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Horoscope for the week of 3.30 - 4.5 || Mars-Saturn conjunction, Jupiter-Pluto, Venus - Gemini

Greetings loved ones! I hope that you are having an okay time through the global and personal shifts we're moving through and that you're taking lots of care of your mental health. We're currently in the middle of Aries season, the start of the astrological year, which is a time for paying attention to ourselves, putting ourselves first and thinking of the new seeds we may have to creatively plant for the year ahead.

Last week on Monday, Mars conjoined Pluto which did seem to accelerate the mass panic as well as escalate the amount of cases of COVID-19, the run off from the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, indicating a total reboot of societal structures and systems - Mars coming into Capricorn and moving over Jupiter and Pluto in the last few weeks has served as an agitating influence - if there is something going on, Mars is going to agitate it and bring it to the surface quickly - and things will come to a point over the next week as Mars moves closer to Saturn in Aquarius, the conjunction that will be exact on Tuesday, and as Jupiter and Pluto come closer to conjoining on April 4th.

Last week as well there was a new moon in Aries - which means that the moon and the Sun were together in the sky, offering a chance for a rebirth of who we are. With Chiron, the wounded healer, in Aries, for the last few years there may have been some discomfort arising with who we feel we are, who we may be on our way to becoming... and it's clear now with the city I'm in and many others in a state of lockdown, it seems like the way to heal the planet and the state of the world - our responsibility - lies in healing ourselves.

Today (Sunday) Jupiter just joined Pluto on the 24th degree of Capricorn. This is #2 of a huge cycle that is opening and closing this year. This hasn't happened since 2007 - when Jupiter and Pluto conjoined in Sagittarius - a sign that is highly conducive to excess and indulgence. At that time, there was a lot of false positivity and optimism about how things were to go on a collective level, which then led to the recession in 2008 and the temporary collapse of the economy. This Jupiter-Pluto cycle that is opening has a lot more of a realistic tone - and I think this is where we'll see a lot more change and transformation on a collective and global level - perhaps some things that have been hidden from people will be coming to light as this has "whistle-blowing" energy to it as well. In our own personal lives, this is about fully and completely taking back our own inner authority and deciding that we will do the work and commit to our path.

I get the sense that this Jupiter-Pluto cycle has a lot to do with our own personal faith as well - we've clearly been disillusioned on a collective level and this has to do with getting ourselves back, getting our own authority back - we are not powerless right now - we have the ability to work on ourselves and to shore up what we know we can shore up right now. We can call upon ancient wisdom and practices during this time - this is a huge spiritual awakening aspect - waking up to all of the constructs that we've been holding that aren't real at all, but huge illusions and falsities. This is the truth being revealed over the course of the next several months. We still haven't experienced the fullness of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction- each cycle takes some time to get started.

Here is the degree interpretation for the 24th degree of Capricorn by Ellias Lonsdale (from the book Inside Degrees) -


CAPRICORN 24 Stalactites and stalagmites almost grown together. Super tight fit. Custom designed by destiny, tailor-made. The individualist carving out unique karmic arrangements to bear you across a difficult passage. A journey undertaken under peril, a secret assignment, withheld even from your conscious self. Cloak and dagger. The thoroughly veiled soul, the enigma of destiny. The secret instructions are writ upon your innermost being and you know them implicitly. Silent, circumspect, withheld. Superdisciplined, guarded and private, sworn to secrecy. And inside of all this, secret brotherhoods and cosmic streams send their emissaries to take up incredible tasks and think nothing of it.


- It does sort of seem like in the lives of myself and those that are in my community, life kinda lined up in a way that was just right to usher us through this time. If you're spending time alone, or if you're not able, it seems like everything is happening as it should with the lessons that we're supposed to be learning. It can be very empowering to own that our soul chose to incarnate at this time - and to walk through it however we're led to walk through it.

Meanwhile, also an incredibly cosmic degree interpretation - since the orbiting North Node changed degrees I figured I would also share that degree interpretation -



A set of surgical instruments.

A self-schooling in using the mind appropriately. You are learning how to dump overboard all preconceptions, all belief systems, every opinion based on previous experience. You are discovering how to think and act from a disinterested, steady, and cool vantage point. And you are one-pointedly intent upon grasping the central message that what you weigh down by negative bias, by apprehension, and by dark conviction comes back to haunt you a thousandfold; while what you set free, by precise and accurate read-outs and follow through, becomes such a blessing that you swim in it forever. By witnessing exhaustively just how negative intent and affirmative intent work, intelligence is refined to the utmost, and the approach taken is optimized quintessentially and exquisitely.


