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Horoscope for the week of 2.24 - 3.1 || Mars & South Node conjunct * Cazimi Mercury

Good morning - or whenever you're reading this! Sunday, yesterday, we had a delightful new moon in Pisces which really allowed for us to rest and restore without guilt, perhaps to break through on some situations that are challenging for us emotionally and a way for us to be able to move through whatever we had been sitting with that week. This week definitely offers a lot of very destiny-aligning insight and opportunities as well as a deep karmic release - all on the same day (of course). 2020 continues to keep things interesting! Change is the climate of the times, so it's important to not get too locked into what is happening right now, because we're really ringing out and clearing out the past - and things are going to evolve in unexpected directions this year, so allow some space for that.

Monday (today), the Sun in Pisces makes a lovely sextile aspect to Mars in Capricorn - allowing ease in bringing together the spiritual and the material. I've definitely found that to be the case today in my work - it's been quite easy to write and for the astrological information to flow through - and the energy isn't always set up for that. This is a great time on a broader scale to be aware of the spiritual journey you're on and where that could bring you on a physical level - maybe the possibilities are far more vast than you on your own could ever even imagine. This whole week, trust is of the essence and trust is something positive to start this week out with.

Tuesday (tomorrow) Mars and the South Node of the moon in Capricorn will connect which often times can result in some irritability - some anger coming up in the collective to be purged and released, as well as on a more personal level, this is a great time to release any expectation of result, outcome-dependence (my happiness is dependent upon the job, the relationship, all of the boxes being checked off) and a great time to examine your own personal constructs - your involvement in the institutions of this society and potentially ways to consciously unplug from certain societal or institutional notions, both of which are sorta set up to invalidate our spiritual nature. If we choose to energetically un-match from these institutions and this society, the way that things "are," we can function within them with wayyyy more choice and freedom. Mars and the South Node connecting usually comes with a great release of karma, personally and collectively, so grace is of the essence with yourself and others. This is a great time to do a cleanse or to go into a sauna and sweat out some toxins on a physical, cellular level.

The Sun in Pisces will be making a trine to the North Node in Cancer which means that our instincts to take care of ourselves and others, especially our inner circle, will be full-on and we'll have access to so much intuitive information as well especially with such a strong karmic release happening on the same day. This aspect is a nice, healing support for the Mars-South Node conjunction.

Also on Tuesday (big day!) Mercury moves into a Cazimi phase, which means "in the heart of the Sun" which offers a lot of opportunity for insight, luck, being at the right place at the right time - so check your natal chart for where Pisces resides to see more information about the type of insight, the type of luck and the type of revelations that will be coming your way.

Wednesday, Mercury in its retrograde station in Pisces makes a sextile aspect to Mars in Capricorn, which can lead to good productivity at work and an ease in maintaining imagination even if you're doing spreadsheets. One thing about this sextile is we can feel rushed or feel like everything is going too fast - especially because on Wednesday the moon initiates its movement into Aries and ends up squaring the South Node and Mars by the end of the day, which can make us feel a little bit impatient with the way that things are unfolding, not in trust with the Divine plan, insecure with ourselves potentially or even angry/agitated.

Mercury in Pisces will also positively aspect the North Node in Cancer - all through this week it's important to listen to the songs that are playing on the radio, words that you're reading out of a book or a magazine or on your computer, the words that are coming through on your television shows, in conversations with others, the thoughts in your mind - a lot of it is messaging you about the state of your own internal world this week.

Friday, Venus in Aries moves into a square aspect with Pluto in Capricorn which can bring up a lot - transforming feelings of not-enough-ness in your relationships, a bit of an increase in compulsivity and impatience and can bring in the tendency to be demanding or entitled about the way that things are moving. The moon moves into Taurus and right into Uranus which should help a few light-bulbs go off and should allow us the patience as well that we need right now. We're all kinda just following the signs and the symbols as breadcrumbs, confused but also weirdly clear about our future vision - these are strange times and it can be so easy to get caught up in linear growth and linear steps. Having expectations about how is discouraged this week because it's all not happening on our own timeline.

The weekend is free and clear of major transits and ingresses, so it's just an opportunity to relax and enjoy the rest of the full moon in Taurus, integrate the continued healing and releasing of this week.

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Enjoy your week!

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