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Astro Weather Report 2.4 || ideas, imagination, weird technology stuff, healing in relationships

Good mid-morning! Hope that you are having a good Tuesday so far. Tuesday is a day that is ruled by the planet Mars - orients us to want to take action and be productive, and sometimes we can feel a little bit irritable on Tuesdays as a result.

The Sun and Moon will be in a felt harmony all day as they are in a healing trine to one another - the Sun in Aquarius loves to think very big and broad and the moon in Gemini is the ultimate brainstorming wizard - so the realm of ideas and communication will be quite active today. Of course, if you're like me and you can become ungrounded easily, it's time to double back down on those practices to keep yourself centered.

Mercury is in its shadow phase - so certain technological mishaps are already beginning on this end - and really it's just a reminder that your technology really fuses to you and your stress level/what you're bringing to the table when you're interacting with it - Mercury in Pisces longs to be creative and longs to connect to other realms - so it makes sense on some level that there's a little bit of a push-pull between that which is grounded and that which is ethereal.

Venus is in range of Chiron - moving through the final degrees of Pisces - so in your relationships, I invite you to stay conscious as the last degrees of Pisces can feel kind of like you're in a dreamlike state, and have compassion for yourself and those in your life to allow for some much needed healing. Show up as your full self today and for the next week.

Enjoy your day! <3

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