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Horoscope for the week of 3.15 - 3.21 || happy zodiacal new year!

Grand rising beloveds! I hope that you are all having a good week so far.

This week is pretty chill in comparison to the weeks we've been having and there are some supportive sextiles and positive aspects for us to key into, which could be nice. All planets are continuing direct so this is a great time for action, forward momentum and determination!

Last week was an incredible new moon in Pisces which came with an exercise in letting go, a connection to our Divinity and maybe some rose-colored glasses and the veil of illusion for some. The light at the end of the tunnel is the one that YOU create!

Monday (today as I'm writing this) Mercury enters the sign of Pisces. Mercury, the planet of thought, intellect, communication, doesn't necessarily like to be in Pisces because it feels like it has a hard time communicating clearly, getting its point across. It can almost feel like a Mercury retrograde when Mercury comes into the sign of Pisces. This makes for really good empathy, creativity and connection to our higher selves, but in a world that is highly physicalist, it can be challenging to transfer this into something that makes "sense."

We can continue to expect spell-work coming from the dominant narrative ~ and a play on our emotions ~ so especially if you are empathic it is good to shield your energy!

The moon starts off the week in Aries which means that we can feel kinda spontaneous and impulsive this week ~ there's a fire under our ass to get whatever it is done that we need to, and we'll have a good amount of internal energy. Really good to weigh out decisions before making them under this lunation. The moon is now "waxing" which means that it's good to get into a space of action and we'll feel this as an increase in our energetic levels.

Tuesday, the Sun in Pisces will make a sextile towards Pluto in Capricorn. This will give us a boost especially in the way of healing and focus. For all of the phoenixes who are reading this, this will aid in your transformational process. Pluto in Capricorn is really asking us to source our authority from within and the Sun in Pisces will help to shine a light on anywhere we are NOT doing that so that we can really take our power back. Because this is a sextile aspect, this could feel like a gentle nudge from our Spirit.

The moon will move into Taurus on Tuesday, where it is exalted because of Taurus' ability to stabilize and ground. We may feel pulled towards time in nature under this lunation and we may reach for things that make us feel comfortable and safe. The moon will come over Uranus midday Tuesday which could be felt as a source of inspiration, a flash of insight ~ and this is more the time than ever to share your insights with the world!

Wednesday Mars in Gemini will make a sextile, or 60* aspect to Chiron in Aries. This shows us where we need to act on our own behalf and this may prod us towards expressing something or advocating for ourselves. We can see where our actions may be coming from a place of wounding under this kind of aspect as well a bit more clearly than we otherwise could ~ and with Chiron in Aries the wound is in the individual self, so it's more now than ever the time to take responsibility for our own healing journey and our process.

Thursday, Venus in Pisces is going to make a sextile over to Pluto in Capricorn, which may transform a challenging situation in our relationships! Since Venus is the planet of our value system, this is a good time for us to work towards ensuring that our steps in the world, our actions, align with our value system ~ and that reflects an internal locus of control and inner authority. This can also bring things up to the surface in our relationships of all kinds, romantic, platonic, familial, that require our healing and attention. Embrace it.

Friday the moon moves into Gemini, where it is easy to become anxious and to scatter our efforts. The most evolved form of Gemini is our higher mind, the place that exists at our very center, in between the polarity and we can definitely find this place. Gemini rules over the lungs in medical astrology so breathwork is encouraged under this lunation ~ as well as to ask ourselves, why are we busying ourselves about? What are we busying ourselves for?

Saturday the Sun moves into Aries! Woo hoo! This is the start of the zodiacal season, the real new year in my opinion. This messed up Gregorian calendar system has the new year beginning at the darkest time of the year, which in my opinion is why it's so hard to stick to new years resolves, so on this day when the Sun moves into Aries, on the equinox or the first day of spring, think about this week the seeds that you'd like to plant with your thoughts, intentions, words and actions ~ and then ACT! The Sun in Aries doesn't think, it just is, it doesn't pause to wait for approval or external answers or validation, it just acts. We can all learn something from the Sun in Aries this year ~ and how we each chart our own individual course.

Sunday, Venus will enter Aries, where it doesn't prefer to be. Venus loves to be in Pisces because it can be highly romantic, creative and spiritual. When compared to Venus in Aries, the transition can feel rough and harsh ~ and it can be hard to find the beauty amidst the roughness and harshness, but it is most certainly possible! Under these Aries transits of the Sun and Venus especially as they conjoin with Chiron in the coming week, the focus will be on where we have neglected ourselves in a world that is very collective-focused. Healthy individuals make up healthy collectives ~ so do what you can to allow self-love, self-forgiveness and self-responsibility to be your mantra under this cycle of Venus.

Also on Sunday, Mercury in Pisces will bring us surprising revelations as it sextiles Uranus in Taurus. This can be a gentle nudge from our spirit to go "this way, not that way" ~ really helpful to listen to our intuition on Sunday and to open to all that it has to say to us. Uranus in Taurus will be sharing with us where we are ungrounded or disconnected from our nature.

Sunday also brings another positive aspect with Mars in Gemini trining Saturn in Aquarius ~ that encourages deliberate, focused and intentional action, improves concentration and empowers us to come together with others. This is an aspect that will be forming all week, which increases our awareness mentally of what we need to focus on and where to direct our energy and attention, and the steps that follow that. Aspects to Saturn are here to teach us something, so being amenable to any lessons that our electrical Universe has to offer us is an awesome choice. : )

Enjoy your week! A few announcements:

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I'm also teaching an energetic hygiene and maintenance class beginning on Sunday, April 3rd, and for three Sundays, where I'll go over how to clear energy out of your space that doesn't belong to you in its many forms, how to manifest using visualization and how to clear outdated soul contracts and agreements. Hope to see you there! : ) Sliding scale available for people who need it!

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Have a great week!


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