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Horoscope for the week of 11.25 - 12.1 || Venus direct, new moon in Sagittarius, Neptune Direct

Greetings loved ones! I hope that you are having a good evening so far, or whenever you're reading this. It's certainly been an interesting beginning of Sagittarius season with a dark moon in Scorpio, currently bringing up some of our more compulsive pieces, around intimacy, relationships and perhaps where we feel inadequate inside (not to worry, this is a transient effect produced by the moon that will move off as it becomes new on Tuesday) while the Venus & Jupiter conjunction is exact raining down blessings in parts of our lives after Mercury stationed direct in Scorpio providing a lot of closure or certainty around something we've been working on transforming for years.

This week, the shifts continue - I encourage you to continue to make use of this Jupiter in Sagittarius transit, even and especially in its final degrees, while it prepares to move into Capricorn from December 3rd 2019 until December 18th 2020. The Jupiter in Capricorn transit is going to reveal a lot of hard work- not just outer work but internal work as well- being rewarded and laziness, or a lack of any kind of discipline, isn't going to be rewarded quite as much. Jupiter in Sagittarius can be rewarded by the Universe for simply taking up space, whereas I definitely think this Jupiter in Capricorn transit will require more from us. Capricorn represents time, so I do get the sense that this will be a bigger inquiry - the more we've done whatever work is important for us, the more we've heeded the signs of spirit, the more blessed we will be - use the next week and a half to get excited about some things to do, projects to work on and envision yourself making those connections - then, December 3rd, the rubber meets the road.

Venus moves into Capricorn on Monday (November 25th) which will be quite a clarifying transit as she moves over the South Node on December 3rd for a big resolution of karmic relationships and karma within relationships - especially around where we've unconsciously or consciously given our power away. Venus will move over Saturn on December 11th - and a few days prior and after, it will be time to get really clear about our expectations of those that we're in relationship with, to be honest with ourselves and others on what our experience is - Saturn also has a karmic component but really invites a call to get real - to see what is actually realistic and reasonable for our lives and what can only work in potential. We can also come up against our personal limitations in relationships and where we aren't able to show up fully. Venus will connect with Pluto on December 13th which will certainly be an opportunity to transform all that has come up in the days prior, but also can bring some compulsive behavior if that's a tendency of yours - watch closely for feelings of not-enoughness during this transit.

Tuesday heralds a beautiful promise of tomorrow as the dark moon phase in Scorpio resolves some dissonance and is born anew as it connects with the Sun in the sign of Sagittarius. This is really going to be a beautiful, helpful new moon that can offer a lot of ancient wisdom and vision if we're able to see and hear it, which does require following your whimsy and your courage to wander, to roam and to expand. This can offer some manifestation potential as well, since Venus will certainly still be in earshot from Jupiter in an out-of-sign conjunction. Set your intentions for this new cycle, for 2020 and definitely if it's Sunday or Monday and yup're reading this and you have some heaviness on your heart, this can really move and shift and change a good amount between now and Tuesday.

Wednesday, Neptune stations direct! I honestly have been feeling like the Neptune-Lillith conjunction in Pisces with Neptune all the way "stopped" and ready to move forward has been a little bit of a side street, or perhaps an escape or an illusion, that has the potential to take us off of our path. I think that Lillith and Neptune is tapping in a little bit to the collective brokenness, where we all feel just a little bit lost because we've never been where we are before. I feel that getting lost in a dream, or getting lost into a person, getting lost into a substance or even, frankly, getting lost in one Netflix series after the other. I know the experiences we're having right now aren't necessarily savory or comfortable - but I think this Neptune direct transit is an opportunity to reconnect - to reconnect with our spirit, to reconnect our spirit to our body and to become more embodied and more present rather than less.

Also on Wednesday, Venus in Capricorn will make a square aspect to Chiron in Aries - under the same alignment that Neptune is stationing direct. The classic way that this all could play out is realizing the ways that we've been acting unconsciously in our relationships, the painful awareness that comes with that at times - and it's going to be kind of hard to stay awake to that realization - sometimes to be conscious of something can be painful, but eventually can be healing if we allow it time and space to be held and honored. It's common under Chiron in Aries to realize that we've been neglecting major parts of ourselves - that you and all of the archetypes inside of you need to have a meeting to ensure that everyone is being represented. Venus in Capricorn is calling a lot to the table - so be sure to show yourself so much love and so much compassion on Wednesday.

Thursday, Mercury in Scorpio will be making a trine to Neptune in Pisces - which does offer a direct healing on what was coming up for us on Wednesday - healing, insight with ease and grace. We've done a lot of work on wherever Scorpio is in your chart - whatever issue that has been plaguing us for the last ten years, calling us to keep working, diving deep and transforming around it. We're able to really see that problem through new eyes- through a Divine perspective, if we're open to seeing that and not escaping into an illusion or a dream of something happening that would require a good bit of forcing.

Venus in Capricorn is getting electrocuted with a positive trine to Uranus in Taurus on Thursday as well - Venus in Capricorn as its own placement can be super critical of itself, has a lot of learning lessons to go through in love - and so I kind of get this visual of Uranus being this bad@ss rebel coming into Venus in Capricorn's life to really shake up the fuss - maybe Venus in Capricorn tries psychedelics or a radical breathwork practice for the first time and so she's really able to see things from a different perspective - that maybe we are all worthy (Uranus in Taurus deals with matters of worth/value) and that love doesn't have to be this huge struggle. Maybe if it were meant to be, it would be easy - if you're in a situation like that, this is a time to really anchor with someone, to commit fully if you're going to commit at all to a situation, and also to examine where you may desire more freedom in areas you feel restricted. The moon will join Venus in Capricorn on Thursday, will aspect Chiron and Uranus in a similar fashion as Venus, so we're going to be experiencing all of this on a very emotional level - so do whatever you need to do to shift the emotions that come up that aren't yours, to find the bigger perspective and neutrality through the emotional tumult that may come up.

Saturday, Mercury in Scorpio will be making a sextile to Saturn in Capricorn, as it did when it was in a retrograde station, so we're really able to get serious and sit still on Saturday with whatever needs to get done, both internal and external. I'd say these are the most serious signs in the zodiac, so do try to keep it light, not losing the vision through the things that need to be done urgently. This is also a really good aspect for really deliberate, clear communication, keeping in mind that the moon will move over Saturn and Pluto on this day as well so on the flip side, we may find ourselves a bit triggered.

Sunday, the moon lightens up into Aquarius so that we can find that higher level perspective and get some clarity through space on some of the things that have potentially been bogging us down. Jupiter prepares to move into Capricorn next week, so it's recommended that you take advantage of the ease of manifestation that Jupiter in Sagittarius provides.

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Enjoy your week <3


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