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Horoscope for the week of 5.17-23 || profound truth and wisdom, projection, things slow down

Hello loves! I hope you're enjoying your morning, afternoon or evening whenever you are finding this :)

Last week was a big shift! Jupiter moved into Pisces which definitely sets a different backdrop than the one we hardly had time to get accustomed to with Jupiter's transit through Aquarius. Jupiter will slow down and make a retrograde station in June ~ specifically June 20th is when it stations, but while it's moving forward we have these sweet, dreamy Piscean waves to tap into ~ I wrote all about this transit in last week's blog if you'd like to check it out in depth!

This week, I implore you with Saturn stationing retrograde at the end of the week on Sunday, which I will circle back around to, to really get things done that you've been meaning to get done, make preparations you've been thinking about making ~ this week is set up really well for making some of those final actions before Saturn stations retrograde Sunday and Saturn directs our attention inward.

Monday, the Sun in Taurus will make a trine to Pluto in Capricorn ~ which is really nice for manifestation, bringing concept into form, purification, transformation, change ~ what needs to change in your physical environment? Are you valuing yourself in your interactions? I feel always that Pluto in Capricorn is directing us towards our INNER sense of authority ~ so you may come naturally into alignment with that especially if you have a high degree of the earth element present in your astrological makeup.

I'm really excited for this aspect actually ~ Monday Venus conjuncts the North Node in Gemini. This is a piece of truth being revealed to us, about us, in our personal relationships and with regards to the way that we attract/receive resources. This truth can come to us in the form of communication, breakthroughs in communication in my opinion could abound on Monday, especially based on the quickening of idea to form with the Sun-Pluto trine. Monday is a great day! Use this good energy <3

The moon also moves into Leo (yay!) which means we'll be feeling playful and spirited, though the moon is going to move into an opposition to Saturn on Monday, which to some could feel like exhaustion, maybe feeling like our "inner well" is momentarily dry, but this is quite transient and nothing to worry about as long as you are hydrating and nurturing yourself first, which is what Leo requires.

Tuesday the moon in Leo will make a square to the Sun in Taurus which could contribute to another momentary emotional discomfort. Leo and Taurus both really want things to be how they want them to be, and I think we can all agree that there's at least one thing in life that isn't how we want it to be ;) so where we feel at odds with that both within and without could come up.

Also on Tuesday, Venus in Gemini is making a sextile aspect to Chiron in Aries ~ a gift potentially coming through when we actually express what is on our mind and heart. Venus in Gemini wants to openly lovingly share and create ways of doing that even with people she disagrees with ~ creating bridges for people to walk over. Chiron in Aries is asking that we address a deeper underlying wound ~ where the dwarf planet Chiron orbits we see what is being wounded and healed simultaneously.

Chiron in Aries is both wounding and healing our humanness through this transit ~ Aries is the first sign, the first spark ~ and in a way that essence is what we're being pulled away from and directed back towards. Chiron in Aries does put the uncomfortable emphasis on the individual in a "if you don't heal what hurt you, you may unknowingly bleed on what didn't cut you" kind of way.

Chiron in Aries is asking that we take a look at our shadow selves in all of their plentiful, various forms at play ~ so that we can know for certain that we're not projecting and we can be crystal clear within ourselves, the eventual hope I have for myself under this transit. Sometimes in order to become who you are you have to see and experience what you're not, and I think this transit has a good bit to do with that.

I digress! I think this Venus-Chiron sextile will be a gentle opening for healing to take place, should you choose, and I hope that you do. Writing, speaking to people you perceive to be safe ~ maybe redefining safety in some of your relationships. It's okay to add or take away rules or boundaries, and Venus in Gemini is quite adaptable ~ sometimes it's about mustering up the courage to ask for what you need.

Wednesday, Venus in Gemini will make a trine aspect to Saturn in Aquarius! Venus-Saturn aspects especially positive aspects like this one tend to line up with commitments and dedication of some kind. Saturn really takes the cake here and feels very comfortable in Aquarius, so we could see pretty clearly in some of our relationships where the work is, what change needs to happen, and it will feel pretty accessible to shift what needs to be shifted. This is a day where we'll feel a bit more at ease in getting things done or making some adjustments in our physical realities. Great day to take advantage of that ~ I suspect some of the productive energy will wane once Saturn stations retrograde.

Thursday the Sun moves into Gemini! Get ready for things to go fast ~ every luminary/planet feels very quick in the sign of Gemini ~ the mutable season that comes with a series of eclipses right before the beginning of summer ~ woo talk about a marathon of shifts, changes, since this is a mutable season we may have to let a few things or people leave our lives so that we can welcome new life in a new season (summer). This is where we really want to talk, where communication becomes the most center stage, along with Mercury, Venus and the North Node in Gemini ~ and where finding the balance between the polarity as things become the most polarized perhaps they've ever been in our iteration of history. If you're using the crazy as a platform for your spiritual growth, you're ahead of the game.

