Horoscope for the week of 3.8 - 3.14 || a dream of a week

Greetings beloveds! I hope that you're having a good week & weekend. I've been really enjoying the Mars in Gemini bringing new energy, new life and new motivation into my experience ~ last week (March 3rd) Mars finally left Taurus and went into this mutable air sign. There's definitely a felt need in my experience and observations of those around me to take action in various aspects of our lives ~ and when Mars moves into Cancer at the end of April, it'll feel like a big "slow down" ~ so really good to act-ualize and make some changes this week and next.

The Sun also squared the North Node in Gemini ~ while the moon was in Sagittarius ~ and to review this, as more dynamics like this one surface over the course of the rest of March ~ is all about escapism, checking out, spellwork coming at us from various "sources." And with aspects of this nature, checkering the month of March ~ it is really good to be able to come to the center of ourselves, despite things