.

This moon transit, from Libra into the full moon in Scorpio, can bring up some areas of discontentment within all of our relationships that then come to a peak and seem to resolve. Taurus and Scorpio has a lot to do with resources, personal and shared, of all kinds - time, energy, money, emotions - and so there is this interesting balancing act that we come into under this full moon on Thursday. So if we use the moon in Libra properly, we can access those really nice harmonious energies to have the beneficial communication we need to have. Mercury and Venus in Taurus and Gemini are in what is called "mutual reception" - Mercury loves to be in Gemini and Venus loves to be in Taurus, and they are doing this dance where they're in each others signs. This as well as the transition on Tuesday, May 5th, where the North Node moves into the sign of Gemini and the South Node moves into the sign of Sagittarius, really highlights the importance of open, honest communication with whomever you're around, as well as the importance of being grounded and solid in your own truth at this time, which wavers of course, and is absolutely a practice. That is Mercury in Taurus' role in all of this.

The Nodes of the moon, or the backdrop in some way of what the collective is experiencing, shift signs on Tuesday May 5th until January 19th, 2022!! As an evolutionary astrologer, the nodes changing are my favorite to personally witness. When the North and South Nodes of the moon are at the earliest degrees of one sign, and transition to the latest degrees of another, it tends to be a time of heightened energy (clearly...) and activation - and we sorta embark on a whole new story-line.

The South Node is what we may be trying to detoxify, exorcise or clean up in the collective, while the North Node is what when we strive towards, and when we really fill out that archetype within us, we really can benefit - it's the most optimal direction for the collective at this time.This plays out in everyone's chart individually as well.

So when we look at the South Node in Sagittarius, this can mean several things. On a more mundane, practical level, travel is very much changing. Temporarily gone are the days where we can just hop on a plane and go to wherever our hearts long for - people who use travel as a means of escape are now generally somewhat planted. This also symbolizes that spiritual teachers can't just run off to the mountaintop to do their teachings anymore, that they have to be really "in it" with everyone else and really thrive in that space. I feel like Gemini as a sign is very neutral, so no one is inherently better than anyone else during this time.

This is also going to require the spiritual leaders, teachers, lightworkers, spaceholders, grid keepers to hold a higher level of awareness and truth! Gone are the days where you can peddle mishmoshed spiritual teachings that you don't practice really except to make money - gone is the "love and light" paradigm, which is really just a whole other layer of programming. People who have been working in this field, as well as in the fields of religion, are going to have to really change how they work with people - it's going to require a certain level of personal growth work, shadow work and consistent (Capricorn/Taurus) practice internally - as well as a more authentic, more honest way of approaching the people they(we) work with.

This brings up the ideological battle, as well as absolutely everyone has an opinion. If you're reading this, my hope for you is that you recognize that with the Venus/Neptune square, the general population has no idea what is going on behind the smoke screen, and if you think you really "know" exactly what is going to go down, then you're the most clueless. This is a time where blind faith and making big leaps into the unknown is not encouraged.

Honestly, as a Sagittarius rising, with Jupiter as my chart ruler - I am quite an optimistic person that has a hard time sitting still and resting, I make some very broad strokes and don't always think things through before I act. I cut through all of the details in the seek and search to find the truth and sometimes I miss over some things, and I can easily have so many opinions that I'm basically just a container full of opinions and feelings to support my opinions. So this is a call to myself as well as all of you to let go of this tendency to have to defend the side that you're on, the side that you're choosing - because really, the powers that be want us all to be arguing with each other when we're all being affected in some way or another by the unseen enemy, whether you view that as the coronavirus itself or the government.

I also like to discuss what is good about the South Node of the moon - the gift that we can extract. Sagittarian gifts lie in the ability to extract the golden nugget - the piece of truth that comes from honestly sometimes a pile of shit, which is sorta like Scorpio (he he). Seriously though, you go through a deeply alchemical journey through the signs of Scorpio to Sagittarius - you go through the deep inner process where you're in the furnace for a while, perhaps there's a period of suffering or crisis that happens, and then once you move from that, you're able to see the cosmic blessings that period of suffering left you with. Maybe you go through a breakup or a divorce, or lose a friendship, and you're able to really gain a new level of insight and self-awareness as well as a new lens of discernment to view your life through. Maybe you dig yourself into a financial ditch a little bit and you're left to pick up the pieces but you discover this hidden resilience and store of energy that you didn't even realize you had. That is the Sagittarian journey is the process of seeing the good in situations. Having faith despite all odds. We don't want to throw the baby out with the bathwater and eliminate all Sagittarian traits - there are a few gems to really hold onto during this time.

