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Horoscope for the week of 5.31 - 6.6 || revisions, decisions, change

Hello! I hope you're having a good day whenever you're reading this and that by reading this you come across abundances and fortunes. <3

So we're in the middle of an eclipse season with the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius on the highlight reel. With the South Node in Sagittarius and the full moon lunar eclipse that just passed, it's good to spend any amount of time in deep inquiry of our belief system... how did it form the way that it did? Why do we believe certain things? A lot of people have many different beliefs of many levels that don't serve them at all and so this is a really really great time to make that space squeaky clean through any method of personal ceremony you enjoy. This summer there are a lot of things on a personal level we can hop onto like waves that may defy belief ~ something everyone should experience at least once.

So... Mercury made a square to Neptune, while it conjoined Venus in Gemini, as it stationed retrograde. This energy could have us questioning our values, our relationships to the people in our lives and to change ~ we are probably all aware of at least one thing that we can let go of and shift and this maybe bringing it to our attention. This has been experienced for me (as this Mercury-Neptune square continues this week) as incredibly clear about some things and not very clear about others, which you can filter through your own natal chart for a deeper look into what's going on in your microcosm.

Mercury retrograde in Gemini is a need to keep yourself on top of the little things, making sure that you're clear with what you say and what you think ~ it can be a little bit trickster in nature and with the square to Neptune this is really bringing up escapism and manipulative magic ~ with the coming Saturn-Uranus square on June 14th still being felt in the atmosphere it's hard to find "consistency" in much of anything right now which means all we can really do is ride the wave and do our best.

We start off the week with the moon in Aquarius which is a really nice space for us to rest in a neutral, objective space in my opinion especially because it's passed Saturn and Uranus. I love the moon in Aquarius because it allows us to find neutrality, humor and absurdity ~ an energy that seems to be necessary in this climate. Perched on our birds eye view we can get very clear before the moon moves into Pisces Tuesday.

Tuesday, the moon moves into Pisces :) which instantly jives right with Jupiter in Pisces. I anticipate waking up on Tuesday to feel good and for there to be some good vibes amidst especially for my readership that is creative and intuitive, which is likely you if you're reading this :) Maybe set aside an hour before work to paint or to move or to write or do whatever you need to do.

Wednesday, Venus moves into Cancer ~ and this is interesting because it brings in an energy of compassion and for us to seek comfort and love and what feels good... Venus likes to be in Cancer. The one thing I'd love for you to keep in mind with this transit is to manage your own emotions ~ because this can very easily get into tricky territory especially with Mars still in Cancer, Mercury squaring Neptune this week... just good to stay on top of your inner work, whatever that is for you, to be able to sort through like.. is this my feeling or yours? With the moon in Pisces in a conjunction to Neptune our sensitivity could be pretty extreme! Really amazing for dreams, connection with others, creative projects that are a little less structured.

The Sun in Gemini will illuminate Chiron in Aries by forming a nice sextile that gives us leverage to see what we need to see from ourselves. Chiron in Aries, this long transit that we're pretty much smack dab in the middle of, is really calling us to work on what has wounded us individually and to get in touch with our individuated soul pieces... so this aspect is a gem for those that are on the path of perpetual evolution and cultivation. Lots of good gems to mine and things to express ~ this whole entire Gemini season my journal has been my best friend.

Thursday, the Sun in Gemini is going to pose a trine to Saturn in Aquarius, currently stationed retrograde... this is interesting because it's like we have so much access to our past right now with Mercury and Saturn in retrograde station ~ I feel like that's only going to intensify when Jupiter comes retrograde on June 20th... so to me this is like a day to pause and to ensure that what we're committing to with our thoughts, our words, our actions, our will, our soul, is really what we want to commit to. Saturn is highly tied up with duty, obligation, expectation and so we may discover that over the past few months we've committed to something we're not in favor of, however that looks, we know when we're not in alignment with something because usually our bodies or our souls are screaming at us to come back home to center. This aspect will give us some ease in making those course corrections we need to make.

Venus in Cancer is going to make a beautiful trine to Jupiter in Pisces for a day where all is possible ;) I just love how this aspect feels ~ like a soft and magical blanket or cup of tea that has a little something extra in it. This aspect is a wave of connection and support I feel like that is available to all who want to hop to it.

