Horoscope for the week of 11.11 - 11.17 ||

Greetings earth angels and loved ones! I hope that you're all having a fantastic day so far, whenever you're reading this. Last week, we had a turbulent beginning to the week with a Mars-Pluto square, having to transform our roles and beliefs about relationships and power dynamics within them and also being called to get off of the fence and into a more authentic truth.

Then, this past weekend we were blessed with a gorgeous Saturn-Neptune sextile aspect, which showed us very clearly where we're supposed to be. We should go where the momentum is carrying us right now - in a direction that is grounded and clear, rather than to exorcise the stuff of our past so that we can live out that cycle and loop just one more time. We've really been noticing this year what is for us on a grounded level and what simply just feels addictive or illusory - what is really good for the likes of our soul and what is feeding our traumatized selves - it's reallly making itself known both with this Saturn-Neptune sextile but also this Mercury retrograde period.