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Astro Weather Report 3.5 || emotional guarding, ease in receiving, escapism

Good morning loved ones! I hope that you are having a beautiful morning so far :)

The moon is in Cancer today, very close to coming into an opposition to Pluto and Saturn later on today and in the evening. This is where the awareness of just how much our sensitive nature isn't exactly supported by external forces, so we have to advocate for our needs today wherever possible. We'll be feeling things deeply and seeking safety.

Venus moved into Taurus very recently! Woo hoo - Venus went through quite a journey the last few weeks during its transit through Aries, coming up against a lot of powerful players - the North and South Node, causing us to slightly doubt our path, Jupiter, causing us to overextend ourselves, Pluto putting an insane growth period in our relationships and the way that we relate to ourselves and the most recent is Saturn, which very recently moved off, causing us to feel slightly less than or constricted/limited by ourselves our our relationships.

Venus is what's called in "domicile" or "at home" in the sign of Taurus, as Venus is Taurus' planetary ruler. This means that Venus can really take up space, be easy and receive naturally here without much effort. Our relationships and our creative drive become easier (woo hoo!) and there is a very grounding and soothing affect of this transit, which lasts until Venus moves into Gemini on April 4th.

Venus is well within range of Uranus - this aspect comes exact on Sunday and is a window where we're able to realize ourselves as worthy, honor our value - and we may have a higher drive for personal freedom as the days go by as well.

The Sun is close to Neptune, also to conjunct on Sunday, which gives us a very dreamy, foggy feeling that in my opinion started a few days ago, and then will come to a peak. Sometimes we can feel a little frozen in our material reality while the Sun and Neptune are together - it can be hard to remain present and can bring in the desire to escape - do your best to stay present with allowances made for humanness.

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