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Horoscope for the week of 10.7 - 10.13 ||

Grand rising loved ones! I hope that you are having a great day so far. To recap some of the energy from the last week, there have been a lot of squares from planets in Libra (Mercury, the Sun, Venus, now Mars) to planets in Capricorn (Saturn, the South Node, Pluto) - so the last few weeks have felt challenging at times. We've really learned exactly what we can control and what we cannot, that's for sure. Pluto stationed direct which has brought a lot of transformation that may have been slowed down or on pause and Mercury moved into Scorpio which invites a probing and psychological way of thinking and speaking to each other. We will find the truth and see what is beneath the surface under this alignment.

On Monday, Mercury in Scorpio making an opposition to Uranus in Taurus. Mercury in Scorpio on some level desires change - it desires to see that which make most people uncomfortable and Uranus in Taurus is all about destabilization and losing our "foundation" so that we can build one that's better, more solid.

Also on Monday, the Sun in Libra moves into a square with Saturn in Capricorn - and under this kind of alignment it can be very easy to notice all that we haven't yet done, where we're falling short in our relationships and to criticize the crap out of ourselves - Saturn is simply showing us where we can stand to improve so it may be a very clarifying day where you understand where you need to get serious in your life - what can be committed to and what you can allow to fall away.

Monday the moon moves into Aquarius which does give us a nice, transient enhanced perspective on our lives without taking it all too seriously - Aquarius is one of the signs of the absurdist (I'd say with Sagittarius). This will help us in the cosmic weather that could be "serious" or "jolting" (in terms of the other two aspects listed above).

On Tuesday, Venus joins Mercury in the sign of Scorpio! Venus has a little bit of a challenging time in Scorpio because Scorpio is ruled by the planet Mars. Venus in Scorpio transits bring light to where we're operating from our woundedness - where we could be compulsive at times, leaning a little in the avoidant or anxious direction. This placement can really transform our relationships if we allow the truth to come forward about us and our situation- if we can let ourselves be guided into having some of the more challenging conversations, we'll really understand how resilient our relationships are.

Also on Tuesday, Mars newly in Libra will oppose Chiron in Aries - this is kind of a challenging aspect - orbiting Chiron can have a wounding and a healing influence and this reads in a way that the wound can be around how we're able to assert ourselves to others, and areas that are out of balance in our lives can rise to the surface to be seen. It's possible to feel exposed under an alignment like this - may as well make each action authentic - from the inside out rather than the outside in.

On Thursday, 10.10 (this number relates to the end of some cycle) the moon moves into Pisces which is where we get our escape on for a few days under this transient lunar alignment. Matters of creativity, dreaming, idealism and spirituality become heightened under this moon.

On Saturday, Mercury in Scorpio makes a positive aspect to the North Node in Cancer which really accentuates and amplifies our ability to be kind and nurturing toward ourselves as this Mercury sign unveils deeper truths, especially about the stuff of the house Scorpio sits in your chart. Venus in Scorpio is being opposed by Uranus in Taurus so again this brings up the concept from Monday of uncovering certain things that are "uncomfortable" or perhaps clash with your concept of yourself or your life or your relationship in some way - perhaps there is a felt shift or change that you're having to adjust to. The whole point of the Uranus in Taurus transit is to show us that the security and comfort we seek lies inside.

The moon will move into Aries which will put us in the full moon window - typically when the full moon begins to build it can cause some overstimulation, anxiety, excitement and a little bit of agitation - and this full moon in Aries which is exact on Sunday is all about our anger and our ability to share ourselves fully with the people we're in relationship with. Examine whether or not you're able to really be yourself in all of your relationships and examine if we're able to show the full range of our emotion with those people! See perhaps too where you're closed off to others, hiding a part of yourself deep inside - let it out : ) Revelations about improving our relationship to ourselves and our relationships to others will come forward so attempt to be observant!

Also on Sunday, the big and beautiful full moon day, Jupiter in Sagittarius and the Sun in Libra will put in some harmony points - this will add a layer of optimism, hope, joviality and love for those who choose to tap into that.

I hope that you have a lovely rest of your week and enjoy your full moon! I'll come back with some full moon interpretations for each sign : )

Take care, Meredith

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