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Horoscope for the week of 12.23 - 12.29 || so it begins... new moon solar eclipse in Capricorn

Good evening loved ones! I hope that you are all having a brilliant close to your weekend. The winter solstice, the shortest day and longest night of the year was on Saturday as the Sun moved into the sign of Capricorn. Seasonally, this is where it's suggested that we draw inward and do our best to focus on what we can release and let go of. Stillness is really encouraged, and streamlining is a necessity when the Sun is in Capricorn - it's all about what can be made real - anything else doesn't need to stick around as far as the archetype of Capricorn is concerned.

Venus moved into Aquarius last week after moving through a bit of an uncomfortable journey coming up against Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn - so now we're really free to first see and then shift any perceived limitation or attachment to power, possession and control. There's a big emphasis on freedom, friendship and personal autonomy in our relationships under the alignment of Venus in Aquarius.

Eclipse season is beginning - and typically the build-up to the eclipses can be pretty intense and quite polarizing - so people can experience eclipses as very good or very bad, and the ability to roll with the punches during an eclipse cycle is imperative because they really expedite the inevitable. If there's a job or a relationship or some toxic situation that isn't working for you, the Universe will assist you in releasing that from your life during this time. Thoughts, words and actions are all amplified at this time. I'll post more on the first eclipse this week in the vegan meat of this blog.

Monday, the Sun in Capricorn is making a square to Chiron in Aries - and this is a square where it's easy to feel a little bit insecure or less than perhaps because we're not "doing enough" - this week it's really helpful to be mindful not to get lost in the "hurry up" energy that most holiday seasons but specifically this holiday season has to it. This time genuinely is about rest, and we're not inferior inside if we're not doing enough. Don't allow anyone outside of yourself to define your progress or your path for you, and give yourself lots of love and care on Monday.

Tuesday, the Capricorn Sun redeems itself after its square to Chiron by making a really innovative and positive trine to Uranus in Taurus - the energy will definitely be uplifting and inpsirational as a result, and we have real access to change our constructs and the certain foundations that may be flimsy though we hold them so near and dear to us. We can redefine the way we view abundance, power, wealth, business - and we'll be feeling quite free to do so.

The moon will move into Sagittarius on Tuesday for a dark moon phase that will last until Thursday when the moon moves into Capricorn. The dark moon phase really exaggerates the shadow side of the sign in question, so in this case it's really good to be mindful of toxic positivity - or choosing only to see the good even though the challenging needs to be seen. It's also a really good idea to watch where you're really restless and can't sit still, and where you're preachy or overbearing. Be patient with those who are exhibiting these characteristics as well if you can help it - it'll pass! Usually new moons assist in wiping the slate clean, and this new moon will certainly be no exception. Things are really transient during this eclipse season as well.

The first eclipse, a new moon solar eclipse, happens on Thursday, December 26th in Capricorn - and this is where we really want to make a conscious effort to release what we don't need. I've been talking about on these blogs for some time that we really want to have hands free in January of 2020 because of the intense astrology to come - with Saturn and Pluto conjoining and eclipse season closing. It's a good idea to release any false power or authority, accept your own truth of your path and what you want that to be - and go with it! Try to avoid escape routes or trap doors that hold futures that you've already experienced in the past- the best thing you can do is keep looking and moving forward.

Friday is going to have a very positive element to it as the Sun comes into a conjunction with Jupiter in Capricorn - I have been really enjoying Jupiter in Capricorn because even though it is expansive, it's still realistic and practical. There's a lot of dry humor going around and I feel like Friday is going to be one of those days where we're really able to appreciate the absurdity in life. This aspect definitely makes it easier to digest the holiday season as well as the events of the first eclipse.

Saturday, Mercury joins the Capricorn party and will be cruising through to link up with Jupiter, the South Node, Saturn and Pluto over its transit through this sign. Mercury in Capricorn is definitely not a placement that thinks on the bright side, which is fine, but it's important to watch when your mind and your communication becomes overly negative, complaining or too skeptical. It can be easy perhaps to get a bit too serious with the transit of Mercury in Capricorn.

The moon comes out of its new phase and begins to wax towards the full moon eclipse on January 10th by moving into the sign of Aquarius which means that on some level, through the toughness and lessons of Capricorn we're able to see the light and the perspective behind what is going on - I feel like this day will come as a breath of fresh air.

Sunday, Mercury in Capricorn is making a square to Chiron in Aries - we may find our thinking to be quite limited, like we're stuck on some thought pattern that isn't moving us to good places. Feelings of inadequacy can be brought up again with any squares to Chiron in Aries - and it's important that we don't let society dictate how we feel.

Enjoy your week!!

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