Horoscope for the week of 3.22 - 3.28 || aligned action amidst confusion

Greetings beloveds ~ I hope that you are having a good day whenever you're reading this :)

A few announcements before I get into recapping last week and the update for this week:

1) I'm having an energetic hygiene and maintenance class where I'll outline how to maintain your personal energy field, potential places to put foreign energy, how to run certain energy through your body to harmonize your space, dissolving cords between yourself and both people and situations, clearing out entities, energetic tricks for dealing with increased radiation/ringing in the ears, agreement breaking and consent revocation, as well as dealing with tricky energetic structures and other weird matrix-y things, as well as a few beneficial ways to manifest.


2) If you'd like to subscribe to my patreon at the highest tier, I will send you a personalized transit report in the form of a video at the beginning of each month to outline what to focus on.