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Horoscope for the week of 4.13 - 4.19 || Mercury and Chiron connect, Sun square Pluto & Jupiter

Good morning earth angels and loved ones! I hope you are all having a good day so far in quarantine <3 Sending you lots of love each day from the bottom of my heart! Definitely feeling in myself and the collective a greater need for rest - it just seems like I can't get enough sleep lately and there's so much to process on so many levels for all of us.

Last week was a big one with the full moon in Libra which really brought relationships, love, balance and where we may be out of balance up to the forefront of our minds and heart - not to mention we're all still integrating personally and collectively the two HUGE conjunctions that have formed this year - the first being the Saturn-Pluto conjunction on January 12th and then the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction on April 4th. The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction is one that exposes darkness, so likely over the next several months we'll see some whistle-blowing on a collective level - and not to mention we'll all have some of our shadow side up for review, especially while we are staying inside and a bit more restless as the weeks progress.

Monday, the moon moves into Capricorn which is really the arena of life that is falling apart. Capricorn is the governments, the securities, systems and structures - and the shadow traits of Capricorn are greed, corruption and obsession with both power and wealth - these traits are basically being exorcised right now, for lack of a better word, both on a global level and on a personal level. Moon in Capricorn transits can tend to be difficult and have been for the last few years for that reason - especially on Tuesday. Just a really nice opportunity to get in touch with your own shadow!

On Tuesday, the moon will be further along in Capricorn, while the Sun in Aries will square Pluto in Capricorn, making this a challenging day for our ego and our sense of self, which we're really having to look at this week, all week, in different ways. The Sun in Aries doesn't really want any kind of criticism or feedback generally - it just wants to blaze forth - but there are a lot of things preventing that this week. Pluto in Capricorn is going to check us if we're acting unconsciously, trying to do too many things at once out of ego - it can be easy to allow anger to get the better of us with this energy. I think we'll be feeling a lot better once we get into the latter part of this week.

On Wednesday, Mercury in Aries will conjoin with Chiron for some painful/healing discoveries in communication with others, usually that come with some realizations about ourselves in whatever part of our chart that Aries sits in. We'll be better for the realizations we make about ourselves and our surroundings today, but the sign of Aries in general isn't the most gentle and doesn't have very much of a filter.

To add to the rather "tough" energy, depending on what we choose on Wednesday, Jupiter in Capricorn, in its fall position, is going to be squaring the Sun in Aries, where the Sun is dignified. I do feel like meaningful opportunities can come through, but we're going to have to carve out the space and work hard. Sometimes this energy can really exacerbate all forms of unbalanced ego, so it's important to get that stuff in check and focus on whatever your goal is in present time- made easier by the moon's movement into Aquarius, giving us a fresh perspective, even though it will run into Saturn at first, which really just gives us a deeper sense of concentration, though it may make us feel a little limited when getting into those messier emotions.

Saturday, Mercury in Aries is making a sextile to Venus in Gemini, which is really awesome and healing for that Mercury-Chiron conjunction that took place earlier in the week. Likely, we'll experience some redeeming ease in expressing ourselves with others, a nice relief after the earlier part of the week, with the Mercury-Chiron conjunction.

The moon will ingress into the dreamy sign of Pisces for the weekend, emphasizing sleep and dreams being more active this weekend, as well as creativity, spirituality as well as delusion is more available to us (trust me - this is my moon sign). We can use it for good by getting into a flow state, being creative or just honoring where we and those around us are at, inviting compassion and ease - or we can escape into a story or a substance or a fantasy - or a little of both. :)

Sunday begins Taurus season with the Sun moving into this luscious earth sign. Taurus does have to do with material security, possessions and our own resources - what we have. It does have to do with the lack/abundance polarity as well as our food, our body and what we're putting in it as well as our worthiness to have all that we need. Self-worth, self-esteem, self-concept and sensual creativity are Taurus governed. This is a time to methodically stack brick by brick on the world that we'd like - because Uranus is in Taurus continually shaking up our material reality since 2018. Fixed signs out there, the Leos, the Scorpios and the Aquarius' certainly but especially Taurus' of all varieties are feeling the burn of this change coursing through your life. Be patient - in a few years, we will see a new way emerge and a lot of rebuilding and restructuring.

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Have a great week to the best of your abilities!

<3 M

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