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Horoscope for the week of 4.6 - 4.12 || Libra full moon + Mars square Uranus + Mercury in Aries ~*

Good morning loved ones! I hope that you are holding up okay and that everyone you care about is too! We keep us safe during this time - checking in on one another and holding space for one another through what all this is bringing up, while still remembering that we're in the middle of Aries season, a time for self-reflection, self-development and frankly, a little bit of selfishness. Knowing when you need to turn off for a little while or go run around outside is important during this time.

Just as an aside, I'm noticing more and more inner child stuff coming up for myself and my clients - I wrote this on my facebook page but just in case you didn't see it: YOU are the badass adult your inner child needs. Be with yourself, hold yourself through this time if you find yourself being very triggered on a fundamental level. Self-soothe & reach out to others.

Last week was very intense!

Tuesday, the Mars-Saturn conjunction really caused a heightened impression of where we feel limited or stuck in our lives, and hopefully the last few days have provided just enough distance from that, especially as Mars continues to move away from Saturn - we can see a little bit now of how to resolve that limitations - and the solutions and changes we need to make will continue to reveal themselves this week, especially this Tuesday.

Venus moved into Gemini on Friday, which is where we begin to love with our minds - and we really can begin to overthink our relationships and what is happening in them. Ultimately, Gemini is the polarity in life - the masculine and feminine, the good and bad, the right and wrong - and really a lot of people are finding their counterparts right now, during this interesting time. This also on a non-romantic level does increase the level of possible communication for all of us right now - and the importance again of regularly reaching out and exchanging information and ideas about the way we'd like for this shit to shake down. Venus will station retrograde here on May 14th which happened 8 years ago in 2012 - when the Mayan calendar predicted that the world as we know it would end. And honestly, the world as we know it ends every moment, every day - all the time. Things are in a state of constant flux most of the time, and we spend a lot of time in the space between. Still, in 2012, people took the world ending "as we know it" to mean the world ending for real, and there were a lot of people prepping for the apocalypse or the rapture. This is just another gate to pass through that changes the world as we know it, particularly in our relationships and communication space on a personal and global scale.

On Saturday of last week, crazy huge cycle #2 came on the scene in an exact conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn - which really expands and illuminates the shadowy aspects of Capricorn - power, corruption, greed - I think we'll be seeing a lot of systems and structures being "outed" for corrupt behavior and we'll see a huge death and rebirth in the business and financial space on a global level. It's a really important time to ask yourself what you're making your authority - if you're making money your authority, or the government or the medical/pharmaceutical system your authority, it's going to be a challenging time for you - but if you're making the things that you have work for you, if you're finding your own spiritual sovereignty and seniority that extends beyond the confines of this world, perhaps participating in some fasting or renunciation in a way that is safe for you. This is also illuminating the darkness within ourselves and where we may have to rise like a phoenix from the ashes and eventually come out on top.

I know for myself, there are one or two situations where I feel personally very defective/broken/defeated, while at the same time holding the awareness that I am fully capable of totally smashing those patterns with the tools that I have in my tool belt right now. I feel like I have a greater-than-usual awareness of what these patterns/problems tie into and how to heal them - and if I weren't in this quarantine situation that I'm in, none of it would have come up and I would have left those stones un-turned for my own healing and growth.

Monday, the waxing (growing) moon moves into Libra, where it will become full on Tuesday. The Aries-Libra polarity is all about the dynamic of the self, the independence, the freedom and the drive versus the other, relationships, codependence and a more passive approach, allowing things to happen. This is a cardinal full moon which means it's quite potent - and a really good time to set your intentions about relationships, balance or anything that you think could use a good bit of discernment in your life moving forward. Libra weighs things out, pauses intelligently before making decisions, which we can incorporate in Aries season by weighing out the projects we have started and seeing where we're at with them. Also feel free to set your own intentions about whatever house Libra falls in your chart.

Also on Tuesday, Mars in Aquarius will make a shocking and innovative square to Uranus in Taurus. This could come as a bit of a startle to our system on a collective level - I think we're about to maybe witness some surprising decisions from our leadership as well as some progression with the current pandemic we're witnessing - all of this is a huge shock to our feeling of stability and security and so it's no doubt that's been rocked through all of this - Uranus in Taurus has also been working through this since 2018. Security can be found in a wealth of emotional abundance and support, it can be found in nature, deep within ourselves, in our faith - there are a lot of ways to find security internally and I think we'll be relying on that on Tuesday while certain aspects of our personal and collective reality are destabilizing, for our eventual good.

