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Horoscope for the week of 4.20 - 4.26 || Taurus new moon <3

Hello loves! I hope that you're doing well this afternoon (Sunday when I'm writing this). Last week was a bit of a doozy with the Sun in Aries trying to find our sense of sovereignty and self-preservation during this time, squaring Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Capricorn which is just putting us all in this pressure cooker of transformation, especially as we relate to our physical world, which is vastly and rapidly changing. I'd say that was also a bit of a shadowy week, where our wounds rose to the surface, with Mercury and Chiron together as well in the sign of Aries - but opportunities for healing and understanding were definitely widespread and pervasive last week, as were places to get lost.

On Monday, the Sun newly in the sign of Taurus which is all about our money, our material possessions, our sense of worthiness, our values and the way that we creatively approach practical problems that we simply haven't faced before in our lifetime - and it's also about healing our relationship to our physical body by partaking in nourishing cleanses, getting back to eating whole food plants or foods that work for our system. Back to nature. This is going to beautifully reach out to the North Node in Cancer. The North Node in Cancer is happy on some level that we have this time to go full throttle inward in a way we really haven't ever before and I do think to use Monday to get outside and appreciate the gift that this earth is, especially with this new moon in Taurus coming up on Wednesday.

The dark moon phase in Aries begins on Monday as well, before the new moon in Taurus. The dark moon phase is the phase right before the new moon, where the moon and the Sun are in the same sign, seeing through the same eyes, walking the same path. The shadow-y side of the sign right before the new moon typically comes out, especially if we're not aware of it. The shadow side of Aries is like wanting it to be our way - wanting it to happen exactly how we want it to happen and wanting that right now. Impatience, petulance and selfishness as well as thinking that you have it all figured out and that you know exactly where all of this is going. I feel like there are very few people alive on this planet who genuinely know what is going on and where this is all headed.

How we can nurture ourselves during this time is by moving our body - moving some of that latent anger out. It's okay to be angry that things aren't going your way! This is a huge time for humanity and for our evolution, and so as a result of that you get to have your feelings and really get fired up about that - it kinda seems like that's part of what this Aries season has been about, in addition to really firing up our self-preservation and our sovereignty- trusting and believing in ourselves and where we feel things are headed. When we see and validate and shine light on what is up with us, why we're so agitated or irritated, another potential under this dark moon phase, we allow more space for whatever we resist to desist and we can allow that energy to release. It's important to continue to validate ourselves and what we're all dealing with as time moves forward!

Tuesday, the Sun in Taurus will make a harsh square aspect to Saturn in Aquarius where our awareness of our own limitations and the limitations of society can be quite overwhelming. Our physical reality is changing a great deal, and we're really beginning to settle fully into that with the Sun in Taurus. Saturn in Aquarius is containing the collective - and I think it's just a day where we can just sorta feel like it's hard to bloom where we're planted. Aquarius is an air sign, so a lot of this is mental - perspective-based. Chances are if you're reading this, you are a lotus and you were born for this time. Bloom up out of the concrete by watering yourself however you need to! This is still spring - the seeds we've just planted are still internal and this square to Saturn in Aquarius does really exaggerate the difficulty in navigating the way forward. The signs Taurus and Aquarius are two of the most creative signs in very practically applicable ways - we have to be able to look outside of the box of what we're used to.

That really is what this new moon is about in Taurus, it's an opportunity for rebirth and regeneration in terms of the way that we perceive our physical reality, which is consistently changing! It's important on the new moon on Wednesday to be adaptable and flexible, as well as to take as much rest and physical nourishment as possible, as our body will certainly be calling out for that. Some of us with fixed sign placements are breaking down barriers to seeing how worthy we are of all of the good things that life has to offer through this whole process, which is exciting to think about because there are so many places to go even though there aren't- alternate possibilities and potentials still await us this year!

The sky takes a bit of a beat after that new moon, giving all of us a little bit of a break! There is something brewing - and that something is Pluto stationing retrograde and exactly squares Mercury in Aries - which does posit some potential difficulties as we continue to navigate this rapidly transforming new experience of life - this is whole new energy and maybe adapting to it has been clunky and has brought up a lot - and with Plutos retrograde station this is our time to go inside and delve deeply, while taking breaks from consistently churning the work along, allowing time for you to just BE all the while.

Mercury in Aries making this square does look like some harsh or tense communication- and it kind of makes sense just because of how we've all been cooped up in our space either with ourselves and others and within that, there's a lot that has to come up, both personally and collectively, before we're able to nurture an authentic sense of cooperation! This May and June, with Venus' retrograde cycle through Gemini, is largely focused on that, but there are a few paces that we have to get through first!