Friday the moon moves into Aries where we may wake out of our dreamlike moon in Pisces state and desire to act upon something ~ with the moon coming over Chiron, felt strongly from Friday night to Saturday morning, it's just good to make sure we're not trying to act upon our wounding or from a place of fear. Good time to take care of ourselves and hold space for what could be coming up around our sense of masculine identity, action orientation, discipline, leadership... sometimes tempers can flare with the moon in Aries as well especially if that tendency is strong for you.

Saturday, the Mercury in Gemini-Neptune in Pisces square comes exact once more for a nice weekend of confusion, conflicting information, where no one is really sure what is happening, what's going on ~ and honestly this can look like maybe an illusion for us collectively or personally ~ something that doesn't quite seem like what it is. Good to wait for more stable waters to form solid stance on anything but always listen to your intuition it should be speaking to you pretty loudly these days.

Also Saturday, Mars in Cancer is going to oppose Pluto in Capricorn ~ this aspect honestly could be pretty rough! Mars in Cancer just wants to feel good, can stifle conflict and avoid facing what is in the way and I'm not sure with Pluto in Capricorn Mars will have that choice. This is a day of maximum transformation and change available, where we can spring into action and form like a diamond under pressure, or we can live from our emotions and go where the tides go. Choice is a beautiful thing!

To give more clarity on this, I'm going to include Ellias Lonsdale's sabian symbol interpretation:

Mars in Cancer, 26 Degrees:

"A woman giving birth to twins. Moving one way and moving another way at the same time, in the same breath, day in and day out. Inwardly compelled to take hold of given pairs of opposites and to work them by going into both and finding out how and where and why both cannot be refused, insist on being met. Captivated by your life predicament. Always seeing contradictory sides that in some ways cancel each other out. But also unfolding in multiple directions and truly born with a split karma. You have little choice but to cover all the bases, check everything out and play through each and every side of the situation. Consciously identifying with one thing at a time, but subconsciously absorbed in the other thing consistently. Prone to self-sabotage and searching for a lost path through which you can bring the polarities together, serve the whole, and yet be free within the serving and be unattached, just there to let it all come through, without making anything a burden or a self-blaming focus. The charge is removed when the opposites find each other again, and fanaticisms give way to the universal good met integrally."

Pluto in Capricorn, 26 Degrees:

"A long mirrored hallway lit with candles. Purpose gazes right down the middle and sees that the way is clear. The internal adversary lurks under, around, and through things and is supremely doubtful of everything you see and know. This only provokes the purposive one to become higher and mightier, more commanding and domineering--which in turn incites the adversary to more radical sabotage by denying your own worth in a savage fashion. Each side pushes the other over the edge. You are karmically at a crossroads, trying on for size strong selfhood and its inevitable shadow of pervasive doubts and negations. Learning and discovering arduously how to stay with yourself, even while going against oneself. And thereby outlasting the adversary, and proving that one can do the impossible, even when one is one's own fiercest critic and hardest-to-impress audience."

Sunday to me feels very redemptive after some tempestuous waters on Saturday ~ the Sun conjoins the North Node for a lot of inner and outer revelations to take place perhaps in the form of words of affirmation or communication coming from the right people at the right time, to our own language of symbolism and creation coming alive before our eyes. It's what you make it. The moon will move into Taurus on Sunday as well which really paves the way for some grounding (bless it lol) and some emotional stability, more valuable than gold at this time as this Mercury-Neptune square can sometimes highlight anxiety/nervous system complications, in addition to the complex space weather amidst these days.

Here's the degree symbol that the North Node and the Sun will conjoin on:

"A young woman notices the handsome man has fangs. Blows of fate. Acts of God. Abrupt awakenings to what was suspected but naively denied. You become drastically aware of all that was hidden, and jump to conclusions. The gathering of events to prove a point, to generate a change, to draw it all out. Curiosity, probing. Yet as well, casual oblivion and riding high in euphoric assumptions. Setting yourself up for turnarounds, epiphanies, metanoia. The leap over the edge into the dark from the light that reveals the other side of life can generate cynicism and negative feedback loops, by the implication that behind every shining wonder there lies its reverse shadow image. The mind proving itself right and falling down its own hole."

It was a joy to write this for you! If you'd like to book a session you can find a link to do that on my booking link on this website ~ astrology classes coming soon. <3

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