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Horoscope for the week of 12.13 - 12.19 || full moon in Gemini + Venus retrograde

Hello! I hope you're taking it easy and having a good day so far, whenever this finds you.

This last week was a big one!

Venus is getting ready to station retrograde at the end of this week, on December 19th in the sign of Capricorn. There have been years and years of significant transits through Capricorn that we've all lived through, since 2008, since 2017, since 2020. In 2008, Pluto moved into Capricorn. In 2017, Saturn moved into Capricorn. In 2020, Jupiter moved into Capricorn and Saturn conjoined both Jupiter and Pluto. So in the part of our charts where we all have Capricorn we have been experiencing some kind of massive deconstruction, and opportunity to find and configure our own authority so we can stand solidly in it and not get swayed by any external authority ~ to stand firmly in our power in some parts of our lives, in spite of the deconstruction that is going on.

These cycles of conjunctions that opened up in Capricorn in 2020 are long (13 - 33 years!) and we're just beginning to see them get really started, so I literally couldn't think of a better time than this Venus retrograde, currently conjunct Pluto, to review what is *actually* important to the journey of our soul in this time and what isn't. Here we become very discriminating against what is not for our highest and best and we feel like we need to cut off what is disempowering to us.

Last week, Mercury and the Sun in Sagittarius both were squaring Neptune in Pisces... so this week as the Sun moves forward I think it'll be interesting to see how some of what we were buying into pans out. Like I said, there is a great impetus with Venus in Capricorn and Mars finishing out in Scorpio to stay serious/grounded.

Mars is finishing out its transit through Scorpio at the 29th degree as we speak, first coming up against kind of an un-balancing square to Jupiter in Aquarius. We all have something we know is right that we know we want from a deep space and there was potential to get thrown off the scent of that in my eyes with this square. All of these aspects from last week have moved off, so dance, move, shake them off, literally!

Monday (today, the day that I am writing this) Mars moves into Sagittarius! This is where we rev up a little bit in terms of our belief systems and our ideologies. Mars will come into a conjunction with the South Node on Wednesday, 12.13... so it's very important not to get super locked into rigid dogmas or philosophies with Mars in Sagittarius as that can be the tendency. People could be quicker to anger under this Mars, but there's so much more spontaneous energy that opens up. Since Mars is moving from Scorpio to Sagittarius, may make sitting down, focusing & getting things done a touch more difficult but this does amp up the fun and the spontaneity and especially the adaptability that I think we'll need towards the end of December.

Mercury also moves into Capricorn, eventually joining forces with Venus and Pluto as well today! (Monday). This is where our mind goes into more of a skeptical, reserved, cautious space and it becomes about generating and building where we are with what we have. We become more practical about what we initiate and in my opinion this is a great transit for the thinkers out there ~ as well as to bring what is spirited (Mars in Scorpio-Sagittarius) into form.

We start out the week with the moon in Aries which will give us a great deal of get up and go energy on Monday, though Tuesday as the moon squares Pluto and Venus in Capricorn we could feel a sense of FOMO, or left out, or somehow at odds with what it is that we want or in our relationships.

The moon moves into Taurus on Wednesday which will give us one day of really good grounding, the ability to easily key into and out of a space of pleasure and feeling the earth underneath our feet. Thursday, the moon will move into a conjunction with Uranus and a square to Saturn which could have us feeling emotionally uncomfortable, where we need to take some kind of internal risk but there's circumstances that feel as though they're blocking that, though this influence is transient and won't last very long. The reverberations of it come back up when Saturn and Uranus square exactly on December 24th, the final Saturn-Uranus square of the year, highlighting the restructuring we've been going through all year!

Friday the moon moves into Gemini, gearing up for this full moon in Gemini! This is a true closing of the door, the final big moon phase in Sagittarius season, so there is this sense of gaining closure about what you've learned in the last 18 months since the North Node moved into Gemini and the South Node moved into Sagittarius in May of 2020. This is the cycle we're beginning to close out, the door is beginning to close ~ and with Mars sweeping through Sagittarius for the rest of the month of December and into January this is a big closing of a door as well.

This full moon in Gemini I would love for you to locate the house that Gemini is in your chart and write down some things you'd like to say goodbye to in your life and in your experience that that house represents, because January 18th, 2022 the nodes will change from Taurus to Scorpio and we'll move into a new type of collective and personal backdrop.

Communication can feel pretty rough which is not ideal for the full moon in Gemini and the reason I say this is because Mercury, the despositor of this full moon in Gemini, is in Capricorn squaring Chiron in Aries, so there could be some weaknesses and vulnerabilities that are poked at under this type of square. Really good to ensure that if you have something to communicate, that you say it to a person who is safe, or write it down for yourself. Self-preservation is a theme for this weekend.

Sunday, December 19th, Venus stations retrograde until January 19th! Collectively reviewing how we feel about institutions, money, values, resources, and individually reconsidering where we've given our power away ~ in our relationships, in life and this is a correction period where we can realize that we were misguided on something and re-route or make more "sober" choices. Venus will station retrograde right on top of Pluto, so a transformative end to December is most certainly upon us. Pluto has to do with power, control... so we are collectively dealing with these issues as well!

Sunday Chiron also stations direct in Aries which means that we will begin to see the impact of our inward looking in the last xix months since Chiron has been retrograde. Chiron in Aries is bringing up vulnerabilities within the INDIVIDUAL ~ which is where all of the "work" is right now, as well as the least collective attention. Very important to continue to heal and look inward.

And the moon will move into the sign of Cancer for a nice, tense cardinal t-square to end the weekend with. Emotions run high under this moon sign, and with the square to Chiron and the opposition to Mercury, Venus and Pluto Sunday & Monday, this could be a time where we feel a bit too vulnerable and we may seek insulation in these few days. <3

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Have a great week,


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