Mercury in Pisces makes two sextiles - over to the Jupiter and Pluto conjunction in Capricorn which in my eyes means much different things for the collective and for each of us personally. I kinda feel like the Mercury in Pisces for the collective just indicates that we're not being told nearly all of what there is, or perhaps in some way that we can't even see yet we may be misinformed. I don't know if it's necessarily any of the conspiracy theories that I've heard, but I do know that what is to come to light over the coming months that perhaps was not conveyed properly now is going to be very interesting to watch.

On a personal level though this really assists to the transformation we're going through because we're actually able to see it relatively clearly from our vantage point. Mercury in Pisces brings softness and compassion and ease to whatever personal story of transformation and evolution is playing out in our lives right now. This can be where we use creativity and spirituality to alchemize and bring light into our own personal darkest spots.

On Wednesday, Mars moves into a sextile with Chiron which has a lot to do with our inner weirdo and the way that it interacts with others. This may gently bring up anywhere that we are self-conscious for personal review, but it won't feel like a bandaid being ripped off like the square the day before to Uranus. This gives us the ability to see an easy pathway towards our own healing and personal development, how to better connect with others - sometimes stuff has to come up to be released in order for Chiron blessings to take full root so let yourself have a release on Wednesday. Sometimes I personally feel a bit fried on days after full moons so if you can, take some extra rest as the moon begins to wane.

Thursday, our emotions take a deep dive as the moon moves into Scorpio, perpetuating April's standing theme of huge transformation and evolution! This is where our emotions can easily go to a dark place - and sometimes this can be useful because we can see what we're holding onto on our bottom level and we can really see it. Our more compulsive tendencies, that which we hide from the world, is suddenly more available to us and sometimes that does make us trigger-y - and it's important to always give ourselves what we need when the moon is in Scorpio to soothe in a healthy way. Emotions are a part of the transformative process!

Friday, Venus in Gemini will make a sextile to Chiron in Aries- with Venus and Mars almost in a full trine together. For the month of April, Mars in Aquarius follows closely behind Venus in Gemini, creating a month-long trine resulting in the masculine side of ourselves and our feminine sides being on the same page with each other, and this generally creates ease and passion for relationships at this time. Venus in Gemini sextiling Chiron in Aries gives us permission to communicate where we're coming from, to be where we are and share that with others for some understanding, insight and healing.

Saturday, Mercury (fucking finally) moves from the sign of Pisces to the sign of Aries, where it will stay until April 28th when it will transition into the sign of Taurus. This is great news! Okay so Aries isn't Mercury's favorite place to be, but from Mercury's vantage point it beats Pisces because at least here in Aries, though it doesn't have much of a filter, it can clearly and effectively speak its truth without running into a lot of fog, miscommunications and misinformation. I do think that for the collective this will really help accelerate the quest for the truth of the situation, there will be less patience in the collective for bullshitting - and in our own lives this can help us to quickly speak up for ourselves in situations where we may need to.

However, Mercury in Aries runs right into a sextile with Saturn in Aquarius, where we are asked to communicate clearly and with discernment what we feel and think - we are asked to place a filter with this sextile, but it does mean that what we say clearly and deliberately will have a great impact.

The moon will move into Sagittarius as well on Saturday which really lightens up the emotional atmosphere for everyone - makes us more faithful, more hopeful, more optimistic for the future - and this moon in Sagittarius will assist us in finding the light in the dark times and traveling right from our couch, through a movie or through our mind.

Sunday, fast-moving Mercury in Aries, which is right nearby to Chiron, which sorta brings back some feelings and sensations and emotions from the new moon we had on March 24th, Aries season in general serving as a nice midway point between eclipses - and it's just a really strong turning point for everyone. Specifically this Mercury aspect is going to cause us to feel like it's hard to express ourselves one way or another - Aries in a way is like the baby, Cancer, which is where the North Node is, is like the mother and Capricorn, the south Node, is like the father. I do feel like I've had a lot of inner child stuff come up as I mentioned previously and I do feel that's collective as well, talking to my friends and clients and people living in the same house with me even - I think with Venus in Gemini conversation and communication and understanding is the way forward.

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