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Horoscope for the week of 12.2 - 12.8 || Jupiter in Capricorn

Greetings loved ones! I hope that you are all doing well. This week the Sagittarius new moon really came in to clean up a lot of the emotional turmoil we were feeling heading into the week. We close out the week with the new moon in Sagittarius which felt like such a clean reset - where we were able to appreciate the beauty and the meaning in these last few weeks which has been quite blessed. We're really closing out Jupiter in Sagittarius which has been a really wonderful transit to behold where manifestation has become instant and even through the tougher lessons, there's been this thread of wonder, positivity and almost childlike amusement.

This week, Jupiter moves into Capricorn on Tuesday which provides a very different vibe. Jupiter goes from being at home to not being very comfortable - it's easier to become a little bit more pessimistic during a Jupiter in Capricorn transit but on the other hand, what a beautiful opportunity for those of us who have been consistently participating in the "work" (inner and outer) to be rewarded for our efforts. Jupiter in Capricorn is going to add a new dimension to the dense planetary energies currently in Capricorn - and gives us promise for a better tomorrow. We are able to easily manipulate time with Jupiter in Capricorn, rather than feeling perhaps at the mercy of time or that there's not enough time. I'll cover more on this transit through each sign down below. We start off the week on Monday, still in Sagittarius season and the moon in Aquarius. This is the final day to make use of the Jupiter in Sagittarius transit - and we have two very light, optimistic (or at the very least, neutral) signs for the moon and the sun to be in. This is lovely and does offer a fair amount of balanced momentum. Mars in Scorpio will be trining the North Node in Cancer, which does show us plainly the next right thing for us to do - Mars is all about action and I think with these water signs at play we'll be able to feel into that next step. Venus is going to align with the South Node in Capricorn which offers an opportunity to close out some karma in our relationships - which for some, does indicate the ending of a partnership but for others can indicate more stability and grounding. Pay attention to what your intuition and your body both are telling you about who you're sharing space with in that way.

Tuesday is a big day as Jupiter moves into Capricorn! This is where we can take all of those concepts, ideas, lofty thoughts and manifested opportunities and bring them into reality. Jupiter traditionally doesn't like to be in Capricorn - and this ease we've been experiencing on some level with Jupiter in Sagittarius, in its home sign, will shift into a season where we really have to create our own luck for ourselves. With Jupiter in Sagittarius we can coast and rely on the Universe, we can kinda forget about our work because we know that it will all work out - there's a faith and a certainty there. The hard work is what is going to bring us luck under this transit for the next year (until December 19th, 2020) - and we can really ground all of the things that we've been learning.

Also, I'd like to point out that for the last few years, Jupiter has followed Saturn pretty closely - really healing and blessing the space where we've taken a lesson. Jupiter brings ease and expansion, so this arena of Capricorn, hard work, determination, will soon be met with ease! Let's still remember that the North Node, our what we're collectively learning, is in Cancer - so we're being asked to really show tenderness and vulnerability still - towards ourselves and toward others. Capricorn in its shadowy expression can believe that the end justifies the means, and that couldn't be further from what we're learning right now. Check out how Jupiter in Capricorn will affect you specifically, based on your rising sign, down below.

Also on Tuesday, Mercury in Scorpio will be making a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn - this already happened when Mercury went through its retrograde station, so really this is just sealing in the authentic truth that bubbled to the surface from October 31st - November 20th. This simply reinforces what we already know, especially if we're paying attention to the breadcrumbs as they're dropped before us and we aren't avoiding ourselves and whatever our "work" is (different for every single person, which is why getting an astrology reading can be so useful!).

Also on Tuesday, Venus in Capricorn will reach out to Mars in Scorpio in a sextile aspect - this is a positive, commitment oriented and serious sextile that shows us very plainly what we can get serious about in our lives and what actually has some potential to be made real. It's so easy when Neptune is still pretty still in Pisces to get lost in some kind of dream or an illusion and this sextile will plainly speaking help us to cut the shit and see what is most real - but with the moon coming into Pisces, there is a side street available to us where we close our eyes and ears and ignore what on some level we already know.

There are a few days, Wednesday and Thursday, without some major transits so we can really integrate the shift of Jupiter from Sagittarius to Capricorn. I'm not going to lie - I'm a Sagittarius rising and I'm pretty sure I'm going to grieve this transit, as much as I try to stay in neutrality when it comes to the planetary alignments. It can take us a few days to settle into a bigger planetary shift.

On Friday, the moon moves into the sign of Aries which brings a lot of fire and life into the beginning of our weekend. This can definitely feel really good as the Sun will make a trine to this moon in Aries - bringing a lot of momentum, spontaneity and inspiration into our space.

