Horoscope for the week of 4.20 - 4.26 || Taurus new moon <3

Hello loves! I hope that you're doing well this afternoon (Sunday when I'm writing this). Last week was a bit of a doozy with the Sun in Aries trying to find our sense of sovereignty and self-preservation during this time, squaring Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Capricorn which is just putting us all in this pressure cooker of transformation, especially as we relate to our physical world, which is vastly and rapidly changing. I'd say that was also a bit of a shadowy week, where our wounds rose to the surface, with Mercury and Chiron together as well in the sign of Aries - but opportunities for healing and understanding were definitely widespread and pervasive last week, as were places to get lost.

On Monday, the Sun newly in the sign of Taurus which is all about our money, our material possessions, our sense of worthiness, our values and the way that we creatively approach practical problems that we simply haven't faced before in our lifetime - and it's also about healing our relationship to our physical body by partaking in nourishing cleanses, getting back to eating whole food plants or foods that work for our system. Back to nature. This is going to beautifully reach out to the North Node in Cancer. The North Node in Cancer is happy on some level that we have this time to go full throttle inward in a way we really haven't ever before and I do think to use Monday to get outside and appreciate the gift that this earth is, especially with this new moon in Taurus coming up on Wednesday.

The dark moon phase in Aries begins on Monday as well, before the new moon in Taurus. The dark moon phase is the phase right before the new moon, where the moon and the Sun are in the same sign, seeing through the same eyes, walking the same path. The shadow-y side of the sign right before the new moon typically comes out, especially if we're not aware of it. The shadow side of Aries is like wanting it to be our way - wanting it to happen exactly how we want it to