- I think that this is why we've spent the last few years learning the ins and outs of the magical world - so many people gained a heightened intuitive and spiritual awareness and now we're given the opportunity to put that into practice to get ourselves through an uncertain time. We are able to see the impacts of stress we're carrying on our environment, on our loved ones - and maybe we can use this degree interpretation with the North Node in Cancer to take care of ourselves appropriately during this time.

Monday, Mars moves from Capricorn to Aquarius which will feel like a noticeable shift in energy. I think the way that we're going to see this globally is a shift from a business and financial focus to a more community focus. As far as I'm concerned, the effects of all of this have to get a little bit worse before they get better - and I believe we'll see a bit of that. I believe that this iteration of the virus may begin to die down in mid-May, but also I know that sometimes the Divine has other plans. In terms of our own lives, we begin to see out of the box thinking and ways of going about doing things emerge, which is exciting.

Tuesday starts off the week with a bang as the moon moves into the sign of Cancer, will move over the North Node of the moon in Cancer (aka the astrological reason we are all inside right now) - which will offer a lovely opportunity for emotional release, to comfort ourselves and others - to find what is "right" within this situation, if at all possible. I do feel like Tuesday with the moon in Cancer, on top of the North Node, that we'll be seeing into the truth of where this time is taking us on an emotional level.

Also on Tuesday, for a stark contrast from those nice, cozy vibes that the moon aligning with the Node in Cancer will bring us, Mars and Saturn will conjoin in Aquarius. Aquarius is the sign of community - so what I'm anticipating is this week we may see a rise in the number of cases of COVID-19 - a rise in fear and hysteria - so it's essential to keep ourselves healthy and grounded. Wherever Aquarius falls in our charts is getting quite a tight squeeze with this aspect from Mars to Saturn - and there's a high probability of some irritability with others and ourselves - a feeling of limitation and strain... so if we know this is coming, we can reinforce our energy and set up extra self-care for ourselves.

This aspect is exact through Wednesday and Thursday will slowly begin to move off, which gives us a feeling of relief with each passing day - as we prep for the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, the second cycle to totally rock the collective consciousness this year.

Friday, Mercury will conjoin with Neptune in Pisces, which just really looks like illusions and fog - like on a personal and collective level, we're not being told the whole story, we're not being told all of the information. This could be the case in your relationships, with the future of where your career is headed- check to see where Pisces is in your chart for more information about where you may not be seeing the full picture. This kind of energy on Friday also sets up an environment to easily hop on an escape route - be mindful of any past stories, past ways of being, past ways of escaping coming up and try to make a different choice! Doing your best to be centered with the information you have, but also depending on a certain level of psychic clarity, which can be the most accurate in an alignment such as this.

Also on Friday, Venus, the planet of love, relationships and receiving will move from Taurus, where it's domicile or "at home" into the Mercury-ruled Gemini - this is where we can begin to think excessively about our partners and our love interests - where our dual nature comes out. Gemini is all about the polarity and so Gemini transits can absolutely be polarizing - and on May 14th, Venus will station retrograde in the sign of Gemini as well - so Venus will be here for a bit. This Venus retrograde transit will coincide with a North Node in Gemini transit - and Gemini does represent the masculine and feminine, qualities, not genders, so we'll likely see a lot of couples form out of this quaran-time that are nice compliments to one another and then that story will play out over the next year and a half. It's important to come to the table as whole as possible for these kinds of partnerships that are coming in over the next few months!

We're with this Venus transit until August and so it'll be interesting to see how some of those complimentary partnerships play out. Look to see where Gemini is in your chart for more information that is specific to you (ie: what house, what planets etc).

The moon makes a lovely and transient ingress into Leo, temporarily opposes Mars and Saturn in Aquarius and then moves on - during those temporary oppositions it can feel challenging or like our creativity is quite limited - these kinds of oppositions can put a damper on our expression, but again-it'll be momentary and then will pass!

Saturday, the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction comes exact-exact, comes to the height of its intensity - this is going to be a huge turning point for all of us personally and collectively.

Also on Saturday, Venus in Gemini will make a serious trine to Saturn in Aquarius, where we can see sorta who is fitting into the unconventional future we're building ourselves and who doesn't - we may have a colder perception than normal to our relationships, is one way to view it, but also we're viewing things with a truly critical eye - welcome and enjoy that!

Sunday the moon moves into Virgo which makes anxiety relief a high priority, making sure to get some good food in your system for proper digestion and assimilation and taking deep breaths when you need to as well as just controlling what you can. Get outside in nature to really maximize the influence of this transient moon placement.

Hold on tight! This is going to be an interesting week!

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