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Astrology for the week of 11/9 - 11/15 || a truth bomb & separation of the wheat from the tares

So... I've been quiet.

At least every day I have someone calling me either with an entity attachment, dealing with a literal demonic force, people breaking their programming, clients dealing with this, friends dealing with that ~ these are spiritually trying times, no doubt about it. I've been quiet because I haven't been sure how to flex my voice during these kinds of times. I have a perspective that is very different ~ that my life experiences have contributed to me having. I've read over 1500 people's astrology and spend more time holding space... and with the memories I've uncovered this year I've had my own work to navigate ~ video below:

If you haven't read the Plato's Cave allegory I strongly suggest that you take some time to look that over. I'll summarize:

Plato's Cave is the story of three prisoners. They're chained up and their gaze is fixed on the wall of the cave in front of them. They're watching shadows cast by the fire behind them on the wall in front of them.

One prisoner escapes ~ he has to adjust to see the fire, the other prisoners, he sees the fire and it's sooo painful for him because all he has known is the shadows on the wall.

He finally gets out of the cave. He sees all that is outside of the cave ~ the sun, the moon, the stars, connects to other people...

He finds a way back inside the cave to tell the other prisoners what he had experienced.

The prisoners try to kill him for freeing them from their enslavement and fight him tooth and nail.

At present time, we are at the end of the end of the age. The big conjunctions in Capricorn ~ Saturn Jupiter and Pluto conjoining this year, with big months of January, April, June and November and specifically really strong in a week and a half or so. If you don't know, now you know, that I've been waking up more and more to simulation theory or game theory. A combination of what I've learned and what I've remembered and seen. It's been a lot for my consciousness to try to wrap my mind around all of this information that I seem to be remembering. Pluto is allll about the hidden and Jupiter is like giving us all a glimpse into that. This is a collapse of the old order ~ what is old in ourselves, what is old in others.

The old matrix.

My intuitive understanding is that there's a new matrix ~ a "5D reality" and there's an opportunity to graduate the matrix. Right now. Like actively.

Our consciousness fuels this simulation. Imagine, if you will, that attention and energy is hidden currency.

If you feel like you've been here before, you have. We've seen these exact scenarios played out a few different ways since Atlantian times.

If you feel like you're not "from here" you're probably not. If you don't feel "at home" here, it's because this isn't your home. If you know that you have a soul that speaks to you, this isn't your home. You are both inside of here and outside of here simultaneously. On a soul/spirit level, this is a dream that we are all dreaming. All real souls that are service to others experience some level of "tampering" ~ which can be very different person to person. There are real souls that are service to self and there are real souls that are service to others. There are also neutral souls that have come here to watch the show. It’s important that we stop trying to make others do what we’re doing because everyone is somewhere very individual and unique.

There are people who are AI in sleeves, portals, sims... this is a complex place. And for those of us that are real and have been here since the beginning, or maybe joined in somewhere along the way, this story that is playing out in this realm is one that we've witnessed time and time again in one way or another. Some people know in their being that they've never been here before and that this reality is a lot to adjust to.

The hidden is making itself known to people who need to witness it and see it. I don't perceive everyone is gonna "get it" and I'm not as concerned with them as I am with the people who this will land with in their bones, in their being, that feel this in their DNA.

I work with a lot of people ~ some communicate with animals, some see through shit, I feel through shit. There are a lot of people I personally know with abilities that are literally super-human. In the last three years I have refined my definition of "possible" many times over.

I decided that it was time to start writing through my actual perspective ~ the one that I personally hold ~ even if I get called crazy or if I get trolled it'll be worth it because this is meant all is meant to reach someone or multiple someones. For whatever reason, people listen to me. I don't get paid anything for writing this ~ and I have done enough inner seeking to hone and use my discernment. It’s from my own memory at this point and some of the research I’ve done in trying to piece my memories together and make sense of them.

Monday (today) Venus in Libra opposes Mars in Aries which is retrograde. This is going to cause a lot of people to project their own darkness, their own anger that has been repressed. They're both dignified ~ Venus is at home and Mars is at home. There's already been a huge separation of relationships, friendships and groups/organizations and I think this week could expand that influence as people feel a need to draw a line in the sand. What you can use this for is an opportunity to realize your own darkness, to get out into nature and get some exercise ~ don't be afraid to make separations with people who are simply toxic for you. Uranus in Taurus is causing people to become very clear in their value systems, what they're desiring for themselves and their future generations. Be clear!

Tuesday Mercury enters Scorpio! Mercury is not out of shadow until November 19th ~ so it'll be a long time before we see true clarity on "things" ... Mercury in Scorpio causes us to want to go deep within ourselves, our souls, and there's a vested interest in keeping you away from that ~ don't miss it! Some dark shit could be exposed and then "discredited."

The Sun in Scorpio will trine Neptune in Pisces ~ and with this aspect I'd like to say that it's important to mind fake depth and fake awareness. Neptune in Pisces is lulling people to sleep, amplifying their illusion and promoting rampant escapism. The positive side to this is that this can promote serious inner healing!

Thursday, Jupiter will conjunct Pluto exact. This week is going to be intense. Jupiter is expanding the hidden corruption of the governments and the systems we've been accustomed to for SOME to see. This is also really revealing to us what is hidden inside of us. Our origin story, our spirits, our inner space, our signature frequency, where we have been complicit in the mind control narratives that we've been raised with across ALL institutions, locally and globally. This is big and likely what you've been waiting for for several lifetimes.

Friday, Venus in Libra will trine the North Node in Gemini ~ this is a sign of good news, good faith and an opportunity to have clear communication with folks that are still capable of that at this point.

Saturday, Mars stations direct!! It's going to be in shadow phase for a little while, so it will take time for us to get some things moving personally ~ but energy levels begin to return, we begin to remember who the f*ck we are, we begin to prioritize ourselves again and this is awesome. I think that as Mars moves into some difficult squares to Saturn and Pluto towards the end of the month, we'll see a bit more unrest, some craziness "out here" ~ but you can use this energy for good inside of your own self.

The Sun in Scorpio sextiles both Pluto and Jupiter on Saturday ~ this weekend is action packed!!! This makes for leaps and bounds in shadow work, deprogramming and awareness.

Sunday is the Scorpio new moon ~ some dark before the dawn action ~ ripe for energetic drain so please protect your energy this weekend if you can help it. Can be a very soulful day if you allow it to be. I personally don't recommend working with the moon as it is a portal for principalities ~ my stance as of late.

Venus in Libra will be squaring Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn. This to me illustrates a clear representation that people in power are at odds with what is right and just... so just like stay with yourself! This could cause some more disruptions within relationships and internal conflicts ~ an opportunity to resolve them so that you can get into the eye of the storm. <3

If you'd like to book a session with me, I've added a new 45 minute intuitive counseling/deprogramming service to my wix site where you can find my other astrology offerings. If you need a sliding scale, e-mail me at

I am here to support you!

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