The moon will be in the sign of Gemini on Saturday, which will pass over Venus, creating an erudite softness that likely will foster some enjoyable conversations in some homes for sure, depending on your chart. Either way, this weekend is huge for our growth!

The Sun connects with Uranus in Taurus on Sunday, with an electricity that really rocks all of our boats! I do feel like this day comes as a reminder of just how precious this physical reality is and how finite this existence is honestly, with the need to really appreciate and live it up while we can! The Sun and Uranus together in Taurus can delight in the senses truly enjoying the outdoors - the organic technology that nature has to offer. Sort of speaking to myself as well on that one! Sunday is going to be a nice day to get outside and to appreciate the beautiful gifts of this earth!

Mercury in Aries will make a square aspect to Jupiter in Capricorn today as well, which does hold a lot of opportunities, but definitely part of Sunday can feel a little bit like work. It's also about us being a tad bit stubborn about the direction we all thought that this year was going to go - letting go of the way you thought it should be is going to open up so much room for the right ideas and the right people, virtually, to flock to you - and the right opportunities to still be there.

Here is how this new moon in Taurus will impact you by your rising sign:

Taurus: this new moon is a huge regeneration in terms of who you are - who you're becoming, and your change has definitely been on overdrive! Uranus has been really having its way with you the last few years, and this new moon only serves to highlight your major changes. You have Saturn in your 10th house at present time, reaching out to this new moon, so for Taurus rising folks there is some career pressure and stress right now, and it's like how the heck to get your career to line up with the changes that are taking place in your life? I have some good news, you don't have to know right now, but you can take this new moon as a time to sew some new seeds into your life.

Gemini: this new moon serves as a reset for your unconscious mind - for you more than most, as you rapidly awaken intuitively with Uranus in your 12th house, it's important to use this new moon for its purpose for you, which is rest, relaxation, chillin - perhaps if you really want to use it for its purpose you can do some kind of meditative journey or some kind of reflection practices which can be super helpful for you at this time. Planting new seeds of inner discovery and karmic release will be super beneficial for you as with Uranus here, you have SO much access to this part of yourself! Your inner skeptic may be coming out a little bit, or you may be coming up against some challenging beliefs with Saturn in your 9th house squaring this new moon - suspending disbelief in terms of what you see and what you feel, trusting your intuition will serve you best around this time!

Cancer: this new moon will be happening in your house of friendships, community, groups and friends, and no doubt you guys have very much been experiencing your friend circle rapidly changing these last two years - people making themselves known for who they are, your role in the community becoming very clear for a moment and then changing again, and just your general perception of your future vision changing a good bit! This is a time for you to set some intentions of what you hope to gain in your life - Uranus can tend to bring surprise windfalls here so really using the magical earth-based energy of this new moon to think hopefully towards the future, while simultaneously holding space for the somewhat heavy transformation you may be going through at present time, with Saturn in Aquarius in your 8th house squaring over to this new moon, which may keep you from believing in your future vision. Set some intentions around that on this new moon as well as maybe a space for your transformation to unfold in a way that is full of ease.

Leo: this new moon will occur in your house of career, really highlighting the instability or the tumult that you may feel in terms of the changes and the where the heck this is all going! You more than a lot of signs have had to be quite adaptable in your career the last few years due to Uranus, and no doubt that's the case even more now that the world at large is changing. The new moon really offers what looks like a break, a moment to regroup, to catch your breath - you guys are also highly creative and can definitely figure your way out of and through any circumstance, especially with Jupiter and Pluto still in your 6th house - you guys are still continuing lessons around work that are spanning a long period of time! Perhaps you feel a little at opposition or at distance with those in your life who maybe don't have a similar vision to you, with Saturn squaring this new moon from your 7th house of partnership and other people - perhaps you're having to do a good bit of tolerating others right now, and accommodating for them. Maybe allow yourself to get excited about the possibility of a career being created just for you throughout this whole process, and deciding for yourself using your creativity what that is going to look like.

Virgo: this new moon will happen in your house of beliefs, adding to the already incredibly pervasive and deep changes that you've been making to your beliefs about yourself, beliefs about the world, beliefs about spirituality - these things have been rapidly changing for you and this new moon really serves to highlight this for you. This new moon will be making a square aspect to Saturn in Aquarius which for you is currently going through your 6th house, which just means that your contending with your faith when you're having to make some major adjustments to both your health and daily life over the long term - you're really evaluating the importance of time and prioritizing what you want to fill it with! Go easy on yourself, try not to expect too too much out of your daily life on Wednesday - do your best to fill it with spirituality and impressions of the future you're creating for yourself, expanding and filling out all possibilities and potentials.

