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Astro Weather Report 6.2 || Heightened emotion & multidimensional awareness <3

Good morning! I truly hope it is a good morning where you are and am sending you tons of love from my heart, intending that it move through the Divine and come to wherever you are reading this, if you want to receive some healing energy <3

The moon is going to be in Libra until this afternoon, which means that emotionally we're still in this space where we want to collaborate and come together with those in our microcosm, with the Sun in Gemini. The Sun, Venus retrograde, the orbiting North Node all in Gemini represent wanting to exchange the truth, be seen and heard - these energies all bring a need to focus on our immediate environment as best we can for the best results possible.

This is all being quite obscured with the almost exact square being formed right now and into tomorrow from Venus retrograde in Gemini to Mars in Pisces, as well as a growing square from the Sun in Gemini to Mars as well. This is indicative that there could be some growing and building tensions - and knowing what we know about magic and energy, we can hold those emotions and store them and use them for later times, we can transmute just about anything that is thrown at us - so let us step into this time as lightworkers now more than ever by directing healing energy to anywhere or anyone in the world who needs it.

This is made way more possible if you are first tending to your own garden. Mercury and the North Node are still pretty close together, meaning we still have the ability for huge breakthroughs in our communities, as well as emotionally, but with Mercury in Cancer we really just want to pay attention to what is ours versus what is other people's - your truest truth, deep inside of your soul, feels good, no matter what - anything else has been put on you! It's a good time to strip down those pieces and to realize our multidimensionality and power as human be-ings. Our emotions can be useful for us, they don't have to be used against us.

The moon is making a few squares to Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn making today a potentially challenging day emotionally, which means that therein lies extra responsibility to consciously generate warmth from within your soul while addressing what comes up for you with tons and tons of compassion. The deepest part of our programming is coming up on the main stage - and we really deserve as humans the ability to process our ancestral wounds on our own terms, rather than have them paraded in front of us.

The thing is, metaphysical knowledge has been used in power systems and structures to hold them in place, but people are pretty divorced from their soul, fragmented, traumatized - and rightfully so - everyone has some kind of anxiety, depression, PTSD - and it's important to ask ourselves truly why - and who serves to gain from us losing our power?

Sure, it's unfair and it's like we're all swimming upstream through this whole process - but it's really important to divest your energy and go inside yourself at this time in a sacred space. Astrologically this time speaks to gathering up your stores of energy for what is ahead - and what is happening instead is our spirit is being further weakened and worn down.

So the most radical thing that we can collectively do is call all of our parts and pieces back to us from wherever they may be - calling our parts and pieces from past traumas - from our ancestry and from our karmic lineage - so that we can really embody ourselves and allow our soul and our spirit to occupy our bodies. It's hard to program people who are fully present in spirit, mind and body - and with Pluto and Jupiter retrograde in Capricorn, it's a good time to make ourselves all deprogrammable - to question where we've really bought into the narrative and to dismantle the time and energy that we spend feeding these systems. To spend time in practices like shadow work and meditation and dancing and singing - allowing our soulful expressions to be big and bold at this time - coming into the Divine part of us that is inherent to our nature.

What are you creating? <3


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