With the North Node moving into the sign of Gemini on Tuesday, this is going to be huge for our communication skills. If there are blocks in our communication, they may rise to the surface, especially with the Venus retrograde transit that starts in the beginning of the month. I do feel like this is a time where we'll want to be in more contact with our "tribe" as Gemini has to do with our communities, our environments - and this is also about our short-distance life - our city, our state, on a collective level. The choices that our states make could dictate what our life is like these next few months - and it's likely that there will continue to be a lot of misinformation until after the summer, when the truth about everything really comes out and as the Jupiter-Pluto cycle continues to unfold.

This becomes about our neighborhood - people taking care of other people that we're around. This is not the time to avoid the people that you're around or the people that are in your little microcosm - this is a time to lean into other people, to run towards other people rather than away from them. This is a time to bloom in our environment while working on all kinds of relationships - friendships, partnerships, familial - Gemini archetype originally had to do with the merging of the polarity, the Lovers - the masculine and the feminine, so romantic relationships, especially with Venus retrograde coming up are really on the table for review.

The masculine and feminine polarity is shifting now - with the Nodes of the moon being in the sign of Cancer/Capricorn, that's a lot of emphasis on outer and inner mother and father. How you take care of yourself versus how you push yourself, how you hold space for yourself emotionally versus tell yourself to quit whining (when you need to - I know for me I often struggle more with my inner father) - the difference between taking care of yourself and others and holding yourself and others accountable.

The inner mother is soft, warm, loving, nurturing - and in a way we've all had no choice to cultivate that during the last few beats of this Cancer North Node transit. We've also had to really push, set boundaries, make tough choices and be our own inner father, perhaps cutting people out of our lives and our experience who don't need to be there, setting limits and rules for ourselves and reclaiming discipline as something that is actually helpful for us.

One other thing that came up significantly during the last year and a half for a lot of folks is their ancestry - the past and the future, both of which the Cancer/Capricorn axis deals with. It just so happened that the South Node in Capricorn alongside Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter at points made it hard for us to find our security in this crazy time, even before the world started massively changing these last few months.

Ancestral patterns of scarcity, famine, plague, weird relationship stuff, trauma, addiction - all have been majorly coming up for a lot of the people I've been working with ongoing and for myself as well. A chance to really choose a different trajectory does exist here, even at the very first degrees of Cancer and Capricorn. We've already sort of been experiencing inwardly what we are experiencing externally - an excavation of everything that doesn't belong to us, right now, which makes us a lot lighter and a lot more at ease with whatever comes.

Most especially the way that parental relationships have influenced romantic relationships is what I've found to be highlighted in the collective majorly during these last few years, and now we really get to put that into practice during the first few months adapting to the shift in lunar nodes, especially over the summer.

This is the time to really make sure that you are operating in your own sovereign truth, that you're not going to allow weird sneaky generational curses or perhaps attachments to interfere with your ability to love yourself and other people fully. Gemini is an air sign, and love when it's in its most optimal form is just like air - something we breathe in easily (receiving love) and breathe out just as easily (give love). And how interesting that Gemini rules over the lungs in medical astrology, while Uranus, Mercury and the Sun are in Taurus which is definitely representative of the heart among other things, Taurus being Venus-ruled.

Breathwork as a practice is going to become increasingly important during this time. I practice my own little variation of kundalini kriyas in the morning because it really helps me not just to feel like I can take a good, deep breath, but also because it circulates energy through my whole body - breath is life! It's super important right now to use what is free and accessible to us as well, and you can find all kinds of different breathwork methods from the yogic tradition or from Wim Hof on youtube to start practicing! :)

The polarity in general - good versus bad, light versus dark, right versus wrong, science versus religion and spirituality - is going to be very much emphasized during this time. I'm sure that a lot of people have already begun to feel that! Gemini in its highest light IS neutral - and sits at the very center of that polarity, not on one side or the other.

So for those of us that are committed to holding a higher vibration of truth and awareness, for those of us that are wanting to move consciously with each step through this time, it's going to be very tempting to get caught up in what is right and what is wrong, but if you think about the energy that it takes to defend your position to the death on Facebook, you can take that energy and be doing something totally else. Don't get caught up in it! The truth exists in many shades of grey that can be different for each person. The truth exists somewhere in between the subjective and the objective. ;)

The other thing that this is going to require of us is that we use our mind! Sagittarius has a lot to do with the higher mind, Gemini has a lot to do with the lower mind or the logical mind - and like I've been saying, the truth exists in between those spaces, rather than on either side. It will require us to merge the higher mind with the lower mind - to be willing to look outside of the box. This nodal axis shift highlights our need to be able to adapt easily and pivot when we need to pivot - to be light on our feet.

