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Horoscope for the week of 3.22 - 3.28 || aligned action amidst confusion

Greetings beloveds ~ I hope that you are having a good day whenever you're reading this :)

A few announcements before I get into recapping last week and the update for this week:

1) I'm having an energetic hygiene and maintenance class where I'll outline how to maintain your personal energy field, potential places to put foreign energy, how to run certain energy through your body to harmonize your space, dissolving cords between yourself and both people and situations, clearing out entities, energetic tricks for dealing with increased radiation/ringing in the ears, agreement breaking and consent revocation, as well as dealing with tricky energetic structures and other weird matrix-y things, as well as a few beneficial ways to manifest.


2) If you'd like to subscribe to my patreon at the highest tier, I will send you a personalized transit report in the form of a video at the beginning of each month to outline what to focus on.


3) We're doing breathwork tonight free/donation based (accepted but not expected) at 7:00pm EST ~ breathe and heal with us! Because we are waxing up to a full moon, we're going to do a bit more intense breathwork than we did last week. May last 30-45 minutes and there will be vocal toning at the end. Here's the zoom link:

Join Zoom Meeting

Last week, Mercury moved into Pisces ~ this can be really good for creativity and spirituality, but in terms of certainty, having the facts, this is not that kind of Mercury placement. Mercury favors Virgo, the opposite sign ~ there it feel like it can be clear, concise ~ sometimes Mercury in Pisces can carry themes of miscommunication or illusory communication, or perhaps even deception as it draws closer to Neptune towards the end of the month, on the 29th of this month specifically for a really heightened time of confusion and uncertainty. Whatever it seems like it's going to be, it may be different ~ and the air is rife with a spell.

For telepathic communication, energetic awareness, and generating creativity though, this Mercury placement is strong and we may notice this as this transit progresses, though this week also highlights a dynamic that we've been feeling last May, and also harkens back to the winter of 2018/2019 as well ~ the very strong Gemini-Pisces square. Fun house energy/Alice in Wonderland energy. I'll come back to this.

Also last week was the spring equinox! Aries season began, the astrological new year. I have been thinking about the seeds that I would like to plant in my own personal, individual life ~ and I highly recommend you do the same and start off the spring strong! This is a spring that will undoubtedly have us looking inward, especially as the Sun and Venus edge towards Chiron in Aries later in the week. Nothing wrong with recognizing where we need to individually heal and make the moves to do so, which this week could inspire us to do.

Venus also moved into Aries, from Pisces on Sunday (today, when I'm writing this). This isn't the most favorable possible place for Venus to be, which is fine ~ this is where our values become very clear, we can see clearly what we want and this Venus placement very much has a go-get-it kind of energy to it. There's so much action-oriented energy right now in the cosmos so it comes highly recommended to kick it into high gear, if your personal transits support it. Especially while Mars is still in Gemini, warming up to this conjunction to the nodes, and all planets direct. This summer you will thank you for putting in the work now.

Monday the moon starts out the week in Cancer, making a wide square to the Sun in Aries. This is where what we're actively doing, how we're realizing ourselves, may be at conflict and at odds with how we feel and our moody emotions ~ which when the moon is in Cancer is pretty real.

Tuesday Pluto in Capricorn will make a quintile, a 72 degree aspect, to Chiron in Aries. The quintile is a 5-based aspect, which carries with it the energy of magic and chaos. This can have a few different manifestations. Pluto in Capricorn is the energy of transformation around systems and structures of hierarchy, institutions, governments ~ and Chiron in Aries is all about where we all individually have unaddressed wounding and trauma, perhaps at times that we can't even see or reach.

I understand the service-to-others impulse, but the stakes are too high in my opinion to betray yourself at this time for the sake of the collective, or to not continue to pour into yourself, your healing work ~ as if you are your own best friend, asset and prize. This aspect could bring up ego dynamics and projections from where we may feel wounded ~ really good to keep a lid on that under this kind of quintile, and to ride the wave of making magic and meaning through chaos and transformation.

