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Horoscope for the week of 10.28 - 11.3 || Mercury retrograde, Venus moves into Sagittarius

Grand rising loved ones! I hope that you're having a great day so far. The likelihood that you're feeling some sort of hangover from the new moon in Scorpio that took place late yesterday (Sunday) evening is quite high as it was an electrifying astrological event, opposing Uranus, planet of change in Taurus. Uranus in Taurus is calling us to question our value and security in situations, moving more towards an internal locus of security rather than seeing that as something that we get from outside. This Scorpio new moon was a lot to do with how safe we feel in our intimate relationships and outside of that, the emotional discomfort that needs to be transformed within before we can experience clarity without, or in the external world. If you set your new moon intentions, you'll see the reverberations of that within the next six months.

Monday, today, the Sun in Scorpio is still making an opposition to Uranus in Taurus, so even though the moon has moved into a waxing phase, past the Sun, this is still a day where anything can happen and a lot can surprise us. This is a great day to be flexible and easygoing, rather than stubborn or rigid about how you think the day should go.

Wednesday, the moon moves into the light-hearted sign of Sagittarius for a shift in our mood that orients us towards the positive and gives us the ability to extract the truth and the meaning from our pain and discomfort so that we can move on and do something with it when the moon comes into Capricorn on Friday. This will also be able to give us more clarity on why things shook down the way they did earlier in the week.

Mercury conjuncts Venus in Scorpio as well on Wednesday, right before Mercury moves into a retrograde station on Thursday. This conjunction brings ease into our conversations and brings balance to situations that may be super imbalanced, which during this Scorpio season may not hold up in court.

Thursday, Mercury stations retrograde in Scorpio! I'm excited for this station because this is closing the door on a cycle that we've been burning through and transforming since 2010! Think of the one thing that has been vexing you that you've done a lot of work around but haven't been able to close the door on for one reason or another because it keeps getting brought up. This is the thing that we'll be closing the door on - the last cobweb in the corner of the attic in our house that has been under renovation for quite a long time. This is not a time to initiate new relationships especially or to return to old relationships that have taught us valuable lessons, but perhaps aren't in our highest good at this time. You're visiting the graveyard, not bringing the dead back to life.

Typically with Mercury retrograde, it's a good idea to give a second look to new opportunities that may seem too good to be true, to avoid signing anything if it's possible, though life goes on all the while. This is a good time to pause and reflect on what has happened, what it's taught you. Technological difficulties are something to be somewhat expected, though stress and tension is absorbed by our technology so if you're moving through this energy with dignity and awareness, you'll know to take a step back and breathe before interacting with any intelligent system, human or technological.

Miscommunications can be taken extremely personally - it's important to be clear on what your authentic truth is before you speak it under this alignment and to be sensitive to the needs of others all the while, though if I had to choose between one or the other for my readers, I'd say that if your truth is something unable to be seen by the person you're interacting with, it's still your truth and your truth is not something to compromise on.

Friday, 11.1 (good repeating number indicative of new beginnings and a fresh new start) Venus moves into Sagittarius which is where our love nature becomes more freedom oriented, and we're beginning to see what is on the horizon and to be curious about what that is. Love of movement and travel abounds during this time, just remember, wherever you go, there you are, especially with this Mercury retrograde station calling us to look at some painful memories of the past one last time. A nice balance can be struck between musing about the future and following our whimsy so-to-speak and between ruminating with grace on the past events that have made us who we are at this point in present time.

The moon will move into Capricorn on Friday, bumping up against some challenging energy with Saturn, Pluto and the South Node on Saturday. When the moon comes into Capricorn it bumps our realistic nature up a few notches - so we can see things as they "really are" as an adult. The thing is, we can see the possibilities more when we see through the eyes of a child. It's great to be realistic and practical, especially for someone as fanciful as myself, but don't allow limitations to prevent you from musing upon your dreams or seeing the good in a situation that calls for it. When the moon bumps up against Saturn, we can have an overstanding of what we're not doing right and we can be especially hard on ourselves. We may have sober realizations, in a positive light, about where we're going and what's going on. The moon conjunct the South Node, especially with this Mercury retrograde station is going to bring up some past feelings, past fears, past events - which in my eyes is just an excuse to dive into our healing work. The moon passing by Pluto will bring big emotions and deep inner realizations about our need for control and how empowered we currently feel. Hold firm on Saturday!

Holding firm will be easier than I just made it sound with the Sun in Scorpio reaching out in a positive light to North Node in Cancer - this indicates a heightened awareness of how to heal ourselves and how to soothe ourselves during a time where we may be feeling uncomfortable. It will make transformation easier and will allow us to see where we can really soften and nurture ourselves. Here for it!

Sunday, Venus in Sagittarius makes a trine to Chiron in Aries - and on this day I invite you to reflect per Mercury's orders on times where in our relationships - not just romantic but also platonic, family, business - where you were not given the freedom to be your truest version of yourself. The moon will be in Aquarius, really supporting this neutral awareness and review. Ideally we wouldn't have to suppress or curtail any parts of our being, even if it is too much or too one way or the other and the right people would align with that once we've allowed ourselves to step into our fullness. Accepting the "too this" or "too that" of yourself in a world that is full of people that are fragmented and suppressing themselves is a really powerful thing and it gives others permission to do the same.

Enjoy your week lovelies!!!

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