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Horoscope for the week of 2.15 - 2.21 || Peaking shifts and changes

Hello loves! I hope that you are having a good close-out to your weekend, or a good day whenever you're reading this. It is within these times where we learn how resilient and powerful we truly are.

Last week there was a very futuristic quantum new moon that really gave us a glimpse into more to come ~ from advancements in technology to advancements in consciousness as well as a view of our own innate creative genius that exists within. We'll really want to hang onto the essence of the creative and innovative genius as we move through this somewhat tense and challenging week.

Venus conjoined Jupiter for a beautiful aspect, especially within relationships and friendships. There was a gift with this especially around the time of the new moon.

The moon starts off the week in Aries ~ so we'll be feeling some get up and go as the week begins. This will be really nice because on Monday, Venus in Aquarius will be shined on by the North Node of the moon, finally moving slightly out of phase-ish with a square to Neptune. This is good because this is another whiff of good news in our personal lives, and this will allow us to make the communications and the connections necessary. This is a really good day for coming together and collaborating however you feel comfortable.

This week will be building up to the Saturn-Uranus square, exact on Wednesday. This is us having to navigate perhaps another collective shift ~ this is where we can see what we'll have to shift and change in a way that could be an uncomfortable look. This could be a bit of pressure ~ one that has the potential to form us into diamonds. We really do shine through adversity ~ it's what helps us know something has to change.

This Saturn-Uranus square, with Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus, could be intense. Saturn in Aquarius explains the "social distancing" effect. Saturn is also authority, leadership ~ and Aquarius represents technology. Uranus is humanity, changes and shifts and Taurus represents money, our value system, food and the earth underneath our feet. This square COULD bring shifts with money, earth changes ~ and I've been encouraging people since last week to cultivate an extra bit of food. Personally I'm looking at multiple ways to grow food over the course of this spring and summer in whatever weather!

Aquarius also represents electricity ~ which is interesting since Saturn and Jupiter both came into Aquarius there has been twice as many power outages, for one reason or another.

I'm also very hopeful that things will shift in a positive direction ~ maybe there's some kind of space discovery, or some kind of cosmic frequency that seeps through the spheres of containment surrounding us that gives us a boost ~ I'm here for it all!

I think with this square, the more that you're emotionally invested in narratives, the more that you're paying attention to the political theater as it unfolds, the more you may be phased by this change or shift ~ it's really helpful to cultivate your own life anyway outside of this energy, pouring into the right relationships (Saturn-Jupiter-Venus-Mercury rx-Sun in Aquarius) that align with your values (Uranus in Taurus) whatever they are. Aquarius and Taurus are fixed signs, which means shifts could be felt slower.

This aspect as it shows up on June 14th and December 24th of this year will show us how adaptable, resilient and awesome we all are. : )

The moon will move into Taurus early Wednesday morning (in North Carolina) and will move over the Saturn-Uranus square which is interesting! The moon exalts in Taurus, brings some emotional stability ~ and coming over on top of Uranus offers emotional surprise as well!

In our personal lives, if there's a change we've been thinking of making, moving from old to new ~ whether it's that you've been wanting to sell all your stuff to buy a plot of land and some chickens ~ to pouring your effort into what you're passionate about and leaving the corporate job behind ~ to deciding you're ready to leave that person who puts you down or belittles you, if you've been on the fence about making some kind of lifestyle change, this is the week! : )

Thursday the Sun moves into Pisces which puts us one step closer to the spring, the astrological new year. Technically the "new year" is March 20th, the first day of Aries season ~ and where we can plant our new seeds and have plenty of energy to water them. In contrast, Pisces is the last month of the zodiacal calendar ~ so this is a great time to allow, to do what you can but not more than you can, to take rest, and to record your dreams.

This is a time to give yourself and others compassion and grace. This is my hope for this Pisces season is that it will remind people of their compassion. And this also gives us a heightened sense of emotional sensitivity, for better or worse. This will allow us to go deep within ourselves, to do the real work in there, if we accept the invitation.

On Friday, Venus in Aquarius squares Mars in Taurus. Venus-Mars squares create a tension, especially for our relationships with others, and that can be a good tension like creative tension, passion ~ or it can be a challenging sense of tension like arguments or bickering ~ which makes sense as both planets are in fixed, somewhat stubborn signs. Mars in Taurus is us standing up for and advocating our values, and Venus in Aquarius wants everyone to get along in a somewhat uniform manner. Really good to adjust our expectations of ourselves and others in this kind of energy.

On Friday as well the moon moves into the sign of Gemini which could be felt as an increased burst of mental energy, excited about getting things done, excited to connect and share with others ~ this can have us a little bit scattered so be aware of that. I love to practice wim hof method more when the moon comes into the sign in Gemini ~ I'll link it here:

As long as there is something respiratory going on, breathwork ideally would be something to commit to every day!

On Saturday, Mercury stations direct in Aquarius right on top of Jupiter! This is interesting. Mercury is the lower knowing, the lower knowledge, logic, reason, analytics, and Jupiter in a sense is like the higher mind ~ spirituality and us getting a glimpse at the bigger picture with these two energies being so close together as Mercury stations direct. This is good because it keeps us in a positive mental attitude (PMA all the way!) and keeps us in high spirits, which is always nice. We are much more able to see the bright side when Mercury is on top of Jupiter.

Mercury direct *could* lead to less electrical/internet disturbances on a micro level ~ and as Mercury is direct this allows us to really communicate how we're feeling in a way that is clear, concise, and will have plenty of mental energy to attend to our lives with throughout the weekend and as Mercury moves forward. Mercury moves into Pisces on March 16th so we'll have plenty of mental energy until then ; )

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Enjoy your week beloveds! <3 M

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