Mercury in Pisces also makes a square to Mars in Gemini on Tuesday, highlighting this square I brought up earlier. Gemini and Pisces are mutable signs and carry the energy of change in different areas. Mars in Gemini definitely takes the lead in this square, as Mercury can feel weak in Pisces, and we can run into weird, passive aggressive communication dynamics. Mercury in Pisces is the king/queen of transference, and Mars in Gemini really wants to research and act, figure things out.

It kinda aggravates me when teachers harp on the mind, because I feel like there's so much more at play to command reality and experience, but this week it is really about managing the mind, managing our thoughts, words and actions and coming back to your own center. Mars in Gemini is only aggravating the polarity, both within and without, and Mercury in Pisces in this square is where we can project that feeling of polarity onto external sources, people in our lives ~ and it's good to really watch this tendency. Mercury in Pisces does indicate increased levels of illusion, where we can hide from ourselves, so we do want to watch this tendency where it shows up.

And also allowing people to have their own perspective, their own truth, their own lens through which they see the world is important as well ~ and not trying to control it. People are going to do what they're going to do at the end of the day and I think this week is a good week to really hammer that lesson home.

Wednesday the moon moves into the sign of Leo ~ and on Wednesday night will oppose Saturn and square Uranus, which could make for some difficult emotions. When the moon comes into Leo we have no other choice but to love, to open our hearts, to find where loyalty lies, to be creative ~ and Saturn in Aquarius making this opposition is sorta like the background frequency that is discouraging creativity and individuality playing in the background (more on this when I get to talking about Chiron). Though as the moon squares Uranus in Taurus, we could find some resistance between our values and where we are placing our emotional energy ~ good thing to notice and be aware of, continually bringing yourself back to center how you can.

On Thursday, Mercury in Pisces is going to make a square to the North Node in Gemini, where in the collective we can see a continued obfuscation of truth and clarity through the powers that be almost trying to create this too-good-to-be-true type of scenario. Really good to stay out of the news, to get into your own multiverse, your own creation ~ and to use this energy for what it is good for which is to create and to connect. Sure, we may brush up against some confusion in our own personal lives which may subside as these Gemini-Pisces squares subside, but as we'll see with the aspect taking place Friday, it's still a great time to act even through the uncertainty.

This aspect taking place Friday is with Mars in Gemini conjunct the North Node. Make your action count this week ~ under this aspect ~ really good for getting our actions and our "destiny" or our creation on the same page and with the sign of Gemini, words and thoughts of course come into the picture as well. This could feel like some news coming your way about a particular project or event you're interested in, and if you set your intention to be aligned in your next steps, you will be.

The moon also moves into the sign of Virgo this week, where we have the opportunity to get our own sense of personal clarity ~ especially before the moon opposes Neptune on Saturday. This is where we can really see and feel what needs to be done in our lives, great opportunity to connect with nature, to nurture your garden and to take care of your physical bodies.

Sunday the moon moves into the sign of Libra, and pretty much moves right into a full moon. The Aries-Libra polarity is all about yourself and your relationships with others. With Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, there is a huge push for collectivism, which in my opinion feels very premature. A healthy collective is contingent upon healthy individuals, and with Venus conjunct Chiron in Aries being keyed in on this full moon in Libra, we may see clearly especially if we're conscious and paying attention where healing still needs to take place.

I swear it's like a sound blaring through the air "forget yourself, humanity is the virus, minimize yourself" ~ and I'd like to invite you to clear that program from your space so that you can create a life for yourself irrespective of the uncertainty and the confusion. Where this shows up in our own personal lives depends on where we have this Aries-Libra polarity in our charts, but one thing is for sure and this could be felt on Sunday ~ you can't care for others without filling up your own cup first, otherwise that leads to you getting drained dry. Fill up your own cup and share with others on this full moon who are also doing the same ~ come to the table whole. I think I'm going to have to do a youtube video on this full moon in particular, maybe for all of the signs. Keep your eyes out! : )

Enjoy your week beloveds! Make the most of it. <3


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