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Horoscope for the week of 11.18 - 11.24 || Mercury direct, Mars in Scorpio, Sagittarius season

Good evening (or whenever you're reading this!) I'm really excited to share this weeks horoscope with you guys because there are some really exciting, lucky and positive aspects coming up, specifically on Monday, November 25th where Venus and Jupiter align in Sagittarius eerily close to the Galactic Center. Jupiter is moving out of Sagittarius very soon so it's important that we seize this moment, using our vision and our manifesting capacity to the fullest extent. We'll be more effective from our altars and meditation cushions than out in the world trying to force something to fit - what is really aligned and working has been making itself incredibly known and what is not meant for us is like trying to fall away, if only we could loosen our grip on that and really enjoy the blessings presently being offered ;)

The full moon in Taurus last week was a super high-energy and impactful day that really came in to create a shift we all needed. We're understanding on a deeper level not to settle for less than we are worth - in all aspects of life- and how to really bring the vision into reality.

On Monday, the moon moves into Leo, creating a square to the Sun that will be more influential on Tuesday. The moon in Leo brings light and creativity and can feel a little bit harshed by the intensity of Scorpio season - this on the flip side can be huge at shining a bright light in dark places, possibly illuminating things we would rather keep hidden.

Tuesday we get off of the fence for real as Mars moves into the sign of Scorpio - Mars LOVES to be in Scorpio because sexual energy runs high, because we're able to act on our authentic truth and in a practical sense, concentration and desire for inner knowledge and awareness as well as external achievement will be supported. Triggers run high and this energy lends itself well to holding onto and ruminating on grudges, so if you're a grudge holder and you know that about yourself, that can be helpful to be aware of.

On Wednesday, Mercury stations direct in Scorpio - still has about a seven day shadow period. So now, not only do we have Mars pushing the transformation forward, but now Mercury is going to be direct so we can expect not to have to watch out for all of those technological things on a mundane level, but on an existential level this is HUGE for our growth - we're wrapping up a cycle of nonbeneficial behavior that originated in 2010 - we've been burning through this for the last decade and now it's time to really decide what you want to take into the next decade with you. The ride or die people that understand and accept you, who also hold you accountable, that job or career or partner that makes you smile so wide that you literally can't get your shit together - focus on the things that are already working right now and prepare for some forward momentum, especially if you've been staying with the work and the uncomfortable emotions that arise. (good for you!)

Also on Wednesday, the moon moves into Virgo which gives a certain sense of anxiety, though the moon in Virgo really gets along with all of the Scorpio energy going on in the sky. Wednesday and Thursday are really well-suited to objectivity and checking the boxes off of the list as well as being of service in meaningful ways under this transient transit.

Friday commences Sagittarius season! The Sun moves into the sign of the archer which really widens our frame of reference, brings us up from the underground temporarily so that we can see the improvements and things to be excited about above the surface. Next year, the South Node will be in Sagittarius encouraging us to all stay put for a while, and Jupiter will be exiting Sagittarius before we know it, so enjoy the curiosity and the desire to wander and instant manifestation that the first week of this season provides.

The moon will move into Libra on Friday as well so we'll all be feeling quite light and social - keeping an eye on the small ways we can tend to go against ourselves or give our power away all the while, just because the moon will square Saturn and Pluto that are getting closer and closer to each other and will conjunct exactly on January 11th of 2020 - which will be HUGE for us on so many levels - collective and personal. It's important that while we are out and about, enjoying the social vibes we invite in the weekend with, that we still remain sovereign and senior, only giving a crap about what we want to give a crap about, not allowing anyone to put us in a position to invalidate ourselves. (Mic drop)

Sunday the moon will move into Scorpio, joining Mars for some serious steam heat to close out the weekend with - as well as perhaps some overwhelming emotion - these things tend to coincide nicely : ) hehe

Enjoy your week lovelies! This is a generally very positive and fertile time so step wisely.

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