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Horoscope for the week of 3.1 - 3.7 || Mars moves into Gemini!

Greetings loves! I hope you're having a swell weekend so far ~ and that you're doing okay and taking good care of yourself in this time how you can <3

A few announcements:

1) I will be leading a free breathwork class every Monday at 7:00pm EST ~ feel free to e-mail me for the zoom link!

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The third tier that you can donate under comes with a transit report at the beginning of the month, delivered right to your e-mail! Usually video recorded.

3) I will be announcing tomorrow my energetic hygiene and maintenance class for March/April! Super excited : )

Enjoy the horoscope <3

Last week was in my opinion a pretty good week for our own personal lives and our own experiences. Mars in Taurus made a trine aspect to Pluto that made for ease in grounding and manifestation. Venus moved into Pisces, where it will be until it moves into Aries on March 21st. This energy is really good for compassion, seeing commonality and also creative and spiritual endeavors ~ and brought a really nice sweetness in my opinion.

Jupiter also made a trine aspect to the North Node in Gemini which served for me and for many people I know as a function of good news, which is always welcomed, as well as beneficial connections being made and certain communities coming together which was very interesting. I do think that with Jupiter in Aquarius until May 13th and the North Node in Gemini until January 2022 that this does place an emphasis, despite the weirdness in the narrative, on coming together with others on some kind of common goal, however you can. (I'll probably repeat that aspect like a puppet over the coming months hehe).

The full moon in Virgo served as a reality check for many and was a productive day for lots of people I was in communication with ~ that earth energy that pushes us to organize and analyze really felt helpful to me under this dreamy Piscean energy that we're under at present time.

On Monday, the moon moves into Libra which gives us the desire to create balance in our relationships ~ this will make a grand trine between Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn in Aquarius and the North Node in Gemini so the desire to create based on the ideas we're all having is certainly there ~ and with this moon sign there should be ease flowing in especially on Monday.

Tuesday, however, the moon in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn and so this could bring up some challenging emotions for clearing around our relationships and sense of authority/sovereignty, and as always with Pluto in Capricorn it really begs the question of ~ where are you outsourcing your power or giving it away to others? How can you call your energy back to you?

Wednesday is pretty eventful! The moon moves into Scorpio into an opposition with Uranus in Taurus, and square to Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury all in Aquarius. The moon in Scorpio wants to merge with others, it wants to go deep and it does actually call us to really feel ~ when the energies of Taurus and Aquarius tend to be a bit more detached, removed and logical. With the moon in Scorpio making this opposition to Uranus, it is really good to be flexible and create room for things that may unexpectedly arise.

Mercury in Aquarius, finally almost out of its shadow phase, is going to trine the North Node in Gemini ~ so this is where we want to keep a notebook and pen around because when mental inspiration strikes you'll want to write it down. Communications with others opens the door for those kinds of ideas to come down the pike. Air triplicity, since Jupiter and Saturn conjoined in December of 2020 really opens up the idea space in a way that the earth triplicity didn't necessarily allow for, but things of earth (money, foundations, etc) aren't as secure or stable as they once were.

Venus in Pisces will make a lovely sextile to Uranus in Taurus as well on Wednesday which really offers us the unexpected in a gentle way we can stomach. To me this reminds me of two people who are connecting from a space of compassion and acceptance around shared values (Uranus in Taurus).

Mars moves into the sign of Gemini on Wednesday as well! Woo hoo! Mars has been in Taurus, where it doesn't really like to be, and it can be hard to motivate under this kind of sky. So Mars in Gemini undoubtedly will bring in a high concentration of mental energy, movement, and we'll be able to notice and act on more than we were before. Mars in Gemini can sometimes scatter its efforts so if you have any Gemini placements this is something to be aware of. I personally can't wait for Mars to conjoin the North Node, which happens on March 26th ~ where we'll get a Divine push in my opinion towards one side of the bifurcation that's taking place or the other and we will be led to take action on our ideas to bring them into form.

Thursday could be a pretty peppy, optimistic day with Mercury conjoining Jupiter ~ this again has the vibe of good news, ease in conversation and connection and community. This is where our mind will be able to see the long game, into the bigger picture, and where we'll be able to share what our own personal bigger picture/long game visions are with others.

Friday, the Sun in Pisces will come into a square with the North Node in Gemini. This is not the only Gemini/Pisces square we've seen ~ as we've been navigating this North Node/Neptune square, and we will encounter many other squares like this and Neptune aspects this month, with an emphasis on the week of March 11th - 18th when the Sun and Venus conjoin Neptune which could be potentially a little bit disorienting.

With this Sun-North Node aspect, there's a lot of escapism/checking out energy around this ~ and so if you have addictive proclivities, try to check in rather than check out. Do something creative. I wouldn't trust anything that you hear on the news on Friday as well with this energy ~ I think sometimes this North Node in Gemini/Pisces squares can distort truth and make things seem like they're going one way, when really they're going another way.

The moon will be moving into Sagittarius and will take part in this t-square between the Sun and the north and south nodes of the moon ~ the South Node being in Sagittarius ~ so here with this moon in Sagittarius we may want to cling to our belief systems, the way that things were, and we could get a bit TOO bigger picture ~ wanting to know what things are going to look like for the rest of our lives, and getting really emotionally sucked into that space, when the North Node in Gemini encourages us to take things day by day, moment by moment, because the only climate of the times and the only constant at this time IS change. <3

Sunday the moon moves into Capricorn which can sometimes create a melancholic vibe, not always ~ depends on where you have Capricorn in your chart. This is a good day to look at our foundations, our beginnings, how we're building and how we're creating our lives in autonomy. This brings up as well our emotional attachment to authority and can bring up issues around our relationship to authority. Really good day for looking at things through somewhat of a sobering lens, something that is a nice contrast to the heavy escapism/check out energy coming through with the Sun and the North Node squaring off against each other.

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