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Full moon in Leo 2.9 || the light returns

This weekend is going to be full of life, which means full of fire sign energy! The super-full-moon in Leo, Venus and Chiron connecting in Aries and Mars throughout the last degrees of Sagittarius super close to the Galactic Center! This weekend will give us lots of space around the heavy, mucky and foggy Capricorn and Pisces energy presently at play.

Throughout these last few days, the moon has moved through the sign of Cancer, making odds with Jupiter, the South Node, Pluto, Saturn and making a square to Chiron as well - so we've all had a lot coming up for us which the full moon is going to be awesome for releasing and clearing. Cancer is great for being at home in your feels, but Leo brings the light and can assist in helping us see what we've previously missed - it drops the emphasis right into the inner child - which really sees things more simplistically and we can benefit from a little bit of that youthful exuberance right now.

The moon will enter Leo on Saturday, February 8th which is going to wax up to its fullest point at 11:41pm - which is going to feel so good! We'll have so much energy, direction and passion on Sunday and it's just a really good time to reflect on what your heart actually wants - what in your life is something you're doing just for someone else and what in your life gives you such joy and inspiration that you have a hard time putting it down? Something to notice!

Here is my interpretation for the full moon for each sign - look at your rising sign first!!

Leo: this is one day where it is all about you! The full moon is happening in your sign, in your house of self, personality and body - lighting up who you really are! Leo is ruled by the Sun and you light up the world, so ensuring and allowing for yourself to recharge under the light of this beautiful supermoon is a really beneficial way to spend this day. Aquarius season is a lot about other people for you - your partner, your friends, your business relationships - every day during Aquarius season it feels like you're called outside for one reason or another. Maybe hang up a "closed for personal celebration" sign on your energy field - not available for one day only.

Virgo: this full moon is happening in your house of intuition, unconscious mind and escapism and is lighting up certain things that perhaps you may have ignored or escaped away from, averted your attention away from - and it's important at this time to reconnect with the parts of you that have long since been forgotten. The Aquarius sun is orbiting your house of every day life, mundane matters, health - so likely you've been in a very Virgoan state of analyzing and task management, and Sunday you're being asked to take the day off so that you can just simply be - with lots of insights coming into your stream of consciousness.

Libra: this full moon is happening in your house of friendship, community and the collective and is making a sextile, or a positive aspect that needs a little activation power from you, to your sign! This can indicate that if you choose to pick up the phone and connect to someone outside of your bubble, you can end up arriving at enjoyment and opportunity - the action being making the call. The Sun has been in your house of creativity, joy, leisure and children - so your focus the last few weeks have been very much on you and yours so enjoying the company of others will be super beneficial for you over this weekend.

Scorpio: this full moon is happening in your house of career in a square to your sign. This can mean that perhaps there's something that you're able to see a bit differently in your work, perhaps something is illuminated or comes to light that kinda goes against the foundation of who you believe yourself to be, which could cause some tension. The Sun has been making you feel a bit more inward in your house of home the last few weeks, so perhaps the tension as a private Scorpio rising experiencing some inward transits can come from being truly "seen" in some way in your career.

Sagittarius: this full moon is happening in a trine to your sign, which means that easy, natural blessings will flow to you during the 48 hours of the full moon and you won't have to do anything to activate it! It will be natural - like adding a match to a campfire - more of the same. You will certainly enjoy the firey inspiration of this weekend. The full moon is happening for you in your house of higher learning, spirituality and travel - so taking a day trip, getting out of your head and into your experience and perhaps connecting to a higher power is a great way to spend this transit perhaps after your mind has been crunching numbers and solving interpersonal problems the last few weeks.

Capricorn: this full moon is happening in your house of sex, death and rebirth, transformation, mysticism - so there may be a lot that comes up for you to transform, perhaps certain emotions that you've been putting off rise up to the surface to be felt and expressed, which is an important part of the human experience! Having all of your emotions can be a very empowering experience and just what is needed after perhaps the last few weeks of focusing on the practical and financial, perhaps being recognized or validated in some way in your life with your Sun in the house of finances, material possessions and self-esteem.

Aquarius: this full moon is happening opposite your sign - which means that this full moon could bring potential frustrations or illuminations in your outer world, while your own focus has been on your inner world the last few weeks that the Sun has been in Aquarius.This full moon is happening in your 7th house of other people - which means that you could get called outside of yourself to deal with a partnership issue or you may just be drawn to spending more time in intimacy and connection with those that you love and cherish.

Pisces: this full moon is happening in your house of "daily life" - those things that Pisces folks can so often avoid - life's homework, chores, tasks as well as the health and daily maintenance of the physical body. These are things that may pull your attention away from your incredibly rich inner life, where you may have been potentially escaping/resting for the last few weeks with the Sun in Aquarius lighting up your house of sleep and dreams, escapism and the unconscious mind.

Aries: this full moon is making a trine, or a natural, positive aspect to your sign which means that easy and natural blessings will flow without you having to do very much at all to bring that forth. This may be a very fun day for you with the full moon illuminating the house of the inner child, joy, leisure, play, children and theatrics - you may feel like just doing what you feel like doing, enjoying yourself - as you should! You definitely deserve it - you've certainly been taking care of your friends and your community the last few weeks which really shows - so give to yourself and your own experience of fun and playfulness on Sunday!

Taurus: this full moon is going to be lighting up your house of home, family and your emotions - so you may find yourself quite in your feels, or perhaps feeling quite inward and like you just want to be around those who make you feel comfortable like you can be fully yourself. This may come as a welcome reprieve from the last few weeks that may have felt incredibly work-focused with the Sun in Aquarius lighting up your house of work.

Gemini: this full moon is going to be forming a sextile aspect to your sign, a positive aspect that requires just a little bit of effort on your part to experience the fullness of - and is going to be happening in your house of communication - so do use this day as an opportunity to express yourself with ease and grace in the way that only a Gemini would. It'll be nice to bring your head down just a little bit from out of the clouds and communicate with people anyway - after the Sun has been in your house of higher learning, spirituality and what is on the horizon. Your head is already in the future and there may be a few communications that have to happen first, and who knows - you may have an opportunity just waiting for you!

Cancer: this full moon is going to be happening in your house of finances, material possessions and self-worth as well as your value - so this is a good time naturally to come up for air from the deep waters with the Sun focusing its emphasis in your house of deep inner terrain and the shadow self - and take an inventory of your life here on earth - in the most practical sense. Maybe make some money manifestation wishes, maybe balance your budget, definitely do whatever you can to affirm your worthiness of everything good in life - the deep inner terrain is waiting for you still after a brief reprieve.

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