Sunday is one of those days that are full of nuance with a few difficult squares. Jupiter in Capricorn will be squaring Chiron in Aries which is kind of a doozy. Chiron in Aries is bringing up a lot of ego stuff for everyone - which looks different for everyone. Aries as a sign is very personal to us - very close to us - and so on a day like Sunday, as Capricorn is a sign that is very outward, like some of our personal stuff is put on display a little bit. I think what this aspect calls for is really embracing the fact that we're all human - that we all have "stuff" and no one is exempt from that. Some people are moving through this long transit of Chiron in Aries realizing they have neglected themselves in some ways. Others are moving through this transit of Chiron in Aries realizing they've created a false self that is no longer necessary or useful for them. Down with the personas, into the nitty gritty of why we are the way that we are. Jupiter is going to make us feel a little bit exposed - and I think that we can also embrace that when we see it in others as well - not just having compassion for ourselves, but for others.

Also on Sunday, we're kinda prone towards not seeing things how they really actually are. Jupiter is expanding the reality of the situation in Capricorn, and yet the Sun in Sagittarius which is still pretty fanciful and curious will be making a square aspect to Neptune in Pisces - which points to not seeing ourselves in a situation - not seeing what we're contributing or not contributing to certain parts of our lives. It's good to just not think about yourself on Sunday because that could take you into a whole afternoon - key into the creative and spiritual potential instead.

Venus in Capricorn will be sextiling Neptune in Pisces - so even our most fanciful dreams and illusions may not be able to sustain us - this is a time where escapism is on the chopping block because there's a lot of realities (with Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, the South Node and Pluto in Capricorn) that we simply as a collective and on a personal level have to face right now. The moon will be in Taurus as well which will really help us to ground and settle on a day with so much nuance. Spend Sunday in reflection - but don't drown in it. Sunday is really a day that you have to pass through your own individual filter - if you're a person that is too keyed into the reality of the situation and hypercritical of yourself, you'll take a different course of action and self-care than someone who is a natural escapist and gets wrapped up in illusion easily.

Jupiter in Capricorn in the signs: (look at your rising sign if you know it)

Capricorn: this transit for you will really give you a sense of warmth - the way that you are, your personality and identity and your vision for the future are going to get uplifted - perhaps you may have had to face some difficult truths and disillusionment, which is nothing new for you, but Jupiter comes into really bring that to the surface and heal it.

Aquarius: this transit for you brings some light and life into the struggle that has been real for you for the past two years - you guys have been going through quite a dark night of the soul, where you're asked to really surrender everything that doesn't serve you anymore - this Jupiter in Capricorn transit will help to sweep that space up and will make it easier.

Pisces: this transit for you will help you to find the right people in your life after perhaps feeling like your tribe and community is nowhere to be found - perhaps you've had to let some friends go - or maybe you've just been in a Universe-imposed period of alone time so that you can feel reconnected and reunited with your folks during this Jupiter transit.

Aries: this transit for you is going to bring some ease into your career, which has been kind of an uphill battle. Perhaps over the last few years it's been hard to get work done because you get called away, or maybe you've been dealing with a period of unemployment or a lack of clients. This will go ahead and allow for all of your hard work to pay off, with patience and practicality.

Taurus: Jupiter in Capricorn comes in to heal any disillusionment as far as your belonging and space in the world, trust in the Universal plan and brings you lots of opportunities for travel (though I'd wait until February if it were me).

Gemini: This transit comes into the part of the sky for you that has to do with transformation, deep emotion and intimacy - Gemini rising folks have kinda been going through it, really having to face up to their limits emotionally - and Jupiter comes in to heal that space and any other trauma around shared space and intimacy with others.

Cancer: This transit will bring some much needed luck and levity into your relationship life - while you still may be facing some hurdles in the beginning of next year, you'll be feeling a little bit more hopeful - this makes for good reparations of a relationship you may deem to be broken or could bring someone new into your space, depending on your situation.

Leo: For you, this will bring so much more ease into your body and into your schedule - Leo risings have been really pushing themselves, really working hard, really busy - and coming up against their limits, both in their body and in how many things they can possibly fit into their schedule. I'd say that this will bring some ease and flow into daily life.

Virgo: This Jupiter transit will invite you to take the stick out of your butt (I can't help myself sometimes) - a lot of Virgo rising people had to grow up quickly and can tend to have a hard time letting go, relaxing, tapping into that creative well - this transit offers you an opportunity to break through some personal barriers with that and also lends understanding in relationships with children.

Libra: For you, Jupiter will bless the house that relates to home, both physical and emotional - so if you've been trying to sell property or move on a mundane level, this is a better time - though I'd still wait until February to make any major changes if I were you. On an emotional level, this offers effortless healing around what occurred in childhood and really gives you an advantage in recreating the inner temple that has been really been decomposed to be rebuilt in the last year.

Scorpio: Jupiter will give you the ability to finally speak on something that you've been holding in for so long! It will also give you the gift of mental clarity and space, ease in learning and perhaps even a desire and a marked desire to be kinder to yourself inside of your own head.

Sagittarius: This is you, finally realizing your worthiness after the last two years which has perhaps caused you to question your value. This will sink in on a cellular level and really allow you to accept tangible opportunities and cash money - a well-needed breakthrough is coming as far as both self-worth and personal finances.

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