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Horoscope for the week of 12.30 - 1.5 || happy new year!! || eclipse season, big release of karma

Seasons greetings! I hope that you are all having a lovely day so far, whenever you're reading this.

This week has been a whirlwind with the new moon solar eclipse on Thursday ushering in a big release and a chance to really reset the scales and make the tough choices so that we can move into the next phase of our lives. There's a lot of newness about - we've never quite faced what we are facing in January before - it's going to be the month of our lives! In eclipse season news, the moon will be waxing up to a first quarter square in Aries, which may make us feel a little frustrated by how little we may feel we are doing - this is an energy where we can be really hard on ourselves, especially if that's a tendency you already carry. The full moon on January 10th will be the peak of the year, and it's coming early!

This week, Saturn and Pluto continue to draw closer and closer together and when they conjunct on January 11th that will greatly contribute to the peak of the year. January is unpredictable because a lot depends on your willingness to let stuff go, a lot depends on your resilience, a lot depends on how much work you've put in during the last eight years. Those who have been burying their head in the sand and avoiding whatever their "work" is - which is different for absolutely everyone - will not have a fun start to the year.

The Sun and Jupiter are still close together and this influence will move off as the week progresses - so the earlier part of the week is really lucky, especially for work opportunities and renewed faith in whatever area of your life you've been experiencing some challenges.

Mercury also joined the Capricorn army last week as well, bringing our mind to a very grounded and level space so that we can focus. Things are less in concept now so it's up to us to build on that and make what our ideas have been a reality. Now is the time!

A big theme that emerges this week as the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter (on 1.8) connect to the South Node in Capricorn for a BIG release of karma. This is a time where we'll see another round of breakups and people leaving situations this week and next. It's important to know that you're leaving whatever situation or shedding that for your highest good, otherwise it wouldn't be happening. We're still in the eclipses and this eclipse season has a big "letting go and making empowered choices" vibe to it so just surrender, allow.

The first wave of this comes on Monday as the Sun in Capricorn conjuncts the South Node, which is where we may see some ego displays in ourselves and those around us that aren't really relevant anymore- more remnants and fragments from past selves. Take inventory, reflect, do what you need to do to make sure that your lawn is clean, so to speak and that you're not shrinking in response to or overpowering others.

Mercury in Capricorn will provide a transient burst of mental and intellectual stimulation and inspiration as it makes a trine over to Uranus - so Monday creative matters will flow super easily. The moon moves into Pisces as well which will allow for ease in finding a meditative state. It may be hard to predict even just with this aspect OR eclipse season alone what is going to happen, and it will be easier to go with the flow and see the beauty.

Thursday the moon moves into Aries for the first quarter square - it will conjunct Chiron so there may be a feeling of being hyper-aware of and hypercritical of our own weaknesses. You can know that Thursday is a day to have lots of self-compassion and to give yourself lots of space to fuck up - it's important to have that as a human being in this life. We are not here to be perfect - we learn from all our mistakes and shortcomings and that's something important to remember.

What I love about Thursday is Mercury will conjoin with Jupiter in Capricorn - which brings a lot of optimism and joy into the mundane and can also contribute to a lot of new ideas. Details and plans may not come as easily, especially if you're more of a big picture person to begin with.

Friday, Mars leaves its exaltation in Scorpio to move into Sagittarius - *cries* and there are several things that we'll want to spend time doing with Mars being in Sagittarius - the first is traveling, as we can become restless and really crave a premature change of scenery and the second being the beliefs that we hold dear, that are easy to become fanatical about. It’s important to remember that while we may a lot, there’s still so much that we don’t know - and this tendency to think we’ve ”got this” is going to catch us a little naive on Friday with Mercury in Capricorn conjunct the South Node, where the emphasis is to release old ways of communicating - not giving people the benefit of the doubt or assuming you know more because of your societal positioning. There may be some tough conversations and we’ll find ourselves to be quite opinionated on Friday.

Saturday, the moon moves into Taurus which gives us some good grounding for the weekend so we can stabilize after the first quarter square moon in Aries which maybe had us feeling like we aren’t good enough or may exaggerate some of our own perceived weaknesses - and so this Taurus moon will feel really good - blends nicely with the sun in Capricorn - and we can use all the stabilizing assistance we can get under the present sky.

Sunday, our mouths may be moving faster than our minds as Mars in Sagittarius makes a trine aspect to Chiron in Aries - it’s important to practice listening just as well or as much as you speak. This is generally a positive aspect and could present healing and acceptance, congruence between your life experience and the beliefs that you have and evident next steps to take. If it were me, I would use Sunday to rest and relax because next week we’re continuing to wax to the full moon lunar eclipse in Cancer in January 10th... definitely take your pauses and moments as they come!!

I hope that you find your week to be enjoyable and that you are safe and at peace during this holiday season - happy New Years from my heart to yours. 💗

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