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Astro Weather Report 12.9 || investment, value, support, illusion

Grand rising everyone!

The moon continues to wax today in Taurus until it becomes full on Thursday - it will trine over to Saturn, Pluto and Venus - which is where we'll really know today what we desire to invest our precious energy in and what we don't! The moon is making a lovely sextile to Neptune indicative of spiritual support today. Jupiter and Chiron are still in an exact square, so we may feel a little bit uncomfortable with ourselves - this is something that is perfect to set intentions to release on Thursday, with the full moon in Gemini.

The Sun is still making that square to Neptune - it'll get some distance later this week, but until then it's important that we stay awake and not go on any serious escape routes - we want to be present this week. We know where we're going! It's important to act on this with Mars in Scorpio.

Enjoy your day!

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