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Horoscope for the week of 5.11 - 5.17 || all of the retrograde stations, Mars in Pisces

Greetings loved ones! I hope that you are having a good evening and that you're rested and ready for quite the week! This is an intense stretch we're in right here, for sure, with the amount of planets stationing retrograde this week - we're coming up on the summer of downstream, reflection and shadow work. This is going to be a time where there are plenty of opportunities to go down several different fear wormholes, to argue against one another, even though you're both on the "side" of revolution... that is what "the powers that be" want, so keep that in mind this week especially as Venus stations retrograde and Capricorn stations retrograde.

Last week was intense!

With the North Node now in Gemini, we're learning about a lot of different things all at once, if we're smart - we ideally would be discovering our inner Jane of all trades. Learning how to be self-sustainable and how to think clearly during this time of fog is going to be very optimal.

This is where we learn to listen and hear others, and we put our heads together. Breathwork as a practice came of the utmost importance and the ability to harness the power of our thoughts!

We got a nice glimpse into our shadow selves with the full moon in Scorpio - it was a max capacity of intensity with a real potential for breakthroughs, illustrated with the healing trine to Neptune in Pisces and the square to Mars in Aquarius - it was definitely a time of wanting to go one way but wishing we can go another, and a good bit of chaos in the collective.

In my opinion, that full moon on Thursday made it challenging for me to stay centered. It really called a lot of my emotional healing and coping tools to the table!

So Monday - very very early in the morning, Saturn stations retrograde in Aquarius. This brings a heavy energy into the collective. The realities of the situation are finally setting in, as here in North Carolina the stay-at-home order is lifted. Whether or not you're for that, it may be a stark re-introduction to "reality." This slows the awakening down, slows real progress down, whatever that looks like for you.

Saturn is going to be in its retrograde station until September 29th and by then it will station retrograde in Capricorn, which we can see a last attempt to really cling onto the comfortable, the old way, the older paradigm, until Saturn comes into Aquarius in December, links up with Jupiter and then we're able to understand and really see, perhaps in a way that surprises us, where this is moving and the direction this is all going, with a square to Uranus in Taurus.

This is us clinging onto our beliefs and ideals, with Saturn in Aquarius it's sorta limiting our vision for the future. We have no idea quite what is possible I think at this point, and Saturn in Aquarius teaches us to widen our vision despite the circumstances. This retrograde station will teach us that we have to change, we have to evolve, we have to adapt, alongside Pluto in Capricorn stationed retrograde and Jupiter stationing retrograde in Capricorn.

Saturn retrograde brings up the delusion of time - as much as you can, forget that time exists and get into the present moment this summer. It's going to feel like time is really really slowing down, almost painfully slow. Perhaps things are slowing down but it allows us to be fully yin, fully receptive, fully open, fully surrendering and I just feel as much as you can not getting sucked into the not enough time or the too much time or the feels so stuck because things are so slow moving right now. Mars is still direct, ruling our action, and doesn't station retrograde until September and Mercury is going to be direct until June.

It's important, really important, to both look within introspectively and to consider your own shadow and your own toxicity. It is something that is being brought up to the surface for release with this retrograde summer, so lean into that and stay grounded to the practices that keep you feeling whole. We're acclimating to different energy right now, outside of the virus, and to support yourself in small ways such as breathing or sitting in silence.

Mercury moves into Gemini on Monday as well, edging closer and closer towards Venus. Mercury will be in Gemini until May 29th when it moves into Cancer, where it will station retrograde! Just before Mercury moves into Gemini, though, it will square Mars in Aquarius from the sign of Taurus. This is a very opinionated, mouth moving faster than your thoughts, potentially quite arrogant energy. This is something that in my opinion is a trap of this day and age, one that I fall into from time to time as well. We all have different ideas of what is right and wrong right now, and I do know that the people that will benefit from this transit are those who use it for creative and productive purposes, rather than to impress their opinion onto others.

Mercury being in Gemini brings out the trickster energy a little bit in the collective, so expect some trolls on multiple levels, but also this gives us the ability to really use our heads through all of this! This gives us the ability to think quickly on our feet! Mercury represents movement and in Gemini is incredibly social so this could indicate a resurgence in people choosing to connect with others, in whatever capacity they're comfortable with. There will be a lot of new ideas that will come up during this time!

The moon will start off the week in Capricorn, which on Tuesday early on in the day we begin to see the moon conjoining Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn, with Jupiter about to station retrograde and Pluto already stationing retrograde. We start off the week (and the summer early) with a little bit of shadow work - feeling into the depths of our soul for the memories of famine, plague and problematic authority. We all have this in our genetic and karmic memories and that is currently coming up so that we can heal it. Sit with what comes up!

Tuesday the moon will move into Aquarius in the middle of the day, right into a conjunction with Saturn retrograde which will likely bring a restrictive feeling - perhaps some heaviness that we can feel from the collective. It's pretty bad you guys, on any side you can certainly agree that there is a distribution of wealth and power to a few people in the world, who are getting richer, while we enjoy our stimulus checks and our unemployment. This is one of those conjunctions that could be rather beneficial for some- Saturn likes to be in Aquarius, and there's a potential that a few people could benefit from the humanitarian influence of Saturn here.

This will be a very airy day as Mars in Aquarius will trine the North Node in Gemini, in the latter degrees of these air signs. Our action and our destiny is in alignment, and in the latter part of these degrees it shows that we really are aware of more than we realize that we are, and if you've been spending the last several years doing your inner work (kinda like I've been pleading all of you if you read back the last few years lol) you are way more prepared than you realize for all of this. This air trine gives us a very beneficial burst of ideas and inventive solutions to problems that we may have and an ease in acting on them!

