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Horoscope for the week of 10.21 - 10.27 ||

Greetings loved ones! I hope that you are all having a beautiful start to your week. Last week definitely served as a respite after the big full moon in Aries! The only difficult aspect was the square from the Sun to Pluto which really caused us to examine our expectations- the way that we manage them and the way that we navigate issues related to power and control.

On Monday (today) Venus in Scorpio will make a healing trine to Neptune in Pisces, causing for a really reflective and dreamy start to the week. It can be hard to pin down plans and work in the "real world" but this is a really good day for compassion and clarity in the realm of relationships.

Mars in Libra, indecisive and intellectual, makes a square towards both the North and South Nodes in Cancer and Capricorn, which may cause us to feel right in the middle on the journey to where we're going. We've been really participating in some major heart work - shedding the old ways of doing and being - and we're almost there, but we can see with clarity how far we still have yet to reach. If you're putting undo pressure on yourself to achieve, this is something to work on - this is something that has come up for me a lot with the South Node in Capricorn and most everyone in my life. The accomplishment program is really alive and well in this society and sometimes the most productive thing you can do is to rest - rather than going back and forth between feeling you need to rest but overriding it with doing work.

On Tuesday, the moon moves into Leo which will bring us some really heart-centered and good vibes as Leo and Libra interact really nicely with each other. This is where we become a little more lighthearted and we desire to create. This is a great time to tune into your instinct - what do you want from your life?

Wednesday, Scorpio season begins! The Sun moves into the sign of Scorpio and the veil instantly thins. This is a time to connect to our sacred roots, the divine feminine and the wisdom that is found deep within us. This season harbors themes of major transformation and change, especially with the new moon in Scorpio making an opposition to Uranus in Taurus - big, electrifying and exciting but we will really have to make major evaluations and reflections on the direction we desire for 2020, with Mercury stationing retrograde on October 31st. This season is going to be super interesting and exciting - don't resist the change, just go with it and it will lead you to where you're going. Face your shadows so that you can become as whole as humanly possible.

Thursday, the moon moves into Virgo which means that matters of concentration and productivity come into play with the Sun in Scorpio - these two archetypes can really sit for a long time and get a lot of things done - so use Thursday and Friday to check the boxes on your list so that you can experience an open heart and mind for whatever the weekend has in store.

On Friday, Venus in Scorpio is making a sextile aspect to Pluto in Capricorn which advances transformation and allows us to see what we want to take seriously in our lives.

Saturday, the moon moves into Libra for its dark phase. A dark moon highlights the shadowy traits of the sign right before the new moon in Scorpio on Monday - so some shadowy traits to watch out for as we're gearing up for this full moon are romanticizing or clinging to situations, avoiding making an authentic stand and decision with all of our being, and perhaps some people pleasing and going against ourselves in some way. These traits will be a really natural and almost unconscious expression over the weekend so be mindful that you're not just passively going along with something that no longer resonates for you.

Sunday is a little bit of a toughy with Mars in Libra making a square aspect to Saturn in Capricorn - this aspect can really make us feel tired of whatever it is that we're doing - we can really see some changes that need to be made perhaps in the way that we relate to people or compare our inner reality with someone else's external reality - the things that keep us down or hold us back may make themselves obvious under this alignment. It may not be comfortable but it will be a really great awareness and we'll be able to alchemize it more easily on Monday, under the new moon in Scorpio.

Hope you all enjoy your week!!


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