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Horoscope for the week of 1.13 - 1.19 || Venus moves into Pisces, Mercury moves into Aquarius

Greetings loved ones! Woo-hoo! We are making it through one of the more intense times we've experienced so far in our lives. The Full moon lunar eclipse in Cancer happening the same weekend that Uranus stationed direct and Saturn-Pluto finally conjoined after a solid year of teasing us!

The breakthrough has begun! We're beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, the reason that we've had to make all of these challenging choices in whatever aspect of life we've had to make them. Ideally at this time, you'd be feeling a little bit more sovereign, more empowered and you know the next steps to take at this time.

The eclipse window also officially closed, so the change and destiny expedited slows down just slightly and we're able to integrate the changes that arose for us in our lives and the direction we're being pointed towards by the Universe.

Monday is quite nuanced and interesting. Venus moves into Pisces, for a much-needed dash of sweetness, and the Sun conjoins with Saturn and Pluto, and the moon moves into Virgo, which opposes Venus. The Sun with Saturn and Pluto can make Monday feel a little bit challenging - like we're in the actual fire of transformation and we're being really shown where our own limitations are, how to transform our perception and feeling about that... it's also like all of our paradigms and constructs that we held so dear, with this Saturn-Pluto conjunction are shattering literally and our ego and our energy (the Sun) is going through that. Be patient with yourself on Monday - do what you need to do and just get through it, potentially keying into the sweetness of Venus in Pisces.

Venus will be in Pisces until February 8th - and Venus is exalted here, which basically means Venus is lounging on the beach on an island somewhere, being fanned by the locals and showered with the finest food and drink life has to offer. Our natural loving and creative expression becomes very flowery and poetic with Venus in Pisces, and it can definitely be easy to get away from ourselves with projection and illusion at the same time. This is a very idealistic placement for Venus - Venus can take up space, but can definitely follow romantic and sexual love right off of a cliff, so it's important to still key into that Capricornian discernment while we have such strong access to it. This can be a beautiful transit that produces self-compassion and makes us feel more creative and spiritually heightened as well.

The moon will be in Virgo on Monday which is going to oppose Venus in Pisces, and in this opposition we can really see the martyr archetype being activated among people (like yours truly) who already have that in their wheelhouse. The outer transits are suggesting that we find our own foundation and security, stay on solid ground, take the next right action for our own sovereign happiness and freedom on some level. This Moon-Venus opposition can be felt as being pulled apart a little bit by helping others if that is your natural tendency. Virgo and Pisces is the axis of healing - natural and energetic healing - so perhaps keying into that aspect today (Monday) will be beneficial under this opposition because we intrinsically always know what it is that we need to heal.

Wednesday Venus in Pisces will want to be free as she'll sextile over to Uranus in Taurus. This is going to be a lovely day where I'm predicting a lot of ease in inner and outer validation, appraisal of worthiness and spiritual connection. This also speaks to a component of one thing that has been forming, before we're about to have a surge of outer planets through Aquarius over the next few years, and that's the expanding and merging of communities that's been happening. It seems like we're meeting a lot of new people and coming together as a community, at least in my town, in a whole new way in 2020 - so definitely take Wednesday to be among people - to be apart of. Community has so many benefits <3

On Wednesday, the moon moves into the sign of Libra which is very collaborative and social - which fits the community-oriented and authentic vibe of Wednesday, but will move into a third quarter square with the Sun in Capricorn - which did just recently conjunct Saturn & Pluto and will still be in close range of that. This square will be exact on Thursday - and it's all about the people falling away from us as a result of our new path. Sometimes, you have to go in other directions that feel more soulful or more true for you, and there are folks who can tend to fall from the wayside. It's okay - but the existential awareness of that may be heightened on Thursday and the best place in my eyes to take a feeling like this is in meditation - so you can just go deeper into your own truth and feel all the more solid about where you're headed. It's one of those things where you may understand like next year more fully why you had to make the choices you feel led to make now.

Friday, Mercury moves out of the Capricorn thunderdome and into the sign of Aquarius - mirroring the future of both Saturn and Jupiter in the months to come. This is where we're exposed to new ideas and we're really encouraged to think for ourselves. This is where on a mental level we're able to be more open to the possibilities our recent changes have laid before us. We can get a little bit excited here and still remain relatively neutral. An element of genius emerges when Mercury comes into the sign of Aquarius and we can use that energy right now to help us make sense of things.

Saturday, the moon moves into Scorpio and out of the square with the Sun finally - and into the underworld for no doubt a reflective and emotional weekend. We're largely pretty at peace with the Scorpio stuff after the last few months - wherever Scorpio was in our chart went through so much over the last ten years and now we're really understanding the growth that has emerged as a result. This could sink us into our feels for a necessary length of time, but really we've understood as a culture the empowering nature of that - of going to the bottom of the basement level of your being to look at what has come up for you over the last week... super smart!

Hope that this was enjoyable and helpful to read! If you'd like to make a contribution to my ko-fi page, you can donate to me and your favorite creators for the price of a cup of coffee!

Enjoy your week, M

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