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Astro Weather Report 12.28 || community, sweetness, grounded luck, change of mind

Good morning everyone! I hope that you all are having a good Saturday so far <3 the moon moved into Aquarius and is waxing towards the full moon lunar eclipse on January 10th - generally whenever the moon is waxing it's good to take action, and on some things of course we can act, but I want for you all to examine your actions closely during this eclipse season.

If you find yourself trying to force things, trying to make certain things fit - I'd advise you to release doing that - if it's meant to work, it's already working and if not, there is a whole other very interesting and new direction waiting for you that you're meant to take that could be better than you even imagine!

The moon in Aquarius will be right beside Venus which makes for a certain sweetness today- this is a great day to see and connect with your tribe and connect with others - you'll certainly find some connection and common ground with where you are guided to go.

The Sun and Jupiter are really closeby which presents a really positive benefit to showing up for the day - gives us the ability to see the big perspective and generally is a lucky day, except sometimes Jupiter in Capricorn on its own can feel unlucky or that it has to create its own luck. The opportunities we're being given as a result of this transit are so much more grounded and real! Plus I've noticed an increase in the dry humor going around and I approve of that. ;)

Mercury is at the last degree of Sagittarius, which can sometimes bring the big existential questions on one hand and also can bring delusions of big plans on the other - the last degree of any sign definitely carries with it a lot of intensity - later this afternoon, Mercury will move into Capricorn until January 17th - into the line of fire that is the Sun, Jupiter, the South Node, Saturn & Pluto - a journey of the mind, meeting all of ourselves and coming out on the other side! This brings a way more rational, realistic, grounded point of view for us to operate from - the "down side" is it may be easier for us to see the cup half-empty.

Enjoy your day!

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