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Horoscope for the week of 12.16 - 12.22 ||

Good morning everyone! Happy Moon-day :)

We're still in the throws of the Jupiter-Uranus transit, bringing surprises, blessings and rewards especially if you've been participating in your work here on earth. Venus moved between Saturn and Pluto last week as well, causing some discomfort and transformation within relationships - we're likely feeling pretty different after just a week of some big changes.

The full moon in Gemini was a huge moment of intensity last week as well - I know a lot of people that figured out on a deeper level what their truth was - and I am one of those people! I also know a lot of people that participated in a big catharsis of some kind. The moon begins the week in Leo, and today (Monday, 12.16) the moon will trine the Sun in Sagittarius which creates a really lively, spontaneous and happy energy - I think of the signs Leo and Sagittarius as celebrators of life, so perhaps if you're catching this on Monday - take the time to celebrate yourself and those around you.

Tuesday, the moon moves into Virgo which creates a good emotional atmosphere for getting things done - it can make those of us who are hardwired to be perfectionists a little bit critical of ourselves and others so if that is you, be mindful of that :)

Wednesday, the moon will square the Sun in Sagittarius - which can really exaggerate both our desire to be free, to roam, to explore, to find expansion and our desire to do it the right way - we may find ourselves caught between our freedom and our commitments. I think with transits like this it's key to know where you fall - are you in a lifetime where you're learning how to be more diligent and service oriented or are you in a lifetime where you're learning to allow yourself to have a little bit more freedom? Always pass this and all other horoscopes both through your own tendencies and own inner knowing.

On Thursday, Mars in Scorpio will sextile Capricorn for what would otherwise be a really good day to commit to taking the next step with supported action, but with Mercury in Sagittarius or our logical mind making a square aspect to Neptune in Pisces, it'll be hard to see clearly what it is that we need to do. This aspect moves off rather quickly and the way to best navigate this energy is just to write everything that seems like a good idea down for a few days, give it a little bit of mental space and then proceed. If you meditate, Thursday is a good day to meditate because we'll need that extra dose of clarity and realism - meditation will help you key into the Mars-Saturn sextile, especially of the grounding variety.

The moon will move into Libra on Thursday which will cause us to crave a balance that can be hard to strike under these cosmic times - be mindful early on Thursday of deferring to others because the moon will be opposing wounded healer Chiron in Aries. This is a great moon transit for stopping to see the beauty, maybe embracing some creativity which will move nicely with the Mercury-Neptune square - but it's important to remember to keep your locus of control inside of you.

Friday, loving Venus enters freedom-oriented, friendly sign of Aquarius! Venus feels a certain sense of relief coming out of Capricorn - that was quite the journey she went through moving over the South Node, Saturn and Pluto - and so now, with Venus moving into Aquarius we can really implement some of the obvious changes that were called for during Venus' movement through Capricorn. This gives us a good ability to see things with neutral eyes and maybe even get a new perspective on our current situation.

Saturday the Sun moves into Capricorn & it's the darkest day of the whole year! Much like the leaves on trees, during this season we experience our own form of shedding and the solstice is really the height of that. Compounding this shedding and releasing process is Saturn and Pluto drawing closer and closer together - so the release is much different this time. Like the Judgment card in the tarot, this Capricorn season is really going to call for big resolutions and closes of difficult and karmic situations. It may be intense but we have each other <3

Venus, recently in Aquarius, will also be making a few aspects that are of note on Saturday and I'm looking at these aspects and the revolutionary inside of me who is obsessed with personal freedom and autonomy is getting really excited for it. Venus will be making a sextile to Chiron in Aries, which really allows us to feel that we can really do things our own way without feeling bad about it - I think this sextile will be healing, but the square from Venus in Aquarius to Uranus in Taurus will bring a bit of a destabilizing feeling. We can be who we want to be to the fullest, and our circle will get smaller because folks aren't always trying to encourage our wholeness or fullness. Showing up as your sovereign, whole and fullest self is a way to weed out those in your life who depend on you being codependent, fragmented and minimized. Let them fall away.

Sunday brings some intensity with a sextile from Mars in Scorpio to Pluto in Capricorn - this is a boost from the Universe to bust through your self-imposed limitations and to put yourself into a completely authentic situation.

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