The moon will move into Virgo, squaring the Sun in Gemini so we get off to quite a "mental" start on Thursday. As humans we have many mirrors in our mind and this is where we can start to see the "hall of mirrors" so to speak, with two highly analytical signs, especially as this will momentarily enact a wide grand cross with the nodes in Gemini/Sagittarius and Jupiter in Pisces ~ and so Thursday and Friday as well could feel like a whirlwind of change, perhaps new ideas and new conversations and communications if you're able to find a sweet spot. Be adaptable ~ Jupiter in Pisces is going to teach us how to be like water and so this is a good few days to get into this headspace.

Friday is when the square from Jupiter in Pisces and the Sun in Gemini is exact. This is interesting ~ Gemini-Pisces energy in square can be magical, fun house kind of vibes full of wishes and promises and indulgences... things can seem really extreme or like they're not really even real under this type of sky, which really only is intensified by Saturday's exact Mercury-Neptune square. This weekend moving forward, especially as Neptune makes a square aspect to Venus on May 27th ~ and the Sun makes a square aspect to Neptune in June... these are just gearing up to be some really deceptive waters. I said last week in my blog and will probably continue to say this in all of my blogs over the next month ~ watch what the magician is doing with his other hand!

I'd say look to where Neptune is transiting in your chart for the illusion to be aware of in your micro. There are definitely lots of gifts to be gleaned in the form of genuine spiritual connection and alignment, massive dreamwork, psychic or psionic abilities, a return of imagination... lots of gifts coming out of this Neptune in Pisces long game transit. In order to see through to the gifts of what your spirit is actually showing you, you have to first wade through some merky waters and keep swimming.

So with regard to situations that seem too good to be true, or where it feels compulsive to project any ideal at all of the future, filtered through our belief system with the South Node in Jupiter's other home sign, this is a space that it's good to stay away from. Keep your energetic lines and boundaries clean and clear, remember the space between where you end and others begin.

This is something not specifically to keep in mind on Friday and throughout Gemini season. I find too that if we have aspects of our shadow that are manipulative or like trickster, that kind of energy can come up for us in our relationships under specifically Friday and Saturday's sky. My former sponsor told me to "mind my motives" ~ and it always stuck with me. This is a good weekend to do that.

Saturday, Mercury in Gemini is going to square Neptune in Pisces. There's positives and negatives of this transit for sure ~ the positives are imagination perks up, dreams intensify, great for creative and magical pursuits, but it becomes easier to become dishonest with yourself and others under the square of Mercury in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces. This is trickster energy for sure and where we hide pockets or pieces of ourselves from ourselves. It can be so easy too over this weekend to go into old or escapist patterns of behavior under the light of this weekend.

The moon will move into Libra which serves as a lovely way to connect with others which is a time where we will be driven towards connection and collaboration, seeking harmony with others in our environment. This is where relationships come to the forefront and where we seek to understand, not to be right.

Sunday, Saturn stations retrograde. This is where things start to slow down. This retrograde season is going to probably be one of the most interesting yet because of how quickly Jupiter sped through the sign of Aquarius ~ when it begins to move into Aquarius again on July 29th we'll have an opportunity to clearly see all that may have been glazed over, in a way that is unavoidable ~ and the same with Saturn in Aquarius as well. Saturn in Aquarius has a lot to do with artificial intelligence and the implications of that ~ regulations on things like the internet ~ and during Saturn in Aquarius transits, I should know because I was born under one, this type of retrograde transit can produce a certain "existential angst" ~ so embrace it! We don't know way more than we do know. This is not the time to keep your mind fixated on one ideal but perhaps a time to be open minded, yet discerning.

I do feel like Saturn in Aquarius in retrograde could lead to weirdness with internet ~ whether that means regulations, censorship, or whether it means electrical outages, like the latest "cyber attack" that led into the gas shortage. During this time I personally think it's important to do your best to prepare for whatever! Get a generator, have some food backed up ~ don't hoard, don't panic.. this is what it's about with the Taurus-Aquarius energy is our resources and values!

On a personal level, this Saturn in Aquarius retrograde station gives us the opportunity to look inward and get really comfortable with our own "weirdo" whoever that may be. Everyone has something about them that makes them unique, their own signature... and this could be a time of renaissance potentially, along with Jupiter in Pisces ~ a surge of creative and spirited pure potential ~ but how will we use it?

Thanks so much for reading this ~ from my heart to yours. Take care of yourself! <3


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