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Horoscope for the week of 3.2 - 3.8 || the clarity is there, you just have to listen for it

Good morning loves! I hope that you're having a good morning so far, or whenever you're reading this. :)

Mercury has been in a retrograde station for a little while now in Pisces which puts sort of a fog over our communication space - our inner analyzer has taken a break just long enough for us to see the overwhelming amount of synchronicity and reassurance that is actually there if we're paying attention. This energy can be very confusing for people who are very left-brained - where everything that is happening right now is headed is not clear in any way - and requires a lot of trust in the process and the Universe, which is what the sign of Pisces is all about on such a fundamental level. Mercury came into the heart of the Sun on Tuesday evening of last week for some serious insight and messaging - and towards the end of last week, Venus squared Pluto which sorta showed us where we can show up in our relationships as ourselves and the transformation that can result from that. It's so easy to make ourselves into what other people want from us - it takes such courage to find who you are and be that, I think that's what this Venus in Aries transit has really taught me.

The first major aspect comes in on Tuesday (3.3) with Venus in Aries square Saturn in Capricorn - which really sorta aligns with the Venus/Pluto square but plays out in a slightly different way. This is where we may be really aware of our limits in relationships - perhaps could be feeling slightly insecure or perhaps a bit "off" - some old feelings of unworthiness can show up on an internal level, and on an external level perhaps some of the systems and structures in our lives aren't supportive of who we're becoming. Venus in Aries doesn't really want to censor itself, and it's possible that can create some tension in some of our relationships or external circumstances (of course I say don't censor yourself, but everyone within this energy has very different individual needs- attention must be paid!)

On Wednesday, Mercury in a retrograde station moves into Aquarius & will be retrograde until March 10th - which brings in a more neutral and clear energy - our logical thoughts will be slightly back online and we'll be able to integrate everything that we've learned about ourselves the past two weeks. The thing I love so much about Mercury in Aquarius is how broad and far-reaching it is. Nothing is off limits to the mind of a natal Mercury in Aquarius - and we'll all have access to this unconventional genius line of thought. Mercury in a retrograde station is still reviewing and re-assessing, so using this weirdly future-oriented mindset of Mercury in Aquarius to reflect on the past is the best way to utilize this transit. Mercury in Aquarius will sextile Venus at the last degree of Aries, sending us a message that our inner weirdo is embraced and accepted and making us feel safe and okay to be ourselves.

Venus moves into Taurus as well on Wednesday, and will be there until April 4th. Venus loves to be in Taurus - feels right at home - taking up space is easier, receiving is easier, exchanging love and pleasure is easier... things just generally become a little bit easier for us when Venus is "at home" so this is something to look forward to. Venus in Aries has had quite a journey - faced up against Saturn & Pluto last week and earlier this week, the two planetary power hitters that connected on January 12th which set a ball of transformation in motion so intense and so huge that it has shifted a lot of who we are really quickly. What is true for us now was not true for us six months ago. Venus in Taurus allows us the grace and ease of settling in - into our relationships and friendships, specifically the ones that honor and value us where reciprocity is involved, and into situations we realize now we're totally worthy and qualified for - perhaps monetarily/professionally. Step into it!

The moon will be in Cancer on Wednesday, which brings the emphasis into the emotions, and will bring a certain level of clarity early on in this brief transit, as the moon aligns with the North Node of the moon, and we'll definitely be seeking comfort and security throughout this transit while the moon in Cancer makes oppositions to the South Node, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto - which can bring upon some emotionally difficult situations or some external opposition, depending on where the Cancer & Capricorn axis is in your own natal chart. In a way this highlights our need for security and stability while all of these major structures are collapsing around us - sometimes under a sky like this can feel like grasping at straws.

On Friday, the moon comes into the sign of Leo, which can definitely feel like a bit of a breath of fresh air especially as the moon continues to wax towards the full moon, on Monday the 9th. This feels very creative, with the Sun still in Pisces, very heart-centered, perhaps with an opportunity to get a little bit tooo subjective and into our feels with this combination, which serves creativity in my opinion, which can make for some nice weekend painting or crafting - or for being intentionally vulnerable - or for meditating and doing "heart work" - whatever that looks like for you.

Sunday, the Sun and Neptune come together which paints a really good picture for a few things: first, Neptune is Divine in that it dissolves boundaries, so perhaps Sunday offers a great opportunity to find some healing and release around something that has required it. This can also cause us to get really caught up into a delusion as well - it's generally sorta understood in the astrological community that when the Sun and Neptune align, it can be challenging to see the situation clearly for whatever it is - so just keep a critical eye to your situations, stay aware, process things as they happen and know that this energy almost feels like a dream-like state and the "goal" in a larger term sense is to test out what actually works in reality, rather than forcing a dream into reality. What makes sense for this new you and who you're becoming and where your live is going and what doesn't?

Venus and Uranus will also connect in Taurus - making Sunday the weeks most intense day, especially because on Monday the moon will become full in Virgo, as well as Mercury stationing direct on Tuesday... Sunday is a big day that sorta starts off a bunch of other big days. Venus and Uranus colliding could be a day of surprises in relationships - it feels like pleasant surprises, but Uranus is totally neutral so it just depends on where you're at within yourself - do you value yourself? Do you like yourself? Have you been working in that direction? If you have, chances are there are a few different kinds of people in your life - the people that support and value you and the people who rely on your boundaries being flimsy and it just seems like the contrast between those two types in our lives is growing and becoming more noticeable. This astrological energy is just a continued beautiful reminder that when you choose yourself and your growth, the people on the outside fall into place exactly how they're meant to.

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Hope that you have a lovely week <3


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