This is a noticeably lighter energy, which comes with a welcome from me - but it can cause us to easily become ungrounded - Gemini's shadow is highly anxious and restless, while Sagittarius' shadow side is quite off in the clouds. The Capricorn transits we have left as well as the Taurus transits will assist at holding our grounding in place temporarily, but there may be times where it feels challenging to find solid ground.

That's where we come back to Uranus in Taurus a good bit, because here we're learning the flimsy nature of the external world - and the strength of the internal world. When we know our worth and are connected to the actual core of Mother earth, her nourishing energies, things become a bit easier and better. When we recognize our organic human evolution and the fact that we've been strengthening our nervous systems and going through big plunges to be able to withstand this, and we feel tremendous worth and perhaps even pride and self-love due to how much we've already come through, it becomes easier to feel grounded even though we're not really on solid ground.

Wednesday, the moon moves into deep water sign of Scorpio, preparing to become full! Wednesday could feel like a revving or a ramping up of the felt energy, it could become a bit intense as Scorpio tends to - and what we're really focusing on in this space is our shared resources, while also maintaining our own space.

Taurus, where the Sun, Uranus and Mercury have been, is all about our own resources, our own grounding, our own space - what we have and what we don't have, what we want to create for ourselves and the methodical, careful steps to do so. We live in a world that has other people - and so this will highlight the shared space, relationship space and intimate space that we share.

Sometimes on the full moon in Scorpio, which is exact on Thursday, it's very easy for our shadows to come out - which is one of those things where it's important to not dismiss what comes up but to work through it, going through the tough feelings rather than over them or getting stuck in them. How you deal with those deeper challenges that life has to provide is very much dependent upon your natal chart, and how you move through emotions is also found within your own internal map - consult that for this full moon so that you can have the tools in place that you need to.

Mercury in Taurus will be reaching out on Thursday, the same day as the full moon, to Neptune in Pisces for a gentle sextile aspect, which is very complimentary and harmonious but also way more of a choice than a trine aspect - if we choose, we can lean into the energies of compassion and forgiveness, ease and groundedness, and we can find harmony within ourselves for sure, if not with others.

Friday the moon moves into Sagittarius to link up with the South Node on Saturday for the first time. This is a very light-hearted energy and feels quite good, though it's not really linking up well with the Sun in Taurus, so we're not really sure what to make of this good mood that comes in at least on Friday.

When the moon conjoins with the South Node in Sagittarius, this is one of the easiest time to get swept up into some weird belief system, some strange ideology, it's easy to believe your opinion as fact - so doing our best to stay humble and patient with others during this weekend will really serve us well.

There are some lovely trines this weekend that will allow us to be very productive and can illuminate some of the unknown factors, especially as we move towards a huge retrograde season beginning next week!

On Saturday, Mercury in Taurus will trine over to Pluto in Capricorn which is a beautiful aspect that allows us to really transform some deeper emotions, after having gone through that full moon in Scorpio, and also will allow us to be very productive and to take care of things about our new earth. This makes me feel like I'll be in the garden all weekend as that is my new passion project - I think we'll all find enjoyment sitting and working on something productive that benefits us that contributes to our personal transformation - this aspect is great for any kind of inner growth work.

On Sunday, the moon transitions into the sign of Capricorn for the first time since the South Node left! We may find ourselves on Sunday and Monday grieving the way that things used to be - as with the nodes changing and the retrogrades coming, we're going to return to a world that is very much not the same which makes it of the highest importance to hold your own essential and dignified truth during all of this. Do your practices so that you can really make the most out of this productive, building and pushing through energy of Capricorn.

On Sunday, Mercury in Taurus makes a nice trine aspect over to Jupiter in Capricorn. This gives me this impression of us building this week - where we are, with what we have, brick by brick, layer by layer, moment by moment. In each breath, in each moment, we have to be conscious of what we're bringing into form - this is a really good day for instantly manifesting something into form, and we want to be creating consciously on Sunday to use this aspect to the best of our abilities! Jupiter is about to station retrograde, so use this time to gain external inspiration before the source of light goes deep within us for us to find. <3

Here is how the orbiting North and South Nodes changing signs will affect your Rising sign!