Mercury in Gemini will be trining over to Saturn in Aquarius which will create a good climate for communications and business (this is a transient aspect) and potentially will offer a piece of news about the future (Aquarius) of business and what is actually going on as this week progresses. This is also a time I assume where we'll see more "conspiracy" theories (a word invented by the CIA to prevent you from thinking for yourself). The thing about this Venus retrograde coming up is that the truth is hidden inside of the illusions, but it's out there. I don't believe all of them, but it is important if you've been working on yourself to deprogram and heal then you should be able to feel and sense something as truth.

Wednesday, Venus stations retrograde in Gemini. Venus is all about relationships, pleasure, the exchange of love, power and money - and these things are going to be a little bit weird for the summer y'all, not gonna lie! The people who are investing in themselves and in their process, who have been raising up their vibration by both integrating their shadow and doing rituals or practices that assist, these are the people that are going to use this time for inward purposes and the people who will flourish as a result of that.

This retrograde of Venus in Gemini will offer a lot of very confusing and disorienting news, with the ongoing Venus and Neptune square, so it's good again to realize what is true for you and what feels true inside your own body. In terms of relationships, communication blocks and inner self-worth issues rise up to the surface so that we can work with them!

Wherever Gemini is in your chart is where I perceive your personal truth to reside, and wherever Pisces is in your chart heralds the illusion.

This is going to last until June 25th and then Venus will move into Cancer on August 8th before we get our moment of destiny-defining clarity around whatever our Venusian challenges are, when the North Node in Gemini and Venus conjoin in the days leading up to the 8th.

Also on Wednesday, Mars moves into the sign of Pisces for another indication that we need some deep rest and healing throughout this time. We're taking this huge pause with all of these retrograde energies and to add to that, Mars in Pisces comes along! Pisces rules over the dream realm and the sleep realm, which means that our dreams will become extremely interesting over these next few months (Mars moves into Aries to stay June 27th). Mars perpetuates and accelerates and this is one of those things that could be used for good, to advance your own spiritual progress, but it also perpetuates and accelerates illusions, both personal and collective. Definitely adds to the Venus-Neptune square.

The moon will move into Pisces with Mars on Wednesday and honestly the moon and Mars together in this watery sign can make us very quick to react emotionally. This is also highlights foreign energy and the reactivity that can show up if we don't clear our energetic fields! This will be a great day for spiritual and psychic activity though for real!

Thursday, Jupiter is stationing retrograde in Capricorn which intensifies its already intense energy and pulls it inside of us. It also amplifies whatever energy it's around already so then if that energy is amplified- the energy of the lightbringer, the teacher - and with Pluto being so close this is all about lots of hidden wisdom being revealed. This could be with some wild stuff coming out in the media or potentially some dark stuff coming up within ourselves until it stations direct on September 12th, which is going to feel as it's heading towards something new and different as it moves towards December and January where Saturn and Jupiter will conjoin in Aquarius. There's going to be global corruption being unveiled across the board, across all systems - and anywhere that we're super attached to the constructs that we have in place or anywhere we don't feel sovereign may be highlighted during this time.

On Friday, the Sun in Taurus will be trining over to Pluto retrograde in Capricorn which is all about our foundations and our feeling of security, which is being disrupted right now. This aspect even though it does have some ease to this, is bringing the shadow self to the surface in a way that is gentle and easier than normal to navigate. The Sun shines brightly on Pluto indicating we have conscious awareness that is easier to grasp of patterns we may have on a soul level- this is a really good day to schedule that therapy session or energy healing session - to really use this energy as well as the waning moon and the sextile from Mercury in Gemini to Chiron in Aries, wisely.

This sextile from Mercury in Gemini to Chiron in Aries highlights a verbal or written catharsis that we can choose (sextiles are aspects that we can choose to activate) to participate in and gain a lot from that. This is us putting back together the pieces of who we really are. These trines and sextiles really are a gift from the Divine to humanity right now - Friday has some very healing energy that is highly accessible to all willing to ask for it <3

Sunday redeems us a good bit and rewards us if we validated ourselves and honored our healing processes on Friday with the Sun in Taurus making a trine aspect to Jupiter in Capricorn, which is really going to give us an energy boost as well as a reminder of our own inner power and authority and how strong and badass we truly are! To be alive on the planet right now, you have to be pretty badass, especially if you're quietly thriving during this time. This also reminds us to still invest in ourselves, to invest in our own process, because we are who we have right now! This can make purposeful work a bit more clear and work in general is likely going to be weird due to the retrogrades this summer contributing to the long slow deep failure of capitalism. There are astrologers that predict that this will last until 2024 if you can believe it. This is the literal reason that you have been learning how to manifest and learning how to clear those blocks to abundance and wealth that you may have. This is also where things that were once not as valuable, like home grown vegetables, become more valuable - and other weird currency shifts we're not expecting in the years to come.

Abundance is something that is found emotionally and spiritually and in connection with others and from spiritual source - money is just an energy, so using this time to really dismantle any residual last bit of financial programming and fear of lack that could drive you to making some crazy financial decisions and hoarding of possessions. This is a great time to simplify your reliance on things like television, animal products and coffee and to downsize by selling or donating some of your possessions you no longer need. We are going to find so many new pleasures along the way that we never realized were right under our noses the whole time, don't worry <3

Also on Sunday, the moon moves into Aries for a brush with Chiron, bringing up a bit of wounding (again, depends on how you play Friday and the healing space you create for yourself) and then as Sunday progresses we're going to get into a lighter, more firey energy. <3

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