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Horoscope for the week of 3.8 - 3.14 || a dream of a week

Greetings beloveds! I hope that you're having a good week & weekend. I've been really enjoying the Mars in Gemini bringing new energy, new life and new motivation into my experience ~ last week (March 3rd) Mars finally left Taurus and went into this mutable air sign. There's definitely a felt need in my experience and observations of those around me to take action in various aspects of our lives ~ and when Mars moves into Cancer at the end of April, it'll feel like a big "slow down" ~ so really good to act-ualize and make some changes this week and next.

The Sun also squared the North Node in Gemini ~ while the moon was in Sagittarius ~ and to review this, as more dynamics like this one surface over the course of the rest of March ~ is all about escapism, checking out, spellwork coming at us from various "sources." And with aspects of this nature, checkering the month of March ~ it is really good to be able to come to the center of ourselves, despite things pulling us in other directions. This will help us to have discernment through this month for RIGHT action and speech as these mutable squares sorta make us feel a little bit more like we're in Alice and Wonderland territory.

Monday, the moon will move into Aquarius in the latter part of the day, and will move over Saturn in the latter half of the day, and then over Jupiter and Mercury in the evening. Great time to set your intention for truth to find you in dreamtime, before you fall asleep. The moon in Aquarius does help us to have a certain sense of lightheartedness, neutrality, humor and we're able to see things from a birds-eye-view. There's so much in this moon in Aquarius with it traversing over the energies that are currently residing in Aquarius that could draw you into detachment, especially through technology, so good to be wary of that and to still connect with yourself as a feeling be-ing.

Tuesday, Venus in Pisces squares the North Node in Gemini ~ so this is where it's helpful to be mindful of the energy of projection, deception, illusion ~ especially with regard to relationships. Take off the rose colored glasses! You'll be glad you did. Critically think on Tuesday! Something that the moon in Aquarius will undoubtedly help with. See what you're getting really emotionally wrapped up in and remind yourself not to project yourself onto others or onto situations.

Wednesday the Sun conjuncts Neptune in Pisces so again, really good time to be aware of your projections and what is being projected onto you. For the empaths that read my blog, as I'm sure there are several since in some instances you attract what you are, you may want to put up an extra, triple-enforced layer of protection over your energetic field, just because the walls can REALLY be blurred. This is a week to honor your boundaries and to occasionally take space to be alone if you can, however you can.

Thursday, the moon moves into Pisces!! So quite a triple whammy of all of the above energies. POWERFUL dream time this week, powerful surrender and letting go to the All that Is, endings coming up as a theme, compassion/empathy/savior complexes can be activated, REALLY strong energy for creativity ~ especially as the new moon in Pisces comes up on Saturday, March 13th WITH NEPTUNE!

Saturday is the new moon in Pisces ~ Venus conjuncts Neptune on this day as well so this will be the Sun and the moon, Venus and Neptune all in Pisces. This is going to be a LOT of Pisces energy ~ very strong spellwork from the "powers that be" this week ~ from media and various other holographic projections, so really good to keep that in mind so as to not affect you. Ask yourself ~ is this belief mine? Is this thought mine? Is this instinctual emotional response mine or something that is wanted for me? Great to set some intentions and to really get into dreamwork this week and specifically on Saturday.

Sunday, the moon moves into the sign of Aries which may give us a sneak preview into what to expect during Aries season starting March 20th ~ this may bring in a gust of energy, make us a bit short tempered and of course on Sunday the moon will conjunct with Chiron which brings on a certain level of "awareness" of our humanity. This could be sort of a hangover from the incredibly dreamy new moon in Pisces on Saturday.

Enjoy! Please use your spiritual protection and your common sense over the course of this week ~ and I will try to do the same : )

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