You may also decide that you'd like to check your sun or moon signs. For more personalized astrology content and interaction with community, check out my Facebook group "Weavers of the Golden Thread" to join the conversation!

Gemini: for you, this is all about your own self - getting to know yourself better and on a deeper level, pouring your own energy into yourself, into your skill set, into your own passions and learnings and adventures. It will be productive for you to come away from the opinions and expectations of others during this time, to tune into yourself.

Cancer: for you, this is about your intuition coming very online - and taking enough time in your day each day to realize and recognize that and to sit with the intuitive underpinnings that you're receiving. This is a karmically clearing time in a way that isn't super overwhelming, and this is a time for you to do the next right thing, doing your best not to create karma during this time, operating in integrity. This is also about your daily life - your systems, your routines, and allowing yourself to flexible on that to allow for the new psychic awareness to take place.

Leo: for you, this is about your community and your tribe - the friendships you've made along the way. This is a positive time to make new friends as well. You'll be encouraged during this time to run towards others, rather than run away from them, and you'll be asked to really lift other people up and give generously of yourself during this time. Selfish tendencies won't be rewarded during this time!

Virgo: for you this is about career - putting yourself out there with new endeavors, taking the steps that you need to take to make your career dream a reality- not discounting the small opportunities you get along the way as "beneath you" as when the North Node is in Gemini one thing can lead to another can lead to another. You'll be encouraged not to be too too inward during this time.

Libra: for you this is all about totally expanding your mind and expanding your horizons to see beyond what is right in front of you, expanding into the possibilities of the next steps that are in front of you. This is a time to draw upon Sagittarius themes especially of having faith, while also following logic and reason.

Scorpio: for you this is about your deep inner world, and the way that could relate to another person or potentially a group or community of other people. For you this is a time to run towards other people and to go deeper with people than you typically allow yourself. Perhaps you're coming into a certain kind of intimacy that you haven't really experienced before. You may be tempted to wall off around what it is that you have, but you'll be encouraged by the Universe to share.

Sagittarius: this is about partnership for you, Sagittarius, and this time holds a series of lessons for you around relationships of all kinds - all other people outside of yourself. You will be encouraged to collaborate with others and to work with others - to listen to others rather than to instantly think that you know everything, note to self, a very Sagittarian tendency. Your personal freedom and movement may be on pause partially but you really have a lot of flexibility in your partnership area.

Capricorn: this is all about your every day rhythms and routines, your health, your physical body and your work-life balance, ensuring that you're regularly taking the steps that you need to support yourself and really take the action steps needed to advance your career, whatever it's forming into and it may be changing and evolving - one step in front of the other. Going too into escapism right now isn't encouraged, but using the psychic awareness available to you certainly is.

Aquarius: for you this is about your creativity and your fun, happy place- I swear Aquarius risings from all walks of life have just been going through the absolute ringer with Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn and there for a while Mars all having moved or still moving through their 12th house - that's a HUGE release of karma and a consistent letting go. You are in need of some joy, some romance, even if it's just for a season, maybe spending some time with children or your inner child. Staying out of the minds of other people, perhaps giving less of yourself interestingly just throughout this phase is definitely encouraged, so you can experience more of yourself.

Pisces: for you this is all about your home life, your inner space and your emotional processes - you'd do best spending time delving into the past, your ancestry, your family history, generational problems that may have transferred into you - now is a good time to uproot that and to expend some mental energy on healing your emotional world, the space inside of yourself. You may find to be frustrated when you focus too much on your career during this time.

Aries: for you this is about your communication, your thoughts, your next steps and your logic - this is going to be a time where you're really encouraged to express yourself, set verbal boundaries and there may be quite a bit of movement in your life throughout this transit. Be wary of the desire to escape or to place too high a value on your opinion - this is a time for you to watch out for pushing your opinions onto others or being fanatical. Typically when you hold your knowings inside like a light that shines within you, other people begin to ask questions ;)

Taurus: for you this time is all about your own resources, your own money and your time - your self-worth and your value - this is a time that is about you! It'll be very easy to get lost in other people's problems or emotional energies and some intimate situations can feel exhausting during this time, so bringing it back to your bubble, what you have control over and building up and adding slowly to what you have is going to be well-received during this period.

I hope that this was helpful and informative for you to read! I hope that you enjoy this shift - it's definitely a lighter more adaptable more spontaneous energy coming in.

Lots of love, M

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