Horoscope for the week of 1.6 - 1.12 || this is it folks!!

Hello and good morning/afternoon/evening! Whenever you are reading this : )

Last week was crazy - but this week is crazier! This has been a lovely introduction at least for those that I know and myself into 2020 - I brought in 2020 with some awesome community that is newly forming- this year definitely has themes of expanding and merging circles together and I'm very much seeing that in my own life now.

Last week, after we rang in the new year, we experienced a first quarter square with the moon in Aries - serving as a check point to make sure that we're headed in the right direction - if anything was rather out of alignment it would have shown up for sure, at least internally if not externally.

Mars moved into the sign of Sagittarius and our spiritual beliefs and our actions - the way that they line up - come to the forefront. Whatever house this is in will show where you're advancing major effort until February 17th.