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Horoscope for the week of 2.3 - 2.9 || Mercury in Pisces, Venus in Aries & Full Moon in Leo

Good afternoon/whenever you're reading this! Hope that your day is going swell if it's at the beginning or at the end. This week was mildly uneventful considering the big waves of intensity we've been experiencing. If anything, the square from Mars in Sagittarius to Neptune in Pisces could have been experienced early in the week as a bit of frustration, disillusionment or certain pieces temporarily not aligning.

That square has moved off a good bit now, but we are moving into a rather Neptunian time with another Pisces Mercury retrograde on the horizon! Mercury is in its shadow phase, so we're beginning to see some of the things that arise with Mercury in its retrograde station - miscommunications, temporary delays in the practical world - and with this station about to occur in Pisces on February 17th - it's important to remember last year in March because there was a really long Mercury retrograde in Pisces - these were similar times - where the opportunity for escapism, delusion and old stories/people from the past where we already know how it ends but we just have to check to make sure. Keep your wits about you during this shadow phase! It's important that with the Saturn-Pluto cycle that we began on January 12th in Capricorn that we keep our feet on the ground and continue to stay somewhat realistic.

Mercury moves into Pisces officially today (Monday) which is where Mercury, the planet of communication, intellect, work and movement is at "fall" - or doesn't really feel super comfortable. We live in an incredibly Mercurial world - so when Mercury isn't "happy" (which in Pisces it feels a little bit ill-defined, nebulous and like misunderstandings and miscommunications are easy to come by) it can tend to be seen more often in the workplace, driving around and getting things done. We can feel a little bit less eager to enact our left brains in favor of the right brain - the creative & the mystical. That realm will open up for us and will be a really helpful place to go when all of the boxes don't quite get checked or things don't go exactly as we want them to.

Venus in Pisces will make a sextile to Saturn in Capricorn today which is a lovely aspect and indicates that we'll be feeling quite sure of what we want and quite secure in that space. In a way, this indicates a nice blending of the physical and the spiritual realms - and ease in connecting to both. It brings compassion to our work arena, our friendships, our relationships, the things to do - but also grounds our spirituality and makes it real.

The moon will move into Gemini which means that ideas, thoughts and quick movement are very much on the table - sometimes when the moon moves into Gemini we can become quite anxious and it's easy to scatter our efforts. Learning happens easily with this brief moon transit.

On Wednesday, Mercury in Pisces makes a sextile to Uranus in Taurus - which will activate the part of us that really wants to think for ourselves and draw our own conclusions about things. This is an aspect that will really enrich our creativity if we choose to exercise that!

Thursday, the moon moves into the sign of Cancer and meets up with the North Node - which is encouraging us over the last year to understand how to really nurture and support ourselves and others. When the moon comes into Cancer we have ease in access to our emotions, so be with what comes up - try not to bypass it or wallow in it, being gentle with yourself.

Friday, Venus, planet of love and receiving, that has been taking up space where it feels super comfortable in Pisces - where it feels like it can dream and create, be romantic and idealistic - is moving into Aries, where it's in its detriment. Aries is ruled by Mars, the God of war. When Venus comes into the Aries, our relationships can become a bit more combative - truth tends to rise to the surface and we can be a little bit agitated with our partners if we're in relationships. If you're single, it'll be easier to be bold - to walk up to a perfect stranger - but it'll be more challenging to be receptive through this transit.

On Saturday, Mercury in Pisces makes a beautiful aspect to the North Node in Cancer - this is a great day for getting together with those we love and celebrating and collaborating with them! This aspect definitely naturally enhances your feeling of togetherness, forgiveness and can offer ease in communicating difficult emotions.

The moon moves into Leo on Saturday as well which brings a very light, heart-centered feeling - it will wax up to a super moon, or a moon that will be very close to earth, in this already incredibly intense fixed sign. It's rumored that this full moon will unleash some drama - people will be having BIG feelings and BIG expressions - which is great in this Leo's book : ) Matters of what the heart wants, children and the creative process are on the table for this full super moon.

This full moon is great for gratitude and showing your appreciation to the people who show their loyalty to you! How much ease do you feel in showing your love? How much ease do you feel in being your whole self? These are good to reflect upon during this full moon - I'll be writing about it this week for each sign so stay tuned!

Have a great week!! <3 I'm happily accepting donations for these blogs - if they help you and you feel compelled to donate, my ko-fi page is

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