Horoscope for the week of 2.24 - 3.1 || Mars & South Node conjunct * Cazimi Mercury

Good morning - or whenever you're reading this! Sunday, yesterday, we had a delightful new moon in Pisces which really allowed for us to rest and restore without guilt, perhaps to break through on some situations that are challenging for us emotionally and a way for us to be able to move through whatever we had been sitting with that week. This week definitely offers a lot of very destiny-aligning insight and opportunities as well as a deep karmic release - all on the same day (of course). 2020 continues to keep things interesting! Change is the climate of the times, so it's important to not get too locked into what is happening right now, because we're really ringing out and clearing out the past - and things are going to evolve in unexpected directions this year, so allow some space for that.