Horoscope for the week of 2.15 - 2.21 || Peaking shifts and changes

Hello loves! I hope that you are having a good close-out to your weekend, or a good day whenever you're reading this. It is within these times where we learn how resilient and powerful we truly are.

Last week there was a very futuristic quantum new moon that really gave us a glimpse into more to come ~ from advancements in technology to advancements in consciousness as well as a view of our own innate creative genius that exists within. We'll really want to hang onto the essence of the creative and innovative genius as we move through this somewhat tense and challenging week.

Venus conjoined Jupiter for a beautiful aspect, especially within relationships and friendships. There was a gift with this especially around the time of the new moon.

The moon starts off the week in Aries ~ so we'll be feeling some get up and go as the week begins. This will be really nice because on Monday, Venus in Aquarius will be shined on by the North Node of the moon, finally moving slightly out of phase-ish with a square to Neptune. This is good because this is another whiff of good news in our personal lives, and this will allow us to make the communications and the connections necessary. This is a really good day for coming together and collaborating however you feel comfortable.