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Astro Weather Report 3.6 || humor, expression, building up

Good morning everyone! I hope that you're enjoying your morning so far.

The moon moved into the sign of Leo just about a moment ago - which means that expressing of our feelings is coming a little bit easier, the moon making a brief opposition to Saturn does kinda curb that expression just a bit, but as the day progresses expression, creativity and humor will show themselves.

Venus is catching up to Uranus & the Sun is catching up to Neptune, both to conjunct on Sunday for quite a crazy day! This is a build-up for sure to Sunday and Monday. Sunday will be a day of intense creativity and unpredictablity which leads right into Mercury stationing direct (woo hoo!) and the full moon on Monday. I'm writing about the full moon in Virgo for each sign and hopefully I'll be able to share that tomorrow.

Jupiter and Pluto are getting closer together - an incredibly transformative, intense and BIG energy with some continued changes to whatever the house that Capricorn is in our charts represent - big huge paradigms collapsing, still integrating and processing everything that we learned in January so that in the beginning of April, enough has shaken loose and the changes are easier to enact. This is a huge moment of inner authority, power and sovereignty - an opportunity to stand up for our inner children and protect them.

I'll be writing on this a good bit as April draws closer - this aspect opens up another door of new beginnings - there was a bit of a surge after Saturn and Pluto connected finally closing out one cycle and opening another in January - the 2020 changes are still to come and we can feel another ball of change rolling down the pike if we tune in. This is one to get excited about!

Enjoy your day & your weekend!!! <3

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