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Horoscope for the week of 2.1 - 2.7 || fire under ice

Hello beloveds! I hope you're having a great week/day whenever you're reading this.

This week is pretty calm ~ we're all still feeling the after-effects of both the Leo full moon this last week, as well as the Jupiter-Uranus square. This was a slow build for me personally where I feel this strong platform in my personal life to create some changes, and maybe this creeped up on you too : )

There's some quicksand kind of energy amidst almost like it's playing in the background, so for me it's been a very powerful impetus not to get stuck in the mud and to keep it moving, as the triplicity of air suggests.

Mercury stationed retrograde on January 30th in Aquarius and will be in a retrograde station until February 20th. This is a time where it's really good to back up your work, to change your passwords and to check on the security of your online space.

Mercury retrograde is classically not a time to sign new contracts, start new relationships ~ life doesn't stop moving because of the revelations of the planets and the stars, so do your best to just double check things, to make sure things are okay.

This is also a time where friendships and groups of people are going to be on your mind ~ who's in your circle? Do you have any people in your space who don't reflect your values or reflect back your essence? This is a really good time to evaluate that.

I'm personally going to be looking to set boundaries with the online space over the course of this Mercury retrograde station as a goal.

While we feel the after effects of the Jupiter-Uranus square, we may begin in the first week of this month to feel the beginning effects of the Saturn-Uranus square, from Aquarius to Taurus, exact on February 17th. This can inspire financial changes, earth changes, just things that are adherent to the climate of the times we may have to learn to adapt to ~ not to mention with the amount of Aquarius coming onto the scene, I'd be surprised if there weren't some changes especially in the tech arena.

Speaking of Aquarius, Monday February 1st, Venus, the planet that represents relationships, values, love, receiving ~ moves into the sign of Aquarius which can temporarily offer blessings to the collective (Aquarius) especially that beautiful day when Venus and Jupiter connect further into February. This week, however, Venus gets kinda frozen making a connection to Saturn.

Aquarius energy has us prioritizing freedom as well as community and finding a way as a collective to bridge those two wants and needs, which may be made more of a focus with a little bit of ease with Venus being there.

Monday the Sun in Aquarius will square Mars in Taurus ~ this is where personal tempers can flare, everyone wants to be right. Both of these planets don't feel quite comfortable in their respective signs and so we could see some tensions on the movie screen as well as maybe a clash of values that we experience in our personal life.

Really good to advocate yourself and to stand up for yourself, to really reach into your heart and into your soul (Leo and Scorpio) to transmute any stubbornness you encounter.

The moon will be in Libra so we'll be desiring collaboration ~ the Sun and the moon will be in positive aspect and this bodes well for our relationships, provided that our tempers or egos aren't flaring up with that Sun square to Mars.

On Wednesday, the moon moves into Scorpio which is where we can sorta take quite a deep dive into ourselves ~ this may be somewhat of a tense vibe with the moon in Scorpio making a square aspect to the Sun in Aquarius and opposing Mars in Taurus ~ really good to get all the way to the center of yourself on Wednesday and to really focus on minding your own business, taking one step at a time and remembering as always with the North Node in Gemini to breathe.

The rest of the week is pretty chill until Saturday when the moon moves into Sagittarius, and Venus connects to both Saturn and Chiron. The moon moving through Sagittarius to conjoin the South Node is where some nostalgia or grief may come up around what we all used to do, the ease of which we went about doing it. It's also really possible to get really doubled down on your belief system when I would say that until January 2022 when the North Node moves out of Gemini, really good to still keep your mind open and to allow your beliefs to not be so rigid.

Venus in Aquarius will be feeling Saturn's coldness on Saturday as well ~ and this can sometimes feel like a cold, sobering look at ourselves and our lives and the things that we maybe could be doing who aren't. Self-compassion is a must on Saturday especially with the sextile to Chiron that we'll be encountering. Chiron in Aries is putting quite a strain on the individual, which is something we're all remedying and working on healing in various ways. Really good to keep up with your individual self-healing, self-nurturing, deprogramming and self-mastery under the alignments of this new era.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this! I hope that you have a great week.


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