Horoscope for the week of 2.1 - 2.7 || fire under ice

Hello beloveds! I hope you're having a great week/day whenever you're reading this.

This week is pretty calm ~ we're all still feeling the after-effects of both the Leo full moon this last week, as well as the Jupiter-Uranus square. This was a slow build for me personally where I feel this strong platform in my personal life to create some changes, and maybe this creeped up on you too : )

There's some quicksand kind of energy amidst almost like it's playing in the background, so for me it's been a very powerful impetus not to get stuck in the mud and to keep it moving, as the triplicity of air suggests.

Mercury stationed retrograde on January 30th in Aquarius and will be in a retrograde station until February 20th. This is a time where it's really good to back up your work, to change your passwords and to check on the security of your online space.

Mercury retrograde is classically not a time to sign new contracts, start new relationships ~ life doesn't stop moving because of the revelations of the planets and the stars, so do your best to just double check things, to make sure things are okay.