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Astrology for the week of 1.4 - 1.10 || in with the new

Good morning, afternoon and evening or whenever you're reading this loved ones! I hope you're having a really outstanding day, standing strong in your truth, sovereignty and in your own energy coming into this week.

Just to kinda recap the energy that we came into the year with, Jupiter and Saturn conjoined in Aquarius on December 21st of last year, and this has a few different sides to it. The high side/light side of Aquarius is the people coming together over a common ideal, making connections in your relationships and friendships however you can, sharing truth and wisdom, thinking for yourself, rebellious freedom-oriented spirit ~ and the shadow side is like the mad scientist in Frankenstein, testing out new technology and edging us towards a less human and more robotic, cyborg transhumanistic society. It's clear to me that these are dueling energies, dueling timelines.

Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius are both opposing the sign of Leo ~ which is individuality, creativity, the spark that exists within your own heart. This is the time to really stoke that fire and to really pay attention to the yearnings of it ~ what do you like to do? Do you like to sing, make music, garden, dance ~ what does your divine inner child call for? Do that!

Uranus in Taurus is going to be squaring off against these two in the first part of the year, with the square between Jupiter in Aquarius happening to Uranus in Taurus in just a few short weeks on January 17th, offering up a good bit of change, having to be flexible and adapt. Flexibility and adaptability and resilience are really powerful words to describe the ideal condition of your mind, heart and energy in the coming weeks ~ be like water, my friend. Do the best that you can with the information that you have!

The other piece of this puzzle is that the orbiting north node is in Gemini, which is making everything pretty polarizing, adding to the huge split in the collective. We saw this early in May of 2020, and ever since then it's been very clear that you can be standing right beside someone and be in a whole different experience of reality, a whole different dimension. Be in the dimension that you are as long as it feels good ~ but the South Node in Sagittarius is asking us to question everywhere we think we know, where we aren't questioning our beliefs. Not questioning your beliefs this year could put you in a weird situation, to say the least, especially ones that put you in an emotional reaction.

These evolutionary nodes are squaring off against Neptune in Pisces, which is amplifying the energy of a few things ~ illusion, deception, escapism. Make this a profound opportunity to check in with yourself perhaps rather than checking out into substances, projections ~ really check in with yourself.

The Neptune squaring the nodes also has to do with deception in the narrative, especially within the media. A great example of this is if you turn on the TV right now, it'll be perception management, fear, all about the coronavirus and the election, but there are some other very interesting things going on that people have a right to know ~ like what is going on with the Sun. Especially since November of 2020, the Sun has been flaring, storming and emitting through CORONA(l) holes. It's kind of everywhere, so just really stay at the center of yourself, focus on you and what you need to do, and try not to believe the lies that the media is trying to propagate especially. Neptune can also amplify creativity, spiritual knowledge and growth ~ can also elude to dissociation and detachment. We may see or experience a mixture of both over the coming month!

These are just a few themes I can tease out with the astrology ~ now for the astrology for the week!

On Monday, Jupiter in Aquarius, or the collective consciousness is experiencing a semisquare from Neptune in Pisces, or the media. The deception in the game is at an all time high! This is where sharing information with those closest to you, and talking to people who are likeminded can be very helpful. This can make for great connections with others, synchronistic encounters and meetings that function as glitches or can even pause or alter your perception and experience of time.

Mercury and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn as well allow us to transform thoughts that don't serve us ~ like water into wine, rising from the ashes, numerous allegories to support and uphold the alchemical process. Confronting your own inner voice that suggests that you don't know enough, you're not powerful enough is going to be an opportunity on Monday. This can also be a good day to clarify your boundaries with the external world and with the kinds of communications you're willing to receive from others.

The moon will be moving through Virgo and will be positively aspecting Pluto in Capricorn which could allow us to easily transform feelings and things about our reality that we otherwise wouldn't be able to transform. This will make it easier to make choices to serve our spirits.

Just an awareness that you may want to know ~ there is an uptake in G1 solar storms and flares this week so just be aware that if you're feeling tired, drained, experiencing power grid fluctuations, that could be an indicator of why ~ no fear, just something to be aware of.

On Wednesday, Mars enters Taurus! Woo hoo! Mars has been in Aries for what feels like eons as time continues to fall apart into multidimensionality hah but really just for the last six months ~ took a retrograde waltz between September and November, and really hasn't been out of shadow this whole time. When Mars comes into Taurus on a personal level we're really able to see some of the things we've been sparking manifest into the physical. We also may be a little bit tired, lethargic, needing more rest than normal or slower to react and respond than when Mars was in Aries, not necessarily a "bad" thing.

This could also indicate an uptick in earth changes, especially as Mars comes into conjunction with Uranus on January 20th and when Mars edges closer to Uranus, this could offer up some changes into the collective backdrop that we're witnessing and experiencing. This conjunction as it comes forward could potentially light a fire under your butt to change whatever you need to change in your own life!

On Friday, Mercury enters Aquarius while Venus enters Capricorn! This is interesting for several reasons, and I'll start with Venus.

Venus in Capricorn will really cover the territory that we went over the last several years, with Saturn and Jupiter moving through Capricorn, coming to a culmination in 2020. So maybe Venus will add some "hindsight is 2020" kind of perspective and make it easier for us to snatch the lesson if internal authority that was so prevalent in the last several years.

Mercury in Aquarius really brings our mind into where we're going, what we would like to create in the ancient future, and allows us to see where this journey is headed, but not without resistance because Mercury in Aquarius will come right into a square with Mars in Taurus. These are two fixed, stubborn energies and so for some folks this could lend into arguments and dissonance or value differences with your community ~ know when to remove yourself from any and all entanglements or conversations! The block button is your best friend.

The Sun in Capricorn is sextiling Neptune on Friday which is a beautiful opportunity to arrive at spiritual healing, great day to sit with your own subtle bodies and receive whatever healing wants to come into your reality. This day with the sun in Capricorn may allow us to move with discernment which is awesome!

On Saturday, Venus in Capricorn will positively aspect Mars in Taurus. This aspect is great for relationships and the function of grounding, and allows us to slow down a little bit and be reasonable with all of the various forms of stimulation both evident and not so evident that are coming at us.

And speaking of discernment, Mercury in Aquarius will conjoin with Saturn in Aquarius, which will really allow us to get into a good, discerning, innovative space potentially in our minds, though this does begin the function of Mars squaring to Saturn and Jupiter which both can run us a little ragged and give us more energy at the same time. Conflicting energies, good to find your center.

Hope that you enjoyed this read! Take care of YOU as if you are the most precious gem in the multiverse, which to you, you are. :)

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