Libra: for you, this new moon is happening in your house of the deep inner world and your intimacy space both, in the 8th house of sexuality, intimacy, other people's "stuff" and your own transformation as well. You've been going through quite the transformation these last years, with Uranus in your 8th house, unfolding to your deepest wisdom by overcoming some challenges with intimacy, relationships and perhaps where you have experienced some trauma or invalidation. If anything, if you allow it to be, this new moon can be a reminder of just how far you've come just since 2018 alone! Saturn in Aquarius will be squaring this new moon in your 5th house of creativity - so you're trying perhaps to think about the output at times when right now, especially on this new moon April 22nd, is very much about the input, the nourishment, the self-soothing.

Scorpio: For you, this new moon in Taurus is happening in your partnership house, offering a sense of rebirth and renewal and new opportunities, as the new moon converges with Uranus in your 7th house of relationships and partnerships, as well as just how you relate to the other people in your life! This is an excellent time to evaluate this rapidly changing part of your life, to again look back to where you were in 2018 with dating and relationships and look at where you are now! This is a whole new time for you in your partnerships and it's really exciting to take a step back, individuate and notice this whole new aspect of yourself as it's forming! Saturn in your 4th house is bringing up some issues emotionally, from your past, perhaps also laying a little bit more responsibility around the home than you're used to - parental stuff, things like that - so it's important with this heaviness to provide yourself some room for reflection in just how far you've come in relating to other humans.

Sagittarius: For you, this new moon in Taurus is happening in your house of health, physical body and sorta like daily life work stuff, you're likely really craving either more stability or more freedom, depending on your chart. Your physical body as well as your habits and your lifestyle have been rapidly changing over the course of the last two years, maybe you've engaged in a lot of physical body healing or maybe even some things that require healing, and had to look at that what you're eating more closely, and working towards creating a better daily life for yourself, which over the next five years of Uranus' cycle through this house, as well as these two week, month long and six month long lunar cycles, offer you lots of opportunity to really revolutionize your health and your routine in a new way, especially if you use this day to set intentions for that! It looks like the square from Saturn in Aquarius in your 3rd house to this new moon may make you a little bit too aware of what your mental and communicative limitations are at present time - and you don't have to vocalize quite where you are just yet either, you can reveal in stages when you're ready!

Capricorn: This new moon for you is happening in your fifth house of dating, short-term romantic relationships, creativity, sensuality, play, leisure & children - so if you have kids maybe you're setting your intentions for your parenting and experiencing a rapid change in your relationships with your children. The new moon in Taurus is going to light up the part of you that just wants to play, relax, be a kid again, a longing that no doubt you've experienced in waves since 2018 - and Saturn in your 2nd house of finances is like trying to get you to be all serious on this day with its square to the new moon in your house of fun. I think if you can set your inner adult on the shelf, that is a beneficial way to experience this transit, just for this one day allowing the spirit of creativity and fun to shine.

Aquarius: This new moon for you is happening in your fourth house of home and family, emotions and ancestry - and no doubt this whole period, and the last two years, have been largely unsettling or ungrounding for you, but you're experiencing finally on this new moon a sensation of being at home wherever you are, something you've really been craving ever since Uranus moved into Taurus in 2018. You're learning the value of being secure on the inside of you, and maybe grappling with some serious changes to your home life and your home situation. This is one of those times where you have to be your own grounder, where you have to stabilize your inner self and find security through practices that keep you balanced on a daily basis, especially on a physical level with Saturn in Aquarius in your first house of your physical body and your identity. Moving your body and pouring into your health and maybe even your work both can benefit you during this time.

Pisces: This new moon for you is happening in your third house of communication, learning and short-distance travel - likely if anyone is feeling pretty cagey, it's you right now as your communication style and learning capacity as well as just the thoughts in your mind are all drastically changing with Uranus moving through this house of yours as well since 2018! This is a lot about those divine ideas that you've been getting as well and bringing them into form as well without fear of sharing them! Saturn is currently in your 12th house which is causing you to really be letting go of a lot over the long term - and you may be feeling like your inner world could require some serious attention with this square from Saturn to the new moon, and writing is an awesome place to take this energy for you on the 22nd.

Aries: This new moon for you is happening in your house of money, finances and self-worth - so perhaps you're ready to turn a corner with the way that you relate to money and maybe you're realizing some untapped potentials and possibilities as it relates to wealth and prosperity. This also looks like you're really given this opportunity to heal your perception of worthiness, with this second house new moon. With Saturn in Aquarius in your 11th house squaring this new moon for you, that can definitely hinder your perception of the possibilities because it can feel like your network and your community is smaller or more challenging for you at this time, which is in no way a bearing on your worthiness, but is an invitation to question the way in which you show up, which can certainly lead to a level up in your sense of faith in abundance.

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Take care, M

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