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Astro Weather Report 4.1 || contrast, intensity, change, transformation, nurturing earth vibes

Good morning! I hope you are all having a good day so far - enjoying your quarantine, working or chillin or being creative. Right now, the Sun in Aries is craving independence and movement, while the moon is in Cancer in an exact square, craving comfort and bringing up deep emotions. This square is temporary so if you're feeling heightened emotions or a heightened pull, this too shall pass!

Mars and Saturn just moved off the same degree - boy was that an intense few days - felt like a tight squeeze with a heightened awareness of our own limitations and things sorta weren't going right for a few days - Mars and Saturn can be challenging when they're together! And in Aquarius this highlights the parts of us that feel weird, different and misunderstood. We've had several opportunities to go inside ourselves and retrieve any forgotten parts of ourselves the last few days! Mars is growing closer to squaring Uranus, which is going to bring a series of intense changes over these next few weeks. It's important to remain open and to remain with our practices so that we can stay grounded over the next few weeks! This is what we've been preparing for over the last several years - we've searched the depths of ourselves and we've really seen our own shadows so that we can be able to adapt to the new world that is forming around us every day.

And Jupiter and Pluto are on the same degree, bringing you intense AF cycle #2! This conjunction is going to be exact and the most heightened on Saturday, April 4th, but it's already here - bringing lots of transformation on a collective level, perhaps bringing things on a societal and institutional level to a boiling point, as well as that which doesn't serve our own hearts and our own souls and our own paths - things are about to get super clear - what matters is going to make itself incredibly evident.

There have been a few people reaching out to me with the Mars-Saturn conjunction saying that they feel stuck, and my response is - don't worry, you won't feel stuck for long ;) Jupiter and Pluto conjoining in Capricorn brings way more change - 2020 ain't done yet!

Venus is wrapping up its transit in the sign of Taurus - and then it will be in Gemini for the next several months. This transit is going to be huge for relationships - so just really enjoying the sweet and nurturing vibes of this Venus transit and getting ready for a new portal to open that allows certain partnerships to draw into greater alignment and other partnerships to fall apart so that new ones can fall together. <3

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