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Horoscope for the week of 11.11 - 11.17 ||

Greetings earth angels and loved ones! I hope that you're all having a fantastic day so far, whenever you're reading this. Last week, we had a turbulent beginning to the week with a Mars-Pluto square, having to transform our roles and beliefs about relationships and power dynamics within them and also being called to get off of the fence and into a more authentic truth.

Then, this past weekend we were blessed with a gorgeous Saturn-Neptune sextile aspect, which showed us very clearly where we're supposed to be. We should go where the momentum is carrying us right now - in a direction that is grounded and clear, rather than to exorcise the stuff of our past so that we can live out that cycle and loop just one more time. We've really been noticing this year what is for us on a grounded level and what simply just feels addictive or illusory - what is really good for the likes of our soul and what is feeding our traumatized selves - it's reallly making itself known both with this Saturn-Neptune sextile but also this Mercury retrograde period.

Monday is November or 11/11 - which is a really good number for manifesting and engaging with activities of a higher order like meditation, consciousness and healing work -I do believe on some level that certain days have heightened potential- so we want to spend this day wisely. The Sun in Scorpio could be highlighting some painful truths that we're stumbling upon with Mercury retrograde Scorpio forming a conjunction and the moon will move into Taurus, gearing us up for the full moon, exact on Tuesday. This is all about really letting go of unhealthy attachments or impediments to us seeing our truest worth. We'll be working on our worthiness and possessiveness under this full moon for sure. I'll post a blog post soon about how this full moon is going to affect each sign.

Also on Tuesday, Mars in Libra makes a happy aspect to Jupiter in Sagittarius, really giving us a nice dash of momentum, as if we'd need it with the full moon already being somewhat close to Uranus - we're able to talk to others openly and freely- this will just set a nice, jovial mood for the day of the electrical full moon.

Wednesday, Mercury retrograde in Scorpio will make a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn, indicating some major truths to rise up to the surface in a way that won't be too harsh or too much - in a way that allows us to see it and adapt to it. The Sun in Scorpio will also be making a sextile over to Saturn in Capricorn - where we're called to really commit to things that are authentic for us and draw boundaries around what we're willing and ready to commit ourselves to on our path forward.

Mercury in Scorpio will be trining over to Neptune in Pisces on Wednesday as well which will intensify creativity and promote healing - it may also promote not exactly seeing through the clearest eyes or an amplification of rose colored glasses because Mercury and Neptune are both in retrograde stations - we're using this Mercury retrograde station to break patterns - not keep going with the same ones.

The moon will move into Gemini on Wednesday which sometimes can come with heightened nerves and overthinking each action - we can tend to be quite productive but sometimes we can scatter our efforts and become anxious. Use your grounding tools on Wednesday.

Speaking of rose-colored glasses, Venus in Sagittarius will square Neptune in Pisces on Thursday - we just want to make sure that we're seeing the dynamics in our relationships really clearly under this alignment because it's easy to really ignore your instincts and believe in the dream of someone in your life, be it a friend, partner or otherwise- Venus in Sagittarius really wants to believe the best about people and sometimes Neptune can cloud discernment when it's in a square aspect to Venus - we're watching our projections and our mannerisms and examining them closely - do your best not to fall asleep or escape. The moon in Gemini will oppose Venus and square Neptune as well, and so it's important not to overextend, over-promise and under-deliver, thinking we need to do things to create love in our life when love is a birthright we can receive just by being.

Friday, the moon moves into Cancer. The moon will conjoin with the North Node, also in Cancer, so this weekend is a really good time to nurture ourselves - this is our lesson under this North Node. By connecting with our emotions, when in working order function as our pendulum, we're able to feel into what is good for us and what is not - and by addressing our own triggers and working through them so they don't trigger us anymore, we only become stronger, more centered and more empowered - which is really the work for the next few months, until the North Node moves into Gemini in May.

Hope that you all have a lovely week and that it's exactly what you need it to be <3

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