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Horoscope for the week of 1.24 - 1.30 || Capricorn all the things, binding & loosing contracts

Greetings :) I hope that you're doing well and that you're having a good day and enjoying the chaotic energies of the time. The narrative in the collective is changing, shifting, to something else with the North Node in Taurus and the South Node in Scorpio, and with Uranus stationing direct. I wrote all about that here and here for the collective and individual rising signs and will continue to talk about it through its 18 month transit!

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So it's interesting to me because the north node in Taurus and the south node in Scorpio really puts the focus on our value system front and center. Mercury and Venus are still in their retrograde station, Venus stations direct here shortly, January 29th, so it is kind of like this window of going inward and discovering what it is that we truly value in a longer-term sense, the kind of relationships and careers we would like to stay with and those that we don't ~ so we're almost in a space where our lives could snap into a space where it reflects our new, improved, fresh value system instead of the old, outdated one from the old world.

And, last week as well there was a full moon in Cancer which gave us the option for a rest and an emotional release.

This week, on Monday, Mars moves into Capricorn which is exciting in some ways but not in others... Mars in Sagittarius is the only fire energy for the last few months, outside of Chiron in Aries, so for folks like myself who have a lot of fire in their charts, this could feel like... womp womp, kinda wet blanket energy... but Mars in Capricorn is exalted and really feel like it can take life to task and get things done. I am interested to see what the institutions of the world do when Mars makes this ingress, especially when Mars comes into a conjunction with Pluto in February, right around the time that the US has its Pluto return (I am working on an article about this now for my substack). It is a really good time to focus on autonomy and what you can change, the things that you can put into action.

Then, on Tuesday, January 25th, Mercury gets sober as it moves into Capricorn, right into a conjunction with Pluto which will be felt more towards the end of the week as maybe intense decisions or contracts we know we need to break and to make... Mercury in Capricorn is a little less light than Mercury in Aquarius... can be a lot more clear minded, skeptical... and I think that whatever we've been veiled from seeing about our own life, our own contracts, wherever we have Capricorn in our chart... with Mercury in a conjunction to Pluto this week, this could bring intense eruptions in communication to the surface and what was once veiled for us personally, individually may not be veiled anymore.

The moon will move into Scorpio Tuesday, which opposes Uranus and squares Saturn so there could be a few situations in our lives where we are kind of frustrated about not being able to have exactly what we want when we want it, not being able to go where we want to go, see who we want to see. I'd say that when the moon comes into Scorpio in general it can be an intense emotional time, ups and downs, highs and lows... so remember that your emotions are transient, especially on Wednesday when the moon will conjoin with the South Node in the very end of Scorpio. Whenever this happens, and I will let you know ;), it's important to purge, to release karma, to release old emotions, traumas that are stuck... through the body, as with the north node in Taurus, the work is in the body, in the present moment...

Mercury retrograde in Capricorn is going to shine over to the North Node in Taurus, which should reveal a few things that we need to know and to show us practical ways to execute our ideas when the time is right.

The moon moves into Sagittarius on Thursday, where the South Node just was for the last 18 months, so we have this newfound sense of freedom in whatever house/part of life we have Sagittarius in in our charts... and a solar eclipse cycle from December 4th well underway. We feel optimistic or like we want to learn something new. Hopefully we exorcised ourselves of our closed mind and programmed belief systems... let's be honest those people don't read this anymore lol ;)

On Friday, the Sun in Aquarius makes a sextile to Chiron in Aries... this can be kind of awkward where we are seen in something that is vulnerable, hard to express, kind of an emotional, crunchy feeling. I think of the hunchback of Notre Dame when I think of Chiron in Aries.. it's physically and emotionally uncomfortable and is conscious of it... almost sometimes painfully aware, so maybe the Sun shines light on something that we need to see but we're not exactly thrilled to.

Mercury retrograde conjoins Pluto exactly on Friday which can bring a lot up to the surface, especially considering just how much Capricorn stuff we've been going through the last several years and how ancient it feels (to me). This seems to be an opportunity to review and decide what we want to do with some of these old contracts... what kind of power can we take back from them? Across ALL aspects of life. What do we need to re-think? There's a lot of people on this realm that need to re-think a lot, myself included, so hopefully we're appropriately using this time to be conscious and to learn.

Saturday, Venus finally stations direct! Woo hoo :) Could be kind of an emotionally... uncomfortable day as the moon enters into a balsamic/dark moon phase in Capricorn before it moves into Aquarius for a new moon on February 1st. And dark moon phases can sometimes bring up the worst qualities of the sign that it sits in... so like we can see within ourselves, our microcosms and the macrocosms... grabs for power, greed and attachment to the material. The shadow side of Capricorn is very much like the Devil card in the tarot... what are you attached to? What are you bound to? what are you addicted to? What has power over you? These are questions that may come up as well as in my opinion some deep seeded ancestral discomfort rising up to the surface.

Venus direct I feel like will make things much clearer in money, in love, in relationships, in our values, what we want to do moving forward... this may take some time to get real traction. Venus will move out of shadow in the latter part of February, but there's still much more forward momentum after this direct station of Venus.

Sunday... is kind of a crazy day, I'm not gonna lie. The Sun in Aquarius is going to make a square aspect to Uranus in Taurus, which highlights this story that comes along with that Saturn-Uranus square that we have been dealing with for the last year, the last time exact on December 24th. I anticipate some electrical/internet/device weirdness with this one, some interesting type frequency changes and glitches... and also there's a discrepancy as usual that comes up with this between our own personal nuanced value systems and the collectivist nature of the shadow of Aquarius that we're moving towards.

Enjoy your week! I will be diving deeply this week on my Substack on Mars in Capricorn & venus direct/dark moon/new moon next week for all signs and will also be looking at the astrology behind the conflict that seems to be forming between Ukraine & Russia... and what I perceive to be the US' involvement in it or even orchestration of it which ties into the US Pluto return.

Thanks so much for reading! Take care of yourselves :) M

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