Horoscope for the week of 11.25 - 12.1 || Venus direct, new moon in Sagittarius, Neptune Direct

Greetings loved ones! I hope that you are having a good evening so far, or whenever you're reading this. It's certainly been an interesting beginning of Sagittarius season with a dark moon in Scorpio, currently bringing up some of our more compulsive pieces, around intimacy, relationships and perhaps where we feel inadequate inside (not to worry, this is a transient effect produced by the moon that will move off as it becomes new on Tuesday) while the Venus & Jupiter conjunction is exact raining down blessings in parts of our lives after Mercury stationed direct in Scorpio providing a lot of closure or certainty around something we've been working on transforming for years.

This week, the shifts continue - I encourage you to continue to make use of this Jupiter in Sagittarius transit, even and especially in its final degrees, while it prepares to move into Capricorn from December 3rd 2019 until December 18th 2020. The Jupiter in Capricorn transit is going to reveal a lot of hard work- not just outer work but internal work as well- being rewarded and laziness, or a lack of any kind of discipline, isn't going to be rewarded quite as much. Jupiter in Sagittarius can be rewarded by the Universe for simply taking up space, whereas I definitely think this Jupiter in Capricorn transit will require more from us. Capricorn represents time, so I do get the sense that this will be a bigger inquiry - the more we've done whatever work is important for us, the more we've heeded the signs of spirit, the more blessed we will be - use the next week and a half to get excited about some things to do, projects to work on and envision yourself making those connections - then, December 3rd, the rubber meets the road.