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Horoscope for the week of 1.20 - 1.26 || new moon in Aquarius // Venus square Mars

Good evening! I'm writing this a little later than I'd like to - we're all in the washing machine right now and certain inward things take priority at times like these it seems! The Pluto-Saturn conjunction is still super close - Saturn has only moved two degrees away from Pluto plus it initiated a whole new 30 year cycle until they come back together again - one that has to do with personal autonomy and authority.

My own North Node is in Capricorn and I have found this time to be one of the most transformative, enlivening and growth-inducing times of my life thus far and I'm looking back and reflecting on everything that has led me here - and just to get personal for a minute, I am truly grateful first to have a personal understanding of the cosmic weather so that I can understand it for myself and experience it for myself - which is important and it's easy to forget that I'm supposed to be experiencing this too and report from the sidelines of the human experience - and second to be able to convey it in a way that suits me for a living. It's very on path, it feels right in each moment and so for everyone who reads this, I just wanted to take the time to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for tuning into this and setting your week to it or using it however you use it - I'm just grateful to be contributing to the greater picture of astrology <3

Last week, Venus moved into Pisces - which is quite nice because Venus is exalted in Pisces and feels at ease in the exchange of love. Love is something that is supposed to be like air - something you breathe in and breathe out - not something to be chained down or conditioned or forced - and I think that the only shadowy side of this placement of Venus in the way we're all experiencing it, especially this week as it wanes towards a square to Mars, is getting locked into a perceived version of the future in your relationships - getting lost in an illusion of a projection is definitely a hangup that we can experience this week as Venus continues her journey through the deep seas of Pisces.

Mercury also moved from Capricorn to Aquarius last week which was so unbelievably refreshing in my honest opinion - a really nice change of perspective was needed after Mercury made the challenging voyage between Saturn and Pluto. We have way more access to our free-thinking nature under this astrological configuration and we're able to see the forest through the trees - and that the whole thing is bullshit hehe Mercury in Aquarius tends to be a little absurdist - and hey, these are absurd times!!

I know I'm still feeling drained from two weekends ago - the Saturn-Pluto conjunction and the full moon lunar eclipse in Cancer with the Uranus direct. Things are moving at an incredibly fast rate all around - so if you're finding yourself feeling groundlessness - I took a workshop on Sunday on a non-dualist perspective on trauma and Stephen Bodien either said or quoted - "Life is just an endless falling, groundless ground is reality." I have a dear friend who opened up Khali Yoga Studio in Charlotte where I live - it's an amazing place - and she named it Khali because it represents the space in between - the moments between the moments - we're always on our way somewhere and I think that's the whole point of what I'm downloading right now - just that sometimes groundlessness IS the grounding when we're creating a whole new world to be in for ourselves from scratch, which is what 2020 is looking like for a lot of people.

Monday (today) Aquarius season commences!! The Sun is now out of the line of fire of Saturn and Pluto - out of the intensity just a little bit - and we're able to see the beginnings of what the next ten years are going to look like - as Saturn moves into Aquarius here in just month and a half, takes its voyage retrograde back through the last few degrees of Capricorn from May through September, and finally continues it's journey through Aquarius beginning in December of this year. If we're paying attention, we can begin to see a new theme emerging - and that is how much we all need community support. We keep us safe at the end of the day - and there's an openness to people that is uncharted after we've experienced the biggest transformation of our lives that has only just begun. You can help yourself by connecting to a community and resolving all impediments to doing so under this Aquarian spell - using it to overcome social anxiety and to feel more connected to those around you - who are also aspects of the Divine, just like you.

Venus in Pisces also shines over to the North Node in Cancer today which is making us feel super tender and soft - like mushy on the inside - and we have the ability to direct a lot of compassion our own way and the way of others today.

The moon moves into Sagittarius and I believe is presently aligning with Mars which has created a little bit of irritability - but generally it's an irritability that derives from the need to experience life with total freedom. If you're feeling cagey today, you're not the only one. The moon will continue it's journey through Sagittarius until Wednesday, making us humorous, a little bit more curious about turning over each stone - and we'll have a healthy dose of optimism.

As I'm writing more I'm realizing that this is the week where our inner weirdo is very much seen, validated and appreciated in a way that likely surprises us as the Sun in Aquarius makes a sextile to Chiron in Aries on Wednesday and then swiftly moves into a square to Uranus in Taurus. Perhaps this looks like your own individuality being praised - or maybe it looks like you seeing yourself in a new way and being able to share that experience with someone. These are communal skies, so if you're isolating during these transits, it's a good idea to check in with why. Sun square Uranus aspects can tend to be a little bit destabilizing on some level - doesn't necessarily have to be bad tension to be tension.

Thursday, Venus in Pisces will make a lovely sextile to Jupiter in Capricorn - which really intensifies optimism and the opportunity to bring metaphysical into the pragmatic. We're working on becoming our best spiritual selves here in our bodies - here on earth where we are - and this gives an additional burst of energy towards life and life's homework as a result of that. The concern here is that we get too overzealous in our relationships - where we give too much and then grow resentful, or are dwelling on an illusion - we'll want to really keep in mind what is real as the week advances and keep our expectations manageable, especially before the weekend that brings the Mars-Venus square in two signs that are both incredibly fanciful and potentially detached from "reality."

Thursday the moon will be in its balsamic phase, or the phase before the moon becomes new - which can really exaggerate the shadow aspect of the sign that it's in, which is Capricorn. With the moon in this shadow phase, it indicates on some level some attachment to material things or perhaps grippiness to the old constructs - the moon hasn't taken a voyage through Capricorn since Saturn and Pluto came together so it's possible that we can grieve the way things were in the past or we can lament for a future that we won't have based on the cycle that just closed up. Allow yourself to feel the feelings that arise and know that a really nice, neutral clean slate of a reset is coming on Friday when the moon moves into Aquarius into a new phase.

The new moon will act as an instinctual desire to connect with those that are of our highest and best good - people that are different from us yet so very similar. It's good to have a lot of different perspectives and to learn about different ways of doing things - that's the genius of Aquarius - it takes everyone's perspective and the collective perspective into account. I'm predicting major insights and breakthroughs for this beautiful new moon especially after the moon comes out of the Capricornian pressure cooker, like the Sun did this week and Mercury last week.

Saturday, Mercury in Aquarius will make a sextile to Mars in Sagittarius which is where we'll be able to share about our beliefs with others, we'll be motivated to connect and act upon the connections we make - and these Aries-Aquarius-Sagittarius aspects that are being made are really highlighting the need to come to the group as your full self and really still looking at ourselves with Chiron in Aries so that we can show up in right action in alignment with our beliefs with Mars in Sagittarius and we can speak the truth and honor the others that we're speaking with through Mercury in Aquarius. This is helpful and a nice offset to the square to Venus and Mars coming Sunday...

... when Venus in Pisces, just about a moment away from Neptune, the planet of illusion, dreams and transcendence - boundary-less-ness meets a square to Mars, the warrior, in Sagittarius. Mars in Sagittarius wants to be free - wants to roam and explore - and Venus in Pisces conjunct Neptune can really wind up taking us further and further into something that may not be real - be it a relationship, a thought process, a new friendship- whenever Venus and Neptune come together the illusion is high so just watch your mind and thoughts - trying to be present more with what is while honoring the feelings that come up. If you're in a securely attached relationship, enjoy the hot sex that this transit provides.

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I love the quote "life is just an endless falling. groundless ground is reality."

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