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Horoscope for the week of 4.26 - 5/2 || a slowing down, turning inward

Hey there lovelies! I do apologize that it's taken me a minute to put a blog post out ~ I have been traveling. I hope that you are all having a good start to your week.

Mars moved into Cancer last week! Sometimes when Mars moves into Cancer we can feel a bit lethargic or unmotivated ~ as Mars is the planet of action/aggression ~ and Cancer is a sign that is very emotional, very inward ~ so suffice it to say to express ourselves can be challenging under this kind of influence. This combination can lead into passive aggression, so a really healthy practice under this Mars in Cancer transit (until June 12th when Mars moves into Leo) to practice communicating our resentments upfront so that they don't fester. And we can do our best as time slows down for the summer, which it will, to look inwards and to heal ourselves on an individual level.

Cancer is also the family structure, especially in conjunction with its opposing sign, Capricorn, that has had somewhat of a rough go of it these last few years. Towards the end of this transit, on June 6th, Mars will oppose Pluto, which is an interesting dynamic I will be eyeballing. Cancer is matriarchy, Capricorn is patriarchy ~ and I think Mars and Pluto doesn't really offer favorable expressions of either of those two societal structures or internal dynamics (as the micro is the macro). This could bring up challenges in our own INNER masculine and feminine dichotomy ~ and the way that ripples and expands out.

One strategy I've personally considered for this Mars in Cancer transit is somewhat of a physical, material, emotional, psychological and mental purge, where I get rid of things I don't need, clean my body out, continue doing self-healing and energy work ~ lights up in my mind as a winning strategy.

Today (Monday) is a full moon in Scorpio! Here's the video that I made about this full moon:

To briefly summarize, I perceive this full moon in Scorpio to be a deep and profound check point for where we are on our journey in terms of both the internal and external world.

The moon in Scorpio reminds us to feel, it minds us to look beneath the surface or beyond the obvious in our own lives. It is the shadow self, our wounded pieces, and the spaces we share with select others. Scorpio is a sign that has to do with intimacy and relationships, and with this full moon, putting the Sun in Taurus, squaring Saturn in Aquarius ~ there's something artificial amidst that doesn't really seem to want us to be connected or closer to one another.

Saturn in Aquarius is also the aspect of us that can be distant, and Saturn in general is quite obliged, duty-bound and rooted in the energetics of expectation. We live in a very Saturnine system at the moment. With this full moon a lot of it goes back to choice, with Venus, Mercury, Uranus and the Sun altogether in Taurus, do we choose nature and our inner nature?

The full moon in Scorpio could also cause us to reckon with where we may be giving our power away too freely in our lives. Are there aspects of you out there to reclaim?

Tuesday, the planet Pluto stations retrograde until October 6th ~ so we have several months here to really go inward and find our sovereignty. Pluto has to do with death and rebirth, transmutation, change, the delicate balance of chaos and order ~ and in the sign of Capricorn it's asking us to reckon with all systems and structures we may find ourselves giving our power away to, most especially in our own individual journey and story. This has to do with courage and having a willingness to do our healing work! Shadow work summer 2021!

Retrogrades can pose as powerful review stations and checkpoints where time can slow down or stand still and we can sorta get a sense for who we are in these moments and where we find ourselves.

On Wednesday, the moon lightens up a fair amount and moves into the sign of Sagittarius, expeditiously linking up with the South Node ~ which could serve as continued emotional release from the full moon in Scorpio as well as being able perhaps to see the humor and absurdity in all things, a trait I admire about Sagittarius. Alas, since the South Node is the karmic point that has to do with release ~ we can use this to release some of the more constraining traits of Sagittarius ~ the need to be right, being dogmatic about what we think we know or our sense of belief and really letting our belief systems and emotions run the show, as well as my personal favorite, spiritually bypassing by choosing bliss or avoidance, imbibing in some passive positivity.

Placing our thinking caps on like a good Gemini would, which is where the North Node is at this point in time, and becoming curious and open minded, always learning and asking questions, opening our mind ~ this is the direction that the Universe we're in can reward us for adopting, not just for this lunation but through these next two eclipse seasons (summer/winter) and into January 2022, when the backdrop will shift and the emphasis will change.

Friday is probably the day that I'm the most excited about ~ the Sun will come into a conjunction with Uranus in Taurus. Honestly this could be a day where we're a bit surprised by what we find, especially as it relates to some of the relationships in our lives, or our values, our financial stability and feeling of "safety" as well as our connectedness to nature. Uranus I find cuts pretty neutral, though it doesn't always enjoy to be in the sign of Taurus ~ it thrives in Scorpio where it can really create regeneration and change... Taurus as a sign can be quite naturally resistant to change. That resistance to change that we all feel in some capacity, any fear associated with that, could be brought up for healing and review in this conjunction of the Sun and Uranus.

Uranus also in its transit through Taurus until 2025 ~ and this could bring with it earth shifts and changes which could be a theme that emerges in the rest of this Taurus season. We're all children of Earth if we're here, and she sends us love and energy regularly and has one of the warmest and kindest spirits I've ever interacted with. You can connect to her at any time.

This also may bring us some surprises in terms of abundance in our lives ~ maybe we get some type of new idea we'd like to enact! This is also a supremely creative day, which is why I'm personally really looking forward to it ~ so that I can reconnect with my Creation and hopefully you as well.

On Saturday, the moon will move into the sign of Capricorn ~ which can be a healthy addition to this simultaneously grounding and stimulating Taurus season. This can give us the ability to look at things like "goals" and "ambitions" ~ and we can begin to formulate plans, especially on Sunday when Mercury in Taurus makes a trine aspect to Pluto in Capricorn.

This trine from Mercury to Pluto will give us the focus we need to be able to sit and work on whatever it is we're working on, be it internal work as Pluto often calls for, to physical work which Taurus and Capricorn both sometimes require. We may decide to formulate some kind of plan to secure wealth for ourselves ~ our mind could very easily be fixated upon something ~ look to see where Capricorn is in your own chart for more information.

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Thanks so much for reading my interpretation and I hope that you have a great week!

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