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Horoscope for the week of 4.27 - 5.3 || Mercury conj. Uranus square Saturn || Venus square Neptune

Hey there loved ones and starseeds! I hope that you're hanging in there!

There are a lot of things going on right now in the cosmos - last week was particularly intense with the squares from Mercury to Jupiter and Pluto, as well as the squares from the Sun to Saturn and the new moon in Taurus as well! There are pieces of this week that are also intense - but next week brings huge continued changes as the Nodes of the Moon switch their signs to Gemini and Sagittarius. I will be writing a blog on that this week and will include some of my own thoughts on this whole global situation we're in.

Monday, Mercury moves out of its challenging transit through the sign of Aries and into practical earth sign Taurus and early on in its orbit in the rest of the week, will make some pretty challenging aspects, asking that we bend our mind around our reality with some opportunities to really advance our consciousness in the limited situation we're in. This is where it really benefits us to think logically, but it also really serves us to continue to look outside of the box this week as well!

Mercury moves into a sextile with the North Node in Cancer, a beautiful easy aspect that offers us a little bit of humor and ease in our quarantine situation, whatever it is - this is something that can be tapped into with a little bit of effort and appreciation of what it is that we all have and the comforts we can say today that we appreciate!

The moon moves into Cancer on Monday as well for a day of heightened emotional responses and big feels, especially as the moon moves right into a conjunction with the North Node in Cancer, almost at the end of its transit - and I believe this is the last time we'll see the moon in Cancer alongside the North Node in Cancer, and this provides an opportunity to find some serious emotional resolve and to really wrap the North Node in Cancer lesson of finding emotional intelligence, empathy and understanding through emotional situations with chosen family. Enjoy this pass of the moon through Cancer because on May 5th the nodes change and everything shifts! (More to come on this!)

Also on Tuesday, Mercury in Taurus will make a square aspect to Saturn in Aquarius making it really easy to see this situation as shitty, tense, irritating, limited - and I think with Saturn in Aquarius the challenge and the lesson is to see things outside of the box and to come up with unconventional solutions to new challenges perhaps we even as a human species haven't even encountered yet! (Maybe I've been reading too much into ET and alien disclosure this week....) There's a lot of different things that 2020 has in store for the rest of the year as well- this initiates a long process of change in the collective where we'll eventually arrive at a better place, but Rome wasn't built in a day!

Thursday, Mercury moves into a conjunction with Uranus giving us the opportunity to break through that square to Saturn in Aquarius, where we feel limited by the constraints of our circumstances or even our mind, our ability to process the kind of weirdness that is in the air - the spiritual ascension process accelerating at an all-time high with many new people awakening as a result of adversity, which brings us to a certain new level of spiritual awareness. Having such a packed 8th house, my life, though very blessed in some ways, have felt like a series of challenges and I feel like through that alchemical process - moving through the pieces of shit to find the gold - I found my way to my own spiritual understanding - by facing the shadow self and the forgotten parts of ourselves, which is happening at a much more accelerated pace, we can really incorporate those pieces of us and become stronger through this time! We are organic, evolving parts of God and many, many people are remembering that - remembering their soul.

The moon moves into Leo as well on Thursday, which is going to make its first quarter square to the Sun in Taurus, which can feel like emotional tension that perhaps in these fixed signs can result from a feeling of not getting our way (as a Leo I can tell you that is very real). I think that this fixed energy reminds us to consolidate, to conserve and preserve where we can - but ultimately if you ask a Leo and a Taurus what they want, a Taurus may say that they crave stability and manifesting their creative ideas into the world in an even way, to be abundant - and a Leo may say to shine on those around them or to lead and stabilize those they love, to play - I think both of these signs are intimately connected to the exchange of love and that's where you can meet in the middle.

Saturday, the moon moves into Virgo, which in medical astrology puts the emphasis on the digestive system. If we were using astrology to heal and self-soothe, we would drink some tea and do some energy work on our stomach and our digestive tract, allowing ourselves to fully physically "release" and let go of what we don't need anymore, which will be relatively easy to see with the moon making a lovely trine to the Sun. Early on Saturday it can be really hard to tell our emotions apart from others, because the moon will form a T-square, opposing Neptune in Pisces, and square to Venus in Gemini, exact on Sunday.

The Venus-Neptune square that will begin on Sunday, May 3rd and will continue until well into Venus' retrograde station on May 31st, and then when Venus stations direct on June 26th, it will move back into its square with Neptune exact on July 28th. Venus is in its shadow phase, slowing down and preparing to station retrograde in Gemini, the sign of the masculine-feminine polarity - and really the polarities in life generally correspond to this sign. So we can definitely see an exaggeration on a global level, that is a total illusion with this square from Neptune, of what is "right" and "wrong." There are going to be a lot of really conflicting news stories and people are going to think they are informed - and I think that generally, we just don't know. The more that we can stay away from the ideological battle, the more we can open our mind to the possibility of what things could be without getting locked into the black and white, good and bad dogma that has controlled us for centuries. With the orbiting North Node moving into Gemini soon, we're going to be really working with the mind, not to mention the Aquarius transits of Saturn & Mars - we're really in an innovating space these next few months, where we're staying open to the possibilities and trying to pay attention to our thought-reel as well because thoughts are becoming more and more powerful by the day, it seems. I suggest mutable empaths

On a personal level, it's really important to carefully evaluate your relationship life! It seems like there have been so many pushes to get the "wrong" people or the people that we aren't meant to walk through this time with out of the picture. This Venus-Neptune square will make it very easy to get lost in an illusion or a delusion, and generally this retrograde station has the potential to be wild as is - so just be sure to stay vigilant and to try to not create existing problems in your relationship by maintaining space for an internal process if you value it and don't take it for granted! If you're feeling out a new relationship, I recommend giving it lots of time and space. There may be a lot of people who connect virtually throughout this transit!

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Enjoy your week - make the best of this time, do your best to take care of yourselves and relax, reach out for help when you need it and don't be afraid to